Can My Neighbor Paint My Fence On Their Side

Arguing with your neighbors is not always a good things but, once they over step the boundaries by painting your fence on their side, things can get a little bit heated up. Below we discuss if it’s acceptable for neighbors to paint your fence on their side.

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Can my neighbor paint my fence on their side?

The answer is no, your neighbor cannot paint your fence on their side without your permission. You can actually sue your neighbor for vandalism if they do this. However, it is important to know that if your fence is erected on your neighbor’s side of the property line then he/she has every right to paint it. In order to understand the reasons behind such decisions you need to understand property boundary laws

What are property boundary laws?

These are laws that explain were your property starts and ends. This helps to ensure that you do not erect a fence on your neighbor’s yard. The property boundary laws are usually explained in the tittle deeds that you get once you purchase a house.  These boundaries will help you when you are about to erect a fence. The boundary laws are different based on the state you reside in so if you have any questions you can always consult a solicitor.  When constructing a fence it can actually be cheaper to do a joint fence with your neighbor such that you split the costs as well as maintenance of the fence.

Steps to take before erecting a fence

Talk to your neighbor

Before erecting a fence it is always recommended that you talk to your neighbor about it. Explain to them the benefits of having a fence and give them an estimated cost. If they agree you can actually split the costs, making it easier for you. Allow your neighbor to contribute on what the fence should look like. This helps to ensure that the fence matches with both your properties.

Sign a written agreement

Once you have all decided on what the fence should look like you can then sign a written agreement. This protects you in the event that your neighbor changes the design or repaints the fence. The agreement should be a formal agreement so you can actually include lawyers in this process. The agreement should also indicate that both parties are in charge of maintaining the fence. Once this is done you can start building your fence

What to do if your neighbor refuses to the idea of building a fence

If your neighbor is not up for the idea of building a combined fence then you will have to build the fence on your own property line. You can even paint it on both sides using the colours of your choice. Your neighbor cannot paint the fence on their side considering it is your property and they refused to have a joint partnership with you when erecting the fence.

What to do if my neighbor paints my fence on their side

If your fence is erected on your side of the property line and then your neighbors paint it, you should talk to them. Explain to them how they have violated the law and how they could get fined if they do not correct their mistakes. Communicating should always be the first step before taking any legal action. If their reasons include the fact that the colour did not match their property, clearly highlight to them that it is your fence and ask them to correct their mistake. When this fails you can then take legal action against them.

What to do when your neighbor stains you fence

If you previously consulted your neighbor about constructing a joint fence and they refused to the idea, then later on they stain your fence it could really make you angry but here are a few ways you can deal with it.

Confront your neighbor

The first thing you can do in such situations is to consult your neighbor. Explain to them how you feel about the situation and ask then to fix it.

Take your neighbor to court

NB: this decision can strain your relationship with your neighbor forever.

If your neighbor does not take any action after you have consulted them, then you can take them to court. Your neighbor will be filed for vandalism and you can actually claim for damages to your property.

Ignore the whole situation

If you are someone who does not enjoy fighting or confrontations with neighbors then ignoring would be the best option. You can simply fix the stains by yourself maybe it was a mistake that they did.

Can I paint my neighbors fence if it overlaps into my property?

The law gives you permission to paint the fence however, to avoid unnecessary friction with your neighbors you need to first consult them. Be considerate that they paid for the fence and even if they did not consult you before erecting the fence you should at least be considerate. If your neighbors are very understanding, they will allow you to paint the fence on your side of the yard but, you just need to ensure that you do it in a smart and acceptable way. If your neighbors are giving you a hard time yet they constructed the fence on your side then you can take them to court. The court will decide on which course of action to take.

Importance of maintaining good relations with neighbors

Although arguing with neighbors is common, it’s always important to maintain good relations with them because one day you will need their help. When it comes to arguments about painting each other’s fences, try by all means to avoid such scenarios as they can ruin your relationships forever. Avoid involving the court and try by all means to resolve problems as adults.


Your neighbor cannot paint your fence on their side, unless your fence protrudes to their side of the yard. So make sure you know the boundary laws indicated in your tittle deeds. This will help you to avoid unnecessary arguments with your neighbors.