Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

The Worcester Greenstar 30CDI is one of the notable choices of gas boilers on the market. There are a number of reasons why you should get yourself one. However, it is also important to familiarize yourself with problems you can encounter. We shall be looking at some of the common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problems.

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What Is The Worcester Greenstar 30CDI?

The Worcester Greenstar 30CDI is a gas boiler. It runs on gas and has a capacity of 30 kW. Some of the desirable attributes the Worcester Greenstar 30CDI has are energy efficiency and being ecofriendly. In fact, the Worcester Greenstar 30CDI gas boiler has an ErP rating of 92 percent. That is an A grade energy efficiency rating. However, there are some common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problems we have to discuss.

Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Problems

The Worcester Greenstar 30CDI is no doubt one of the most efficient gas boilers to consider. You stand to get great value for money and an optimum user experience. To enhance that and more it is essential that you acquaint yourself with common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problems. Here are some of the common problems Worcester Greenstar 30CDI gas boilers may experience:

1. No Hot Water

This is a common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problem to look out for. Many users often experience this challenge. When your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI boiler fails to deliver hot water it may be due to:

  • Diverter valve could be faulty
  • Insufficient or zero power supply
  • Y or S-plan valve could be stuck
  • PCB unit may be faulty or damaged
  • Central heating pump may be faulty or damaged

Troubleshooting No Hot Water Problem

The problem of not getting hot water from your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI can stem from a number of things. That is why you need to conduct checks and be certain what the issue is. Some of the solutions to the problem are:

  • Fix or replace diverter valve
  • Fix power supply
  • Adjust or realign Y or S-plan valve
  • Fix or replace PCB unit
  • Fix or replace central heating pump

2. Boiler Leaking

This is yet another common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problem. It may not be surprising to one day see your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI boiler leaking. There are possible causes of this problem such as:

  • Pump seals may be damaged
  • Excessive flow rate
  • Pump seals may be worn out

Troubleshooting Boiler Leaking Problem

Usually this is not an alarming Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problem. It is a problem that you can effectively address by yourself. If unsure you can always engage skilled professionals to help. Some of the solutions to this problem are:

  • Fix pump seals
  • Reduce flow rate
  • Replace pump seals
  • Fix or replace pump

3. Boiler Losing Pressure

This is another common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problem. At times it may even be related to other problems but it is relatively easy to diagnose. Some of the probable causes of this Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problem are:

  • Leakages in the central heating system
  • Radiator could be dirty, faulty or damaged
  • Rad valve may have loose connections
  • Pipe joints may be damaged or loose
  • Pressure sensor could be faulty

Troubleshooting Boiler Losing Pressure Problem

It is important to appreciate that this may not necessarily be a problem. As in, it could simply be a faulty pressure sensor. That is why you must start by checking that before anything else. You can inspect other aspects when you are sure it is working fine. Some of the solutions to explore for this problem are:

  • Plug or eliminate leakages
  • Clean, fix, or replace radiator
  • Fix rad valve connections
  • Fix pipe joints
  • Fix or replace pressure sensor

4. Boiler Not Getting Power

You may experience a problem where your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI will not be getting power. It is one of the common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problems. Some of the possible causes of the problem are:

  • Power outlet could be compromised
  • Power cables could be damaged or faulty
  • Boiler’s PCB unit could be faulty or damaged
  • Insufficient voltage may be reaching the boiler

Troubleshooting Boiler Not Getting Power

If you notice that your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI is not getting power, there are checks you can make. The issue could stem from the boiler or it may be something else. That is why you need to be thorough in your investigative checks. Some of the remedies you can try are:

  • Fix or change the power outlet
  • Fix or replace power cables or wires, or connections
  • Fix or replace the PCB unit
  • Ensure the voltages of the power supply and boiler are consistent

5. Boiler Is Noisy

It may occur that your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI may become unusually noisy. Some of the noises may feel like something is hitting the boiler’s walls. It could also be whistling noises because of kettling. This is a common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problem that can be caused by:

  • Airlocks in central heating pump
  • Faulty or clogged heat exchanger
  • Loose components

Troubleshooting Boiler Is Noisy Problem

This is a fairly easy problem to diagnose. It is majorly caused by issues to do with the central heating pump and the heat exchanger. Some of the solutions to the problem:

  • Flush the central heating pump
  • Clean or replace heat exchanger
  • Tighten or adjust loose components

How To Avoid Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Problems

It is important to operate your Worcester Greenstar 30CDI as per user manual. It is also important to ensure your power supply and water supply dynamics are in order. You must ensure your water is free of lime scale. Filtering it or using lime scale inhibitors helps. These are some of the things that will avoid Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problems.

How Long Does The Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Last?

This of course depends on a number of variables. However, the average lifespan of a Worcester Greenstar 30CDI spans between 10 and 15 years.

What Is The Most Efficient Setting On A Worcester Boiler?

This varies depending on the model in question. The ideal temperate setting should range between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius. The best setting when it comes to energy efficiency lies between 60 and 65 degrees Celsius.


To some degree you can diagnose and fix these common Worcester Greenstar 30CDI problems on your own. If you are not sure it is advisable to engage skilled professionals e.g. certified gas safe engineers.