Is It Illegal To Shoot A Squirrel With A BB Gun

If you are facing challenges with the squirrels in your yard then you are most probably wondering if it is illegal to shoot a squirrel with a BB gun. While squirrels might seem like cute animals people shouldn’t be fooled by their size. These animals are a nuisance to society and the fact that the breed very fast is one of the reasons why you might consider shooting them with a BB gun. However, before you take any action lets check if you are allowed to shoot squirrels with a BB gun.

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Is it illegal to shoot a squirrel with a BB gun?

The answer to this depends on the state in which you reside this is because different states have different rules in terms of how you can get rid of squirrels. However, in some states it is illegal to shoot a squirrel with a BB gun unless it is hunting season or you have a special license to do so. Therefore, you really need to check the laws in your state before taking the risk to shoot a squirrel using a BB gun. It is worth noting that a BB gun is not a widely recommended tool for killing squirrels. This is because BB guns release tiny projectiles which do not issue a clean kill. As a result the BB gun can only cause injury on a squirrel and this has long term effects on the squirrel since it suffers a slow and painful death. Therefore if you are planning on shooting a squirrel you need to resort to using other guns.  Furthermore, you need to be aware of the fact that there a different types of squirrels, there are ground squirrels, tree squirrels and flying squirrel and states usually grant you permission to only kill one type of squirrel so you really need to do some research before shooting a squirrel.

Can you shoot squirrels with an air rifle?

If the laws in your state allow you to shoot squirrels then using an air rifle is the best solution. This is because air rifles issue out a clear kill. Therefore, if you are considering of shooting squirrels on your yard then consider purchasing an air rifle.

Can I shoot squirrels with a pellet gun?

The answer to this also depends on the rules in your state. If the rules allow you to shoot a squirrel then yes you can use a pellet gun to shoot a squirrel. However, you need to ensure that the pellet gun is powerful enough to kill the squirrel in one strike. This is because if it fails, it will only injure the squirrel which will in turn die a slow and painful death.  Therefore, always make sure that the pellet gun you purchase is strong.

How to get rid of squirrels on your yard

Get a dog

This is one of the best ways of getting rid of squirrels in your yard. The best dog breed that will get the job done for you is the terrier breed. This breed will chase all the squirrels from your house and it also has the capacity of killing squirrels on your yard. So if you are tired of having squirrels then you need to consider getting a dog.


This is also another great way of getting rid of squirrels on your yard. If you are not familiar with any DIY methods of fumigation against squirrels then it might be best for you to enlist the help of a professional. Fumigating will help to get rid of the squirrels for a very long period of time.

Keep the food away

Squirrels usually stay where there is food, so if you have food lying around your yard or garbage that is outside then you need to find somewhere else to keep it. This is because squirrels are attracted to food so, if there is food they will keep breeding in numbers. If you take away the food they might start to migrate to a new location. So always make sure that you hide the food so that squirrels do not continue to occupy your house.

Remove their shelter

One of the reasons why squirrels are infiltrating your yard is because they have access to shelter and they feel comfortable. In order to get rid of them you need to remove their nests from your trees. This will help to ensure that they migrate to a new location which is definitely not your house.

Use repellents

If the squirrels are giving you a hard time then the best option is to by a squirrel repellent that will help to keep them away from your house.  Apply this repellent in areas where the squirrels usually play around. If you do not have the time to buy a repellant then you can always opt to use natural ingredients like cinnamon, mulch, lavender and cayenne. These act as a good repellent for squirrels.

Block access

Squirrels have places where they usually frequent and you need to block access to these areas. For example if the squirrels on you yard like playing on the roof or loft then you need to place a wire mesh that will help to deter their access.

Call a veterinarian

This is actually one of the best and easiest ways of getting rid of squirrels on your yard. The veterinarian will capture the squirrels for you using traps. He or she will then kill them in a humanly way. If you are having troubles with squirrels on your yard then you need to consider calling a vet to get the job done for you.


Different states have different laws pertaining to the issue of killing squirrels. However it is important to note that a BB gun is not the best tool to use especially for killing squirrels. This is mainly because it does not issue a clean kill and could ultimately cause future problems to the squirrel. So instead of using a BB gun you need to resort to using other methods stated in the above article.