Dutchmen Kodiak Problems: Top 5 Issues (Solved)

One of the notable brands behind RV manufacturing is Dutchmen. One of their RV model range is the Dutchmen Kodiaks. They are well-suited to the varying needs of different RV users. In this article we shall be discussing some of the common Dutchmen Kodiak problems. That will also go along with possible solutions.

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What Is A Dutchmen Kodiak?

A Dutchmen Kodiak is one of the RVs models made by Dutchmen. There are different types of Dutchmen Kodiak RVs e.g. Kodiak Ultra Lite, Kodiak Cub, and Kodiak SE. They differ based on specifications and floor plans, amongst others. One of the notable aspects of a Dutchmen Kodiak RV is how lightweight they are. No wonder any Dutchmen Kodiak can be towed by a wide range of vehicles. That is also coupled with their robust aluminum super structure build. There are of course some common Dutchmen Kodiak problems to discuss.

Dutchmen Kodiak Problems

As is the case with any RV, a Dutchmen Kodiak can develop some problems. Having knowledge of such problems is essential for any RV user. Here are some of the common Dutchmen Kodiak problems:

1. Bottoming Out

This is a likely problem you may encounter with your Dutchmen Kodiak RV. This is scenario where your Dutchmen Kodiak RV’s suspension becomes too close to the ground. This is a problem that tends to be caused by:

  • Low spring tension
  • Faulty or worn out shock absorbers
  • The RV may be overloaded

Troubleshooting Bottoming Out Problem

This is a problem that under normal circumstances should and can be avoided. In the event that it is now at play, you have to do some investigative checks. Some of the remedies you can use to address the problem are:

  • Adjust spring tension or replace springs
  • Fix or replace shock absorbers
  • Reduce load on the RV

2. Electrical Faults

It tends to happen that there may be electrical faults with your Dutchmen Kodiak RV. This often comes in different forms. Sometimes it can be lights misbehaving or battery-related issues. The common causes of electrical faults with your Dutchmen Kodiak RV are:

  • Faulty or damaged wiring or connections
  • Worn out or blown fuses
  • Damaged, flat, or worn out battery or charging system

Troubleshooting Electrical Faults Problem

What is important is to correctly diagnose the electrical fault at play. Then you have to conduct checks to figure out the root cause. If doubtful it is best to engage a skilled electrician. Some of the possible solutions to this Dutchmen Kodiak RV problem are:

  • Fix, clean, or replace damaged wiring or connections
  • Replace blown fuses
  • Fix or replace battery and or charging system

3. Tire Complications

It is common for Dutchmen Kodiak RV owners to experience some issues with the tires. It could be that the tires could be frequently getting flat. In some cases the tires could be getting blown. Tire complications for your Dutchmen Kodiak RV could be caused by:

  • Low quality tires
  • Physical damage e.g. punctures
  • Incorrect inflation
  • Low tire weight rating

Troubleshooting Tire Complications Problem

It is important that you establish what the actual problem is first. Then once you are sure you proceed to do some inspections to ascertain the root cause. Once you are sure you can then consider the following remedies:

  • Replace tires with better quality ones
  • Fix damages or replace tires
  • Ensure tires are inflated correctly
  • Ensure tires are rated enough to sustain RV weight in question

4. Roof Leaks

The roof of your Dutchmen Kodiak RV is somewhat vulnerable. This is especially so if it is exposed and not well cared for. No wonder roof leaks may develop on your Dutchmen Kodiak RV’s roof. Some of the possible causes of this problem are:

  • Damaged sealant
  • Weak spots caused by falling objects e.g. tree branches
  • Overexposure to harsh elements e.g. rain or the sun
  • Damaged or misaligned roof mountings

Troubleshooting Roof Leaks Problem

When this Dutchmen Kodiak RV problem occurs you need to do some checks. The thrust is to establish where the source of the problem is. When you have narrowed down the possible causes you can do the following:

  • Patch or replace sealant
  • Patch, apply or reapply sealant
  • Keep RV shielded from the elements
  • Fix, or realign roof mountings ensuring there are no weak spots on the roof

5. Air Conditioning Not Working

You may notice that your Dutchmen Kodiak RV’s air conditioning is not working. It tends to occur to many Dutchmen Kodiak RV users. This problem can be caused by:

  • Faulty or damaged fan
  • Faulty or damaged thermostat
  • Compressor may be dirty or damaged
  • Capacitor may be worn out

Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Not Working Problem

Figure out if it really is an issue. Sometimes the weather may just be too extreme. Thus you have to do checks to ensure you establish the correct root cause. Some of the solutions to explore are:

  • Fix or replace fan
  • Fix or replace thermostat
  • Fix, clean or replace compressor
  • Replace capacitor

How To Avoid Dutchmen Kodiak Problems

You must regularly replace components that are worn out. You must regularly clean your Dutchmen Kodiak RV. You must always inspect it before and after use. You must keep your Dutchmen Kodiak RV secure from harsh elements. Apply sealants or coats on your Dutchmen Kodiak RV’s roof. Get serviceable parts serviced as often as prescribed. Use your Dutchmen Kodiak RV responsibly as laid out in the user manual. Prioritize routine maintenance such as tune-ups, oil changes, or tire replacements. All these practices will avoid common Dutchmen Kodiak problems.

Are Dutchmen RVs Or Trailers A Good Brand?

Generally, Dutchmen RVs or trailers are highly rated. Dutchmen offer a comprehensive range of products or options. Thus there is virtually anything for everyone looking to own or use a RV. Then of course their RVs are robust and lightweight.

How Long Do RVs Last?

With fairly regular use, an RV can last as long as 200 000 miles.


The Dutchmen Kodiak RV is a good lightweight and durable choice. Just make sure to internalize the knowledge of these common Dutchmen Kodiak RV problems. This will help you use and care for your Dutchmen Kodiak RV responsibly.