How To Find Out Who Called Animal Control On You

If animal control approached you then you are obviously curious to know the culprit behind it. However, is it possible to find out who called animal control on you? Checkout the article below to get all your questions answered.

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How to find out who called animal control on you

Animal control is always there to protect the rights to pets and animals everywhere. If you violate the rights of your pet, anyone can call animal control on you. However, you cannot find out who exactly called animal control on you. This is because the code of conduct for animal control personal prohibits them from disclosing the identities of people who would have reported the case. Therefore, if someone calls animal control on you it’s almost impossible for you to track them down. So if you were planning on confronting the person who reported you then that’s very unfortunate. Animal control keeps the identities of reporters anonymous so that more people can report confidently about cases of animal cruelty.

What happens when animal control is called on you?

If animal control is called on you and you have no idea about the accusations then this could be a stressful situation on your part. For starters, animal control will ask you a series of questions pertaining the issue at hand. They will then issue out a warning to you. It’s important to note that when animal control approaches you they would have evidence of the case or they can actually issue out an investigation depending on the severity of the case. When you get a visit from animal control you should try to change your ways and treat your pet with the dignity and respect it deserves.

What is considered animal abuse?

Animal abuse is also considered as animal neglect. If you are charged of animal abuse it could be that you do not treat your pet with love and dignity. For starters, if you do not give your pet enough food, water and shelter then you are practicing animal abuse. Secondly, if you usually leave your pet outside for long hours without any water then you are also abusing it. Beating up a dog and not providing it with proper veterinary care is also animal abuse. So make sure you take care of your pets or else you can get charged for animal abuse.

How to report animal abuse

If you notice that one of the residents in your neighborhood is abusing their pets then you should call the animal control in your city. You can report the case as an anonymous caller so that you don’t get any backlash from your neighbors. When reporting animal abuse to animal control make sure you provide them with the full details of the owner of the pet including their address. This will help to ensure that animal control launches an immediate investigation into the case.

Reasons why your neighbor could have called animal control on you

Your pet wonders off into their yard

One of the reasons why your neighbor could have called animal control on you is because your pet usually wonders off into their yard. This is a sign that you are not properly caring for your pet. Furthermore, if your pet has been wondering off and causing damages to your neighbor’s property then this could be one of the reasons why they called animal control on you.

Your pet chases away their livestock

If you have a dog then the reason why your neighbor could have called animal control is because the dog wonders off into their property and chases away their livestock. If your neighbor had previously consulted you about this issues and you didn’t take any action then that could be the reason why they called animal control on you.

Abuse and neglect

The other reason why your neighbor could have called animal control on you is because you are abusing or neglecting your pets. If you are leaving your dog unattended and not giving it the proper care then that could be one of the reasons why animal control was called. Animals have feelings and because of that you should treat them with dignity

Aggressive animal

If your pet is proving to be very aggressive then there is a good chance that your neighbor reported you because of this. If the pet is biting people for no reason then it could be a sign that the dog is not mentally stable and needs to be taken away by animal control.

Injured animal

If your dog got injured and you were not around then someone could have called animal control so that it could attend to the dog. When someone reports you to animal control it doesn’t mean you have done anything bad. Sometimes they will just be trying to help you.

What happens when animal control is called for a dog bite?

Animal control usually receives a number of calls about people who would have been bitten by a dog. In most cases animal control visits the owner of the dog to check whether they have all the necessary rabies vaccination cards for the dog. They also check for the dog license. In some cases the dog maybe separated from the owner for a few weeks for quarantine purposes. However, this usually happens when the dog is unlicensed or does not have a tag.

Does animal control give a ticket or citation?

Yes animal control gives tickets or citations to owners of animals that would have been reported. This usually happens if you are not a first time offender. For example if you have multiple reports of neglecting your animal you will definitely get a ticket however, if you are first time offender you might get away with it.


You cannot find out who called animal control on you since animal control staff members are prohibited from sharing such information. If you receive a visit from animal control, try by all means to change your ways or else you risk losing your pet.