New Holland T6020 Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

The New Holland T6020 is a tractor model from the well known tractor manufacturer; New Holland. It is a mid-sized utility tractor with a low-noise and powerful engine that makes it effective for many farming jobs. It has proven itself to be one of the most reliable and most sought after tractors in the market. Despite its impressive features, there are still some common problems with the New Holland T6020 utility tractor that you may encounter when using it and here they are.

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What Is The New Holland T6020?

The New Holland T6020 is a compact utility tractor that is renowned for its exceptional power, efficiency, and dependability. This powerful piece of machinery is capable of performing various tasks such as plowing, harrowing, mowing, and more. It also boasts advanced features such as an air-to-air intercooler and a Direct Injection Engine, making it one of the most reliable and fuel-efficient utility tractor s on the market.

New Holland T6020 Problems

1. Alternator And Battery Issues

If the engine cranks but won’t start then the problem could be related to your alternator and battery. This problem can either be;

  • A battery with low voltage
  • A faulty/ damaged alternator
  • Worn out or damaged electrical connectors/cables

Troubleshooting The Alternator And Battery Issues

  • Disconnect the negative cable off the battery for 30 minutes and then reconnect it. This will reset the New Holland T6020 engine’s system components.
  • Make sure that all connections to the battery and alternator are clean and tight.
  • Check the condition of your alternator belt for signs of wear or damage. The belt should have no visible cracks, fraying or other signs of wear.
  • The voltage reading between the alternator’s output terminal and ground should reach over 13 volts. But if it falls below this number then you’ll need a new alternator.
  • Clean your battery terminals with baking soda and water solution to make sure they don’t have an accumulation of dirt or grease.

2. Throttle Actuator Issue

One of the most common problems with the New Holland T6020 is a faulty throttle actuator. If your utility tractor  is not responding to throttle inputs it is most likely due to;

  • A contaminated or damaged actuator

Troubleshooting The Throttle Actuator Issue

  • Disconnect the electric plug from the actuator and remove it from the utility tractor .
  • Inspect the plug and socket for any corrosion or blackened spots, as this could indicate an electrical issue.
  • Remove any corrosion with a wire brush and an appropriate cleaning agent.
  • Replace any damaged parts, ensuring all connections are secured correctly before continuing.
  • heck for any signs of dirt, moisture, or debris that could be trapped inside the unit, then use compressed air to clean them out if needed.
  • Then reconnect the plug to ensure that all connections are secure and replace any other components if necessary before testing it with your New Holland T6020 utility tractor once again.

3. Starter Motor Issue

The starter motor is a critical component of the New Holland T6020 utility tractor  engine and its failure can lead to a lot of  downtime. Problems with the starter motor are due to;

  • A worn out battery
  • Worn out cables/connectors
  • A damaged starter

Troubleshooting The Starter Motor Issue

  • Be sure to check the battery terminals for corrosion, if there is any, clean it off with a wire brush or sandpaper.
  • Also check for any worn or broken cables, or loose connections that may be causing an electrical issue.
  • Test the voltage across the battery terminals using a voltmeter (anything below 12 volts indicates an issue with the connection between the battery.)
  • If there is power but no response when you turn the key, it may be an issue with the bendix gear or flywheel, which can cause starter problems.
  • You may need to replace the starter motor itself in order to get your New Holland T6020 running again.

4. Electrical Issues

When it comes to electrical issues with the New Holland T6020 the most common culprits are;

  • A loose electrical connection
  • A faulty wiring
  • Incorrect installation

Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

  • Check the wiring and inspect all the connectors and wires that lead to the New Holland T6020 utility tractor .
  • Look out for corrosion broken or frayed wires and loose connections if any of these are found then they need to be repaired or replaced.
  • For more specific advice on what needs to be done then you can consult your New Holland T6020 owner’s manual or contact a certified New Holland service technician.
  • Also inspect all cables and connections to make sure they match up correctly with their designated ports on the utility tractor .

5. Clutch And Transmission Fluid Leak Problems

Owning a New Holland T6020 comes with a variety of benefits. However it is prone to some common problems like;

  • A jerky clutch
  • Leaking transmission fluid

Troubleshooting The Clutch And Transmission Fluid Leak Problems

Clutch problems usually result in the New Holland T6020 utility tractor being jerky and difficult to control when shifting gears.

  • If you experience this, it’s important to take action quickly. Check the condition of your clutch disk to determine if it needs replacing, as worn clutches can cause entire drive train failure.
  • To know where a leak is coming from check for signs of fluid under your utility tractor and around the gearbox area.
  • If you’ve found the leak then you’ll need to check hoses and seals for any wear or damage before topping up with the appropriate transmission fluid type.

How To Prevent Problems For Your New Holland T6020

  • The engine, fuel and hydraulic systems all have filters that should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.
  • Fluids such as oil and coolant should be checked on a regular basis for contamination or leaks. Leaking can lead to costly repairs, so it’s best to solve them right away.
  • Make sure to clean the battery and its terminals with a wire brush often to prevent it from corroding.

What Engine Is In The New Holland T6020?

The New Holland T6020 is equipped with an FPT 4.5 liter, 4 cylinder diesel engine.

What HP Is The New Holland T6020?

The New Holland T6020 has a maximum horsepower of 140.


All in all the New Holland T6020 is a great utility tractor  for the average farmer, but even the best-made machines can have their problems. By understanding the common problems that can arise with this utility tractor  and understanding how to troubleshoot them you can keep your New Holland T6020 running smoothly and efficiently. By getting to know your New Holland T6020 utility tractor  and reading its user manual and regularly maintaining it you can catch small problems before they become big ones.