Who Buys Empty Propane Tanks Near Me

Selling your propane tanks is a good way of getting extra cash, in fact selling propane tanks is actually a pretty profitable business. Propane tanks can be used for both residential and commercial uses so just imagine the market you will have if you start selling your old propane tanks. Below are some of the companies that can give you a good deal on your propane tank.

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Who buys propane tanks near me?

Amerigas– this company can buy your empty propane gas tank for a good price. This is because they are the largest propane supplier in America, so obviously they will give you a good price. Furthermore, Amerigas has a free service whereby they collect unwanted propane tanks for free. So if you need to make quick cash you can always contact them.

BLT Tanks– they will buy your empty propane tank for a good price. This company has a free pick-up service for old empty propane tanks. If you are approaching this company they will give you two options, either to sell your empty propane tank or to exchange it with another tank. You can always call them in order to understand how you can reach them.

Blue Rhino– this is also another good company you can contact, they will definitely buy your empty propane tank. Furthermore, they have a propane tank exchange program which might interest you.

Fischer Tanks– this company provides its services to both commercial and residential owners and is located in Michigan. So if you are in that area you can always visit them and sell your empty propane tank.

Ferrellgas- this company has a buyback propane program, so you can always contact them to sell your empty propane tank.

Residential uses of propane tanks

Propane tanks are commonly used as a source of energy by home owners. They are commonly used for water heating, generators, dryers as well as fire places. So instead of selling your propane tank when you don’t need it, you can always exchange it for a new one considering it serves multiple purposes in the house.

Commercial uses of propane tanks

Propane tanks that are used for commercial purposes need to be maintained all year round. In most instances they are used for commercial cooking, cleaning and heating.  Keeping propane tanks for commercial use can be a bit hectic considering they need to be well maintained and checked on a regular basis.

What kind of metal is used to make propane tanks?

Propane tanks are made using a combination of steel and aluminium, which is one of the reasons that makes them expensive and very hard to dispose. So if you have an empty propane tank sitting in your house you can sell it and earn a few extra bucks.

Which is better, to sell or to exchange a propane tank?

Exchanging an empty propane tank for a newer one is actually better than selling your old tank. This is because a propane tank serves multiple uses in your household, in fact you can actually treat is an investment.  Most of the companies stated above will give you the option to either sell or exchange your empty propane tank. If you use your propane tank on a regular basis then it would be wise to exchange it for a new one.

Advantages of owning a propane tank

If you have a propane tank, you can supply power to your entire home using the same fuel. Furthermore, propane lasts a longer period of time especially when you buy it in bulk.

Disadvantages of owning a propane tank

Propane tanks require maintenance, any leaks from your propane tank could ultimately start a fire. So you need to be very careful when dealing with propane tanks.

How to store a propane tank indoors

Propane tanks should never be stored in the house for safety reasons. However, if you do find yourself placing a propane tank in your house, ensure that you place it in a detached garage or shed and never in the living room. Furthermore, make sure the tank is seating on a solid surface away from flammable items.

How to store propane tanks outdoors

When storing propane tanks outdoors in winter make sure that you place them at a distance away from your house. They should be sitting on a hard even surface. If you are storing them outdoors during the summer time, make sure they are sitting in a shade and you are covering them. Exposing them to sunlight can cause the propane tank to burst and start an unwanted fire.

Can you dispose a propane tank in the garbage?

Propane tanks should never be disposed in the garbage. This is because disposing propane tanks close to garbage trash can start a severe fire. So the only way you can dispose propane tanks is to sell them to any of the companies listed above.

How to transport propane tanks safely

When you are transporting a propane tank, make sure that the tank is empty especially when it is summer time. This is because too much heat can set the propane tank on fire. The next thing is to always travel with the propane tank in an upright position. This might mean you have to time the propane to your car in an upright position.  Remember to always close the valve of the propane tank before you start travelling. When you reach your destination, the first thing you need to do is to take out the propane tank and put it in a secure location.

Do propane tanks expire?

Yes propane tanks expire, as a matter of fact, they should be renewed every 10 years. This is the reason why most companies encourage customers to exchange their propane tanks for newer ones.


Selling your propane tanks is actually a profitable business. So if you have a number of tanks lying around then you can always sell them. Remember that you cannot dispose empty propane tanks, instead you can sell or donate them to any companies that deal with propane tanks.