How To Tell If Someone Is Vaping In Your House

So you’ve heard about vaping; the act of inhaling a vapor through a rechargeable device known as an e-cigarette. Now you cannot help but wonder if somebody in your house is doing it. This is not unlikely and you have a right to be concerned. Whether you’re a parent, spouse or relative, you have a right to know and then properly decide if someone who is vaping in your should be doing it in the first place.

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What Is Vaping?

Commonly known as ‘vape pens’ or e-cigarettes (the ‘e’ standing for electronic) these devices heat a liquid (called an e-liquid that you purchase in addition to the vape pen) until it becomes a vapor, which can then be inhaled by the person holding the vape pen. The e-liquid can contain an addictive substance known as nicotine (which is mostly used in traditional tobacco cigarettes.) But this is not the only substance that the e-liquid can be made from or contain. Marijuana or weed (as an oil) can also be used to make or be contained within the e-liquid. Because vape pens produce a vapor from the e-liquid people may assume that it is inherently better or safer than normal cigarettes but this is not so, in fact constant vaping can actually lead to wanting traditional tobacco cigarettes and that’s not good at all.

Presence Of Pens Or USB Drives You Have Not Seen Before

The first sign that someone is vaping in your house is visual. You may notice new pens or USB drives you have never seen or bought before. This is because vape pens have a somewhat unnoticeable similarly to actual pens or USB drives (depending on the size of the vape pen.) So if you see a pen or USB drive that you’ve never seen before and you suspect someone is vaping, then they very well may be. Vaping pens however, when compared to actual pens or USB drives, have a hole at one end (this is what allows the person to inhale the vapor.)


If somebody is vaping in your house, you may notice them nosebleeding if they are not regular nosebleeders. One of the chemicals contained in the e-liquid is called Propylene glycol and it is a dehydrating chemical. This simply means that it significantly reduces moisture in the body (in this case in the nose.) When a person is vaping the most common way of exhaling the vapor is through the nose, which makes it dry leading to nosebleeding. Vape pens or e-cigarettes are created to resemble normal cigarettes as closely as possible. And they are in no way, shape or form healthier than normal cigarettes.

The Person Drinks More Water Than Than They Usually Do

As mentioned in the previous exposition, e-cigarettes or vape pens contain a chemical known as Propylene glycol which dehydrates or causes the loss of moisture (water) in the body. When the person you suspect is vaping in your house is drinking more water than they normally do, they probably are vaping. Drinking more water rehydrates the body. If you also start noticing dark circles under the eyes of the person, it is another sign of dehydration and you can also tell if a person is vaping this way or not. But many other substances can lead to dark circles under the eyes so it would be best to investigate further on this particular issue.

Some New Sweet Scents/ Aromas In The House

The e-liquid that is heated and used to create the vapor which is inhaled in vape pens is usually scented with sweet aromas like that of fruits, flowers, essential oils, etcetera. Basically any sweet scented thing that you can find, there is probably an e-liquid that is scented just the same. If you smell new sweet fragrances and aromas in your house, it is probably the vapor of an e-cigarette and you need to check it out. However it is worth noting that because of the dangers vaping was causing to young teens (like addiction and so on) the sweet scents of e-liquids were banned and now less addictive scents are being used.

Health Risks Involved With Vaping


  • Vaping is not healthier because a heated liquid which turns to a vapor is inhaled instead of smoke (as with tobacco cigarettes.) Vape pens also contain nicotine which is a substance that is present in tobacco cigarettes that is highly addictive. And the more a person indulges in vaping, the more they’re likely to be addicted to it. To the point where you will not have to look for signs, everything will be out in the open.

Becoming An Avid Smoker

  • If a person in your house starts vaping, they’re more likely to develop a want or worse a need for tobacco cigarettes. Which can lead them to becoming an avid smoker and thus leading to other health issues like lung cancer, etcetera. Cigarettes are the number one cause of lung cancer.

Impotence (Powerlessness)

  • Evidence from research suggests that vaping causes sexual/ erectile dysfunction in men. So as soon as a man starts vaping they’re at risk. In some cases it was found that vaping lowers the sperm count of men. An act as simple as vaping can alter the biology of a person in a bad way and that is bad.


As you can tell by now vaping is not very good at all. It can be seen as being worse than traditional tobacco cigarettes at thus point because it is marketed as being the healthier alternative to smoking but it really isn’t. Along with these health Risks there are many other things vaping can lead to like; sleeping problems, exposure to carcinogens, chronic bronchitis, lung issues like asthma, anxiety and depression and so much more. It is really horrific, and you may only start noticing some of these things in the long run.