New Holland TC40 Problems : 6 Known Issues (Solved)

New Holland is a renowned company, known for its production of state-of-the-art agricultural technology. It is especially extra ordinary in the field of hay and forage production. However, despite the companies’ best efforts, machines can never be truly perfect. Here we will discuss the new Holland TC40, its problems and solutions.

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What Is The New Holland TC40?

This particular model is a compact utility tractor. Running on a 4-cylinder Diesel engine with 2 litre engine capacity. It is rated at 45 hp (approx. 26.1 kW). It has a two and four-wheel drive variant. It has a 13-gal (50 liters) fuel tank.

New Holland TC40 Problems

The New Holland TC40 is usually sold in perfect condition. Problems usually accumulate as a result of use. Most however can be avoided by proper use and maintenance of the tractor. Discussed here are some of the frequently encountered problems.

1. Overheating Engine

One may notice their tractor overheating more frequently or with very high temperatures. The most frequent causes of such a situation are listed below.

  • It may be a result of an overload.
  • The radiator or another engine cooling component may be damaged.
  • The engine coolant and oil may be insufficient.

Troubleshooting Overheating Engine

An overheating engine requires immediate attention because if repair is delayed it may damage other components in the engine. Discussed here are possible ways to resolve the issue;

  • Reduce the load on the tractor.
  • Check and replace all damaged components of the cooling system.
  • Checking the oil and coolant level and adding some if need be.

2. Engine Backfires Or Misfires

There can only be one possibility if the engine is misfiring, the reason being incompatible fuel. This can be quite frustrating for the operator

Troubleshooting a Misfiring Engine

The normal solution for a misfiring engine is to drain all the incompatible fuel from the engine and replacing it with clean fuel. An extraction pipe may be used to drain the tank. The process may take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours.

3. Trouble Starting

One of the problems one may encounter when driving a New Holland TC40 is that it may have trouble starting. This may range from no response trying to start or no response when turning the key. The most frequent causes of trouble starting are;

  • Faulty electric connections.
  • Malfunctioning starter.
  • Dead battery.
  • Loose belts.

Troubleshooting Starting Problems

If you are having trouble starting your tractor, try the following and with luck you will be good to go;

  • Check electric connections, tighten loose connections and replace broken wires.
  • Get your starter tested if it is malfunctioning, get it repaired or replaced.
  • Test the voltage provided by your battery, if it is less than 11V it may be needing charging.
  • Check the tightness of the belts that are responsible for starting the engine and repairing them if necessary.

4. Poor Engine Output

If your New Holland TC40 shows signs of deteriorating engine performance, below are the likely causes of the problem;

  • A clogged air filter.
  • A malfunctioning engine pump.
  • Worn out or damaged spark plugs.
  • Engine timing is off.

Troubleshooting Poor Engine Output

One of the best features of the New Holland TC40 is its high horse power. Problems however can occur affecting its performance. Below are some quick fixes for low power output to bring back the tractor to peak performance as soon as possible.

  • Checking and repairing the air filter if need be.
  • Checking and repairing the engine pump if need be.
  • Checking the spark plugs to ensure they are working properly.
  • Get the whole tractor checked by a professional mechanic.

5. Engine Leaks

As the TC40 ages it may start leaking. These may be fuel, oil, brake fluid, etc leaks. The metal components may get rusted. This is a very common problem usually caused by one of the following;

  • Rusted components.
  • Leaking connections.
  • Rusted fuel tank.

Troubleshooting Engine Leaks

Leaking fluids from the engine is a serious problem because if the engine runs without the essential liquids, it may damage some of its components. Below are a few fixes for the engine leaks.

  • Checking all the components for signs of rust and repairing them if need
  • Tightening all the connections.
  • Repairing the fuel tank by brazing or replace it completely.

6. Electric System Issues

The vehicle may encounter problems with its electric components such as head lights not turning on and the starter not working. Below are the most likely causes of those faults.

  • A faulty fuse that will stop electricity from flowing to some components of the tractor.
  • Corroded battery terminals that will limit the flow of electricity to the components.
  • A dead or defective battery that will not have sufficient power to power the tractor.

Troubleshooting Electrical System Issues

If the vehicle is encountering any electric problems the following steps may be used to solve the problem;

  • Checking and replacing any damaged fuses with newer ones.
  • Cleaning the corroded battery terminals with baking soda or any other alkaline solution.
  • Buying a new battery when the one in use becomes defective.

How To Avoid New Holland TC40 Problems?

The TC40 is a great machine that does not require much in the way of maintenance. Regular servicing by a professional should do the trick. Keeping it clean and dry also reduces chances of breakdown. Use of recommended or at least compatible parts and consumables is of paramount importance.

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My TC40 Engine?

In the new Holland tractors an oil change is recommended after 100 hours of use. How long this time would take to elapse would depend on how long the tractor is use daily. For an average farmer this amounts to once every two weeks.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of The New Holland TC40?

The maximum Speed a new Holland TC40 can reach is about 31 miles per hour. However, its field speed is at around 25 miles per hour. Its 2l diesel engine kicks out 45 horse power, making towing and mounting equipment an effortless task for the new Holland TC40.


The new Holland TC40 is an exceptional tractor and if handled with care and maintained well, it may last for decades. It may run into problems here and there but it is a great tractor all together. New Holland is known for creating some of the best specialized tractors and the TC40 is nothing below this standard.