Argo ATV Problems : 6 Known Issues (Explained)

Every brand of ATVs has its problems and the Argo brand is no exception. Below we look at some of the most common Argo ATV problems and how you can easily resolve them.

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What Is Argo ATV?

Argo is a European company that produces different types of ATVs. These ATVs can be used for both recreational and work purposes. They are very affordable and considered as one of the most durable and reliable ATVs

Argo ATV Problems

NB: Argo ATVs are sold without any malfunctioning parts and the problems indicated below are usually influenced by wear and tear or human error.

1. Starting Problems

One of the challenges experienced by Argo ATVs is starting problems. This usually happens when something is wrong with the engine or when any of the following things occur;

  • Battery voltage is low.
  • Fuel is low.
  • Engine may be cold.
  • Spark plug may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Starting Problems

When you notice that the engine of your Argo ATV is experiencing starting problems you need to try any of the following in order to resolve the issue;

  • Recharge your battery if the voltage is low.
  • Check fuel levels and replenish it if low.
  • If the engine is cold, allow it to warm up for a few minutes or you can add rich fuel into your tank.
  • Fix or replace spark plug if it is faulty.

2. Excessive Smoking

You may also experience excessive smoking from your Argo ATV. This problems is caused by a number of factors some of which include;

  • Piston rings may be damaged.
  • There might be bad oil in your ATV.
  • Spark plug may be bad.
  • Fuel quality may be compromised.
  • You may have added rich fuel into the tank.

Troubleshooting Excessive Smoking Problem

If you notice that your Argo ATV is smoking excessively you can try any of the following methods in order to resolve the issue;

  • Check if piston rings are in good condition and replace them if they are worn out or damaged.
  • Check the quality of oil you placed into your engine. Drain it out if it is of low quality and replace it with the right oil.
  • If the Spark plug is bad you need to replace it with a new one.
  • Check the quality of fuel you placed into the tank. If it is compromised, drain it and replace it with quality fuel.

3. Engine Backfires

The engine of an Argo ATV can start backfiring and this problem may happen when any of the following things occur;

  • The air and fuel filter may be clogged.
  • Spark plug may be defective.
  • Fuel quality may be low.
  • Oil added into the engine may be of wrong quality.

Troubleshooting Engine Backfires Problem

When you notice that the engine of your Argo ATV is backfiring you should try implementing the following methods in order to troubleshoot the problem;

  • Check if the air filter and fuel filter are clogged. If they are you should clean them or replace the elements.
  • Fix or replace spark plug if it is defective.
  • Inspect the quality of fuel you added into your tank. If it is poor, you need to drain it all out.
  • Check the oil type in your engine and ensure it is the correct one.

4. Poor Engine Performance

Argo ATV engines may start performing poorly after you have been using the vehicle for some time. This happens when;

  • The carburetor is dirty or faulty.
  • Fuel line is clogged.
  • Air might be trapped inside the fuel line.

Troubleshooting Poor Engine Performance Problem

When you notice that the engine of your Argo ATV is performing poorly you should try any of the following in order to resolve the issue;

  • Clean or replace carburetor if it is dirty or faulty.
  • If the fuel line is dirty you need to clean it up.
  • Bleed air from your system if it is trapped inside.

5. Oil Leakages

You can also experience oil leakages when you have the Argo ATV. These oil leakages happen when;

  • Oil drain plug is loose.
  • Seals may be worn out.

Troubleshooting Oil Leakages

If your Argo ATV is having oil leakages you need to do the following in order to resolve the issue;

  • Tighten oil drain plug if it is loose however, try not to over tighten it as this may cause problems for you in the future.
  • Replace worn out seals with new ones.

6. Engine Gets Cold

The engine of an Argo ATV can get really cold especially in winter time and you may have a huge challenge whilst trying to start the ATV. This problem is usually caused by the following;

  • Use of wrong oil.
  • Too much oil in the crankcase.

Troubleshooting Engine Gets Cold Problem

If the engine of your Argo ATV is always getting cold and you are having a hard time starting it, you definitely need to consider the following;

  • Checking the quality of oil you are placing into the vehicle and ensuring that it is the correct one.
  • Checking oil levels in your crankcase and draining if there is too much oil.

How To Avoid Argo ATV Problems

Regular servicing and maintenance of the ATV helps to avoid these problems. An Argo ATV should be serviced at least once a year, this helps to ensure that problems are identified before they turn into something even bigger.

Are Argo ATVs Reliable?

Yes, Argo ATVs are very reliable. They are made using quality materials and they can travel on any terrain. They are also a bit affordable when compared to other ATV brands.

Are Argos Worth It?

Yes Argos ATVs are definitely worth it. They are very reliable, affordable and durable. If you are looking for an ATV that can be used for recreational purposes or to carry heavy equipment then the Argo ATV is your best bet.


Argo ATVs may seem very problematic if you are referring to this article but they are actually one of the best ATVs you will find on the market. They are very durable and reliable so you will be getting value for your money.