Chinese ATV Transmission Problems And Effective Solutions

There are different types of ATVs. ATV stands for all terrain vehicles. There are American ATVs, Japanese, and Chinese ATVs, for example. Today we are looking at the Chinese ATVs. We shall be discussing some of the common Chinese ATV transmission problems.

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What Is The Chinese ATV?

Chinese ATV refers to the many different types of Chinese ATV brands. An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is defined as a motorized off-road vehicle which runs on 4 tires. It typically features a seat upon which the rider straddles on. An ATV also features handlebars that serve as the steering mechanism. An ATV may also be called a four wheeler or quad bike. Chinese ATVs tend to be cheaper.

Chinese ATV Transmission Problems

There are some challenges that often arise with Chinese ATVs. After all, they are motorized and such mechanisms can encounter problems. No wonder Chinese ATV transmission problems tend to be commonplace. It is essential that we discuss some of those problems. Here are some of the common Chinese ATV transmission problems:

1. No Ignition

A Chinese ATV may have no ignition. As in, the motor may not start. This means the transmission will not or cannot get engaged. This is a common Chinese ATV transmission problem. It is not particularly alarming and the problem is often caused by:

  • Faulty or worn out spark plugs.
  • Zero or insufficient gap in the spark plug.
  • Spark plugs may be grimy.

Troubleshooting No Ignition Problem

You must start off by figuring out what is causing the problem. No ignition is often tied to the spark plugs; inspect them. When you have gotten an idea of the root cause you can then try the following:

  • Clean spark plugs.
  • Ensure a tiny gap is there in the spark plugs.
  • Replace the spark plugs if necessary.

2. ATV Not Shifting Gears

This is yet another common Chinese ATV transmission problem. This is when after engaging, the gears will not shift. This is a Chinese ATV transmission problem that may stem from:

  • Low transmission fluid level.
  • Dirty or contaminated transmission fluid.
  • Faulty clutch.
  • Worn out synchronizer.
  • Transmission fluid flow may be restricted.

Troubleshooting ATV Not Shifting Gears Problem

When this problem arises it is usually related to transmission fluid issues. Conduct some checks to ascertain what the issue is. Then you can explore the following remedies:

  • Top up transmission fluid to optimum level.
  • Replace transmission fluid with fresh and the correct type.
  • Fix or replace clutch.
  • Replace synchronizer.
  • Fix or replace seals to streamline transmission fluid flow in the engine.

3. Overheating

It is fairly common for some Chinese ATVs to encounter overheating transmission problems. This will be a problem where the transmission overheats for a stretch. This is a problem that may be caused by:

  • Clogged filters.
  • Insufficient lubrication.
  • Faulty or worn out components.

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

The problem of overheated or overheating transmissions needs urgent attention. You have to conduct checks to ensure you discover the real cause. Then you can explore the following remedies:

  • Clean or replace filters.
  • Adequately lubricate where needed.
  • Fix or replace any faulty or worn out parts.

4. Low Engine Power

This is yet another common Chinese ATV transmission problem. This is a scenario where power is not sufficiently channeled to the wheels of the ATV. Ultimately this compromises the ATV’s ability to pick up speed or perform optimally. Some of the common causes of the problem are:

  • Transmission fluid may be inadequate.
  • Synchronizers could be faulty or worn out.
  • Clutch may be worn out or faulty.

Troubleshooting Low Engine Power

With low engine power you cannot expect your Chinese ATV’s transmission to operate effectively. There will be slippage of power; no wonder why this problem may be called slipping gears. You can address the problem by:

  • Topping up the transmission fluid to the appropriate level.
  • Fixing or replacing synchronizers.
  • Fixing or replacing the clutch.

5. ATV Not Moving Despite Being In Gear

Sure enough your Chinese ATV may not shift gears. However, there are times shifting gears may be working fine. Yet the ATV will not move despite the right gear being engaged. This is a problem that may be caused by:

  • Wheel bearings may be worn out.
  • Brakes may be slimy or corroded.
  • Drive belt housing may be wet.
  • Axle or driveshaft may be broken.
  • Differential gears may be dirty, faulty, or worn out.

Troubleshooting ATV Not Moving Despite Being In Gear

This is a problem that can be caused by many possible reasons. Thus you must conduct thorough checks before doing any remedial work. Possible solutions to explore are:

  • Replacing wheel bearings.
  • Cleaning or replacing brakes.
  • Ensure drive belt housing is dry.
  • Fix or replace axle or driveshaft.
  • Fix, clean, or replace differential gears.

How To Avoid Chinese ATV Transmission Problems

Use your Chinese ATV responsibly if you are to avoid transmission problems. Being reckless can easily compromise the integrity of the transmission system. Always inspect your ATV before and after use. Always clean your ATV after every use. You must also regularly conduct maintenance and servicing. Use your ATV as prescribed in the user manual. When you combine all these elements together you can avoid Chinese ATV transmission problems.

Are All Chinese ATVs The Same?

Not all Chinese ATVs are the same. For instance, not every Chinese ATV has a GY6 engine. This means there several other different types of Chinese ATV engines. The same applies to other parts such as carburetors, voltage regulators, and start switches, amongst others. Not all Chinese ATVs have the same type of such parts.

What Are The Best Chinese ATV Brands?

There are a number of Chinese ATV brands. Some of the top Chinese ATV brands are Linhai, Coolster, CFMoto, X-PRO, TaoTao, IceBear, and Apollo.


Chinese ATV transmission problems can and should be avoided. Such problems should not deter you from purchasing Chinese ATVs. They are a prudent investment given their cost effectiveness. Plus they deliver appreciable power and performance. You just have to develop a routine of responsible care, use, and handling. That way you will ward off common Chinese ATV transmission problems.