How To Stop Neighbor Listening Device

Your neighbor may be using a listening device to eavesdrop on important and general conversations you may be having in your household. These devices (most of them) are usually very small and easy to hide almost anywhere around your house. And they may do this on a visit when you let them into your house. These devices however are not only used by your neighbor, but are mostly used by law enforcement to listen into conversations of people that are suspected to have committed a crime. But can you stop such a device from listening into your conversations all by yourself? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

1. Use An Audio/Sound Jammer

Blocking or stopping your neighbor’s listening device is just a matter of either distorting the sound input (or your private conversations), creating another sound with higher frequency or completely blocking the listening device with an object that covers it. Devices called sound jammers, which you can find on the internet and purchase, are devices one can use to neutralize or stop any close by listening devices which essentially contain microphones. However sound/audio jammers are rather expensive but can do a very good job of stopping your neighbor from listening into your private conversations. Even if the listening device is hidden in such a way that you would never be able to spot it with your naked eye.

  • Audio/ sound jammers can also be small enough to be close to the listening device, so you would need to take it into the place we’re you think there may be a listening device (or basically any room you walk into) and you want to talk about or do something that is highly audible. This is because the sound jammer emits a signal as well and so if placed afar, the signal may be blocked and thus turn the sound jammer into a useless device.

2. Use An Object To Cover The Listening Device

You can also block the listening device with an object that has a vacuum (empty space) or metallic object which will block the signal of the listening device because metals inherently carry an electric or magnetic charge which can fully block or distort the wave/frequency emitted by the listening device which is then converted into audible sound that your neighbor can eavesdrop on. It’s important to note that you can only apply this option if you know exactly where the listening device is.

3. Use A Louder Sound

Placing a device (smartphone, speaker, etcetera) that produces a louder sound that the one you will be talking into can be very helpful as well. You can also use a radio or simple fan to stop your neighbor’s listening device from picking up any vocals. If you live very close to your neighbor a great fix is a device called an acoustic nosie generator.

4. Find The Listening Device And Get Rid Of It

Although it will be exceptionally difficult to find the listening device, it is not impossible. To make it easier, you can use Radio Frequency detectors to find smaller types of listening devices. This is because RF detectors can catch the signal that is emitted by the listening device. Finding the listening device with such a detector, if you suspect there is any, is one of the best solutions on this list, although this type of device will set you back a few bucks. It would ensure that you do not spend any more time entertaining an illegal act of an invasion of privacy. You can then throw away the listening device into the garbage disposal, or keep it as evidence to use on your snooping neighbor.

5. Use A White Noise Generator

You can also use a white noise generator which can be in the form of an application for your smartphone and thus is the most affordable option on this list of stopping your neighbor’s listening device. White noise is not only effective, it is also very good for your health. However this type of solution is not the same as another solution on this list which is the acoustic noise generator with that being said, any type of noise generator would be great for stopping or at least disturbing any neighbor’s listening device.

Objects That May Be Used As Listening Devices

  • Pens
  • Calculators
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Clocks/Watches.
  • Tech Gadgets.
  • Smartphones

All of the objects or items listed above can be used as listening devices. So when you get an unwarranted or unexpected gift from your neighbor be sure to thoroughly check it out first, making sure that it isn’t and cannot be activated or used for malicious intent. It is against the law (illegal) for somebody to listen into a private conversation on somebody else’s property. But when it comes to law enforcement there is an exception to that law, provided they have a signed warranty from a federal judge and reason to suspect you may be up to no good, your house can be planted with all manner of listening devices all around. These types of listening devices are not very easy or obvious to find because they’re put there by professionals, as compared to ones your clumsy neighbor may put.

If you do happen to find a listening device that was planted by a neighbor, it would help to immediately report the matter to authorities where it can be dealt with lawfully. It is illegal for a person to record video or audio on somebody else’s private property.


It’s a disturbing thought to imagine any of your wonderful neighbors secretly listening to your conversations, but it is not at all farfetched, thus the reason for this article so that you can know ways of stopping them. And it is most usually the neighbors you least suspect who are most likely to have listening devices targeted at you. Who knows what their intentions may be, all that is valid and true is that it is wrong for them to do such a thing. If you hear them talk or address you about something they have no business knowing about then it probably might be time to do a full sweep over your house to find where the fly on the wall (listening device) may be, and who knows it may actually be a literal fly on the wall. Because technology can now be much smaller, that wouldn’t be impossible.