Dewalt DCS355 Vs DCS356 : Which Is Best For You?

Dewalt is a notable brand behind some of the best oscillating multi tools. There many different brands of oscillating multi tools and today we look at the Dewalt DCS355 and the Dewalt DCS356. The Dewalt DCS355 and the Dewalt DCS356 can be termed as dynamic power tools that can serve as a saw, scraper, sander, and grinder. They are both good but in this review we show you which one you can settle for.

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Dewalt DCS355 Vs DCS356: Comparison Table

Dewalt DCS355 Dewalt DCS356
Voltage 20 Volts 20 Volts
Power Source Battery Powered Battery Powered
Special Feature Variable Speed Variable Speed
Material Composite Composite
Style Oscillating Tool Oscillating Multi-Tool
Warranty 3 Year Limited 3 Year Limited
Weight 2.73 Pounds 2.4 Pounds
Measuring System Metric Metric
Wattage 300W Motor 300W Motor
Speed 0 – 20000 OPM 0 – 20000 OPM
Angle Of Oscillation 1.6º 1.6º
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon


Dewalt DCS355

Dewalt DCS355


Dewalt DCS356
Dewalt DCS356

Dewalt DCS355 Vs DCS356: Design

The Dewalt DCS356 has a brushless motor. This accounts for why it provides over 57 percent more runtime. The Dewalt DCS355 is also a brushless model. The Dewalt DCS356 also has a variable speed trigger. It also has a 3-speed feature at the base. This provides you options to toggle between low, medium, and high speeds. Low speed reaches up to 17000 OPM, medium up to 17000 OPM, and high up to 20000 OPM.

The Dewalt DCS355 does have a variable speed trigger but it does not have the 3-speed feature. Length-wise, the Dewalt DCS355 and the Dewalt DCS356 are the same – 11.2 inches. The Dewalt DCS355 and the Dewalt DCS356 are both made of composite material. Suffice to say that both of them are robust and last long. Both of them are also made with ergonomic designs. For instance they both have dual grip features. Thus both are perfect long operations.

Dewalt DCS355 Vs Dewalt DCS356: Blade Change

Both the Dewalt DCS355 and the Dewalt DCS356 feature a quick change accessory system. This means that you can change blades easily without the need for wrenches. In fact, you do not need any additional tools to change blades. The same applies for accessories as well. Compatibility with other oscillating tool accessories is made possible by the universal accessory adaptor.

Dewalt DCS355 Vs DCS356: Operational Dynamics

The unique thing about the Dewalt DCS356 is that the rate of vibration is reduced. This is one of the advancements incorporated on the Dewalt DCS356. Compared to the Dewalt DCS355, the Dewalt DCS356 vibrates more than 10 percent less. This is also coupled with lesser noise during operation when using the Dewalt DCS356. That is why the Dewalt DCS356 is a notch ahead of the Dewalt DCS355 for long operations. Even application control is much better with the Dewalt DCS356 due to those aspects. For instance, you can comfortably and safely use the Dewalt DCS356 using just one hand.

Dewalt DCS355 Vs DCS356: Included Items

With respect to what comes in the package for either the Dewalt DCS355 or the Dewalt DCS356, check for the letter at the end. If there is a B, then that means bare tool. That would mean that the battery, charger, carrying case, and accessories will be excluded. If the B is not there then you can expect to find at least one of the aforementioned items. For example, in this case, the Dewalt DCS355 in question comes with a universal accessory adaptor and 2 wood cutting blades. Otherwise if it is a bare tool it will just be the multi tool alone in the package. That would necessitate you purchasing the other necessary items separately.

Dewalt DCS355 Vs DCS356: Our Pick

Our winner between the Dewalt DCS355 and DCS356 is the Dewalt DCS356. The Dewalt DCS356 has a dual grip i.e. a rubber over mould. The handle also has an ergonomic design. This enables comfortable use for lengthy periods of time. The brushless motor is compact and delivers a fast speed. This means you get to finish your work swiftly. There is also a variable speed (i.e. 3-speed) feature which augments application control. These are all features that make the Dewalt DCS356 highly efficient to use. It has a soft start and its trigger sensitivity is quite good. This contributes to doing tasks accurately.

The Dewalt DCS355 also provides the same operational efficiencies. What set apart the Dewalt DCS356 though are the cost, weight, and rate of vibration. The Dewalt DCS356 costs less than the Dewalt DCS355. The Dewalt DCS356 weighs less than the Dewalt DCS355. The Dewalt DCS356 vibrates more than 10 percent less than the Dewalt DCS355. That and the less weight, increase the safety of your hands during the operation. In the long run it also keeps your hands healthy too. The Dewalt DCS356 also delivers 57 percent more run time. That is why the Dewalt DCS356 is the best pick between the two.

Pros Of The Dewalt DCS355

The Dewalt DCS355 delivers up to 57 percent more run time over brushed. It also comes with a dual grip feature. This provides users with enhanced speed and application control. The variable speed feature also adds onto the application control aspect. The Dewalt DCS355 comes with a bright LED light. This is handy when working on dark surfaces as it illuminates the surface for visibility and precise cutting. With the Dewalt DCS355 you also have room to customize depth (or height). This is especially useful when you want to make repeated strokes. The universal adaptor makes it possible to use even non-Dewalt accessories e.g. blades. The Dewalt DCS355 ranks high on ease of use, having an ergonomic design, and being easy to hold.

Cons Of The Dewalt DCS355

First off, the Dewalt DCS355 is often quite pricey. The battery and charger for the Dewalt DCS355 are often sold separately. This may be an inconvenience if upon purchase they are not available. This may also create problems when looking to replace them too. It probable one may be sold items that are not suitable for Dewalt DCS355 in question. It would have been best if the battery and charger came included when purchasing. Closely related to this is the carrying case; the Dewalt DCS355 often comes with no carrying case.

Pros Of The Dewalt DCS356

The Dewalt DCS356 has a couple of advantages that make it better than the Dewalt DCS355. For starters, it is cheaper than the Dewalt DCS355. The Dewalt DCS356 is also lighter in weight than the Dewalt DCS355. The Dewalt DCS356 also has a reduced vibration than the Dewalt DCS355. It vibrates over 10 percent less which makes it easier to use and a bit quieter as well. On top of that, you still enjoy dual grip, the LED light, and variable speed features. The universal adaptor also makes it possible to use even non-Dewalt accessories e.g. blades. The Dewalt DCS356 ranks high when it comes to maneuverability, versatility, battery life, and having an ergonomic design.

Cons Of The Dewalt DCS356

For the Dewalt DCS356 a similar con is you may find the oscillating multi tool being sold alone. This will then necessitate the need to purchase other relevant items separately. Unavailability and non-compatibility of the items sold separately may present problems in some cases. Other than that issue which is not operation-related, it is almost hard to find any cons of the Dewalt DCS356. Almost any review you come across online speaks highly of the Dewalt DCS356.

What To Consider When Buying Oscillating Multi Tools

When looking to purchase an oscillating multi tool you need to consider some things. One of the core things to consider is the number of oscillations per minute. This means the speed of oscillation. You essentially would want an oscillating multi tool with a high number of oscillations per minute. The higher the number, the faster the speed will be. Still on oscillations, you must consider the angle of oscillation. The bigger the angle, the swifter the cut will be.

High intensity tasks need more watts. Thus you also have to consider the wattage of the oscillating multi tool in question. The power source is another important consideration. Usually the two common options are corded and cordless. Corded would entail you connecting the oscillating multi tool to the mains whereas cordless entails being battery powered. Obviously being cordless offers more flexibility. A tethered power supply confines you to operate in certain places only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does this tool do or can do?

You can do everything that has to do with cutting metal, wood, or plastic. Basically you can do plunge cutting, orbital sanding, making straights cuts, stripping, peeling, scrapping, and undercutting, amongst others.

What is the difference between the Dewalt DCS355 and the Dewalt DCS356?

Both are more or less identical in most regards. The key difference is that the Dewalt DCS356 has a reduced vibration by more than 10 percent (compared to the Dewalt DCS355).

Will this tool use any blade?

Yes. The Dewalt DCS355 or the Dewalt DCS356 can use any brand oscillating blade. Generally, non-Dewalt accessories can be attached using the universal adapter.

Can you use other batteries in Dewalt?

This all depends of the voltage dynamics. In principle, the voltage of the oscillating multi tool should be similar to the battery’s. For as long as they are operating on the same voltage then it is possible.

How many years do Dewalt batteries last?

Dewalt batteries are typically Lithium-ion. You can expect them to last as long as 3 years. Alternatively you can think of it in terms of charging cycles i.e. they can last up to 1000 charging cycles.

What does XR stand for with Dewalt?

You may find that the batteries for your Dewalt oscillating multi tool may be stamped XR. XR in this context stands for extreme runtime. This in essence means extended runtime. This simply means those batteries last much longer than ordinary ones. The presence of XR would also suggest that the oscillating multi tool is brushless. XR also means the amp hour rating of the batteries will be quite high.


The bottom line is that the Dewalt DCS355 and Dewalt DCS356 may not differ much, operationally. However, the Dewalt DCS356 would be a better bet given its reduced rate of vibration. The lesser weight and lesser price are definitely strong premises for settling for the Dewalt DCS356. Never forget to consider all the necessary aspects before making a purchase. Overall you must appreciate that with Dewalt they usually bring in updated software in later models. That is the case with the Dewalt DCS356. The 3-speed feature on the Dewalt DCS356 is definitely a game changer. No wonder we highly recommend you go for the Dewalt DCS356. When making a purchase take time to ascertain what comes in the package. This varies greatly depending on where you buy from so always check first.


Dewalt DCS355

Dewalt DCS355


Dewalt DCS356
Dewalt DCS356