How Much Does It Cost To Convert a Shed into a House?

Converting a shed into a house is a common practice which is done for various reasons from need for bigger space, better protection from weather or one’s social status. Sheds have been predominantly used for storage purposes, as garages and accommodation. Generally a shed is cheap to build and takes less time as compared to a house. Some sheds can be pre-assembled requiring only transportation to site of use while some sheds are built at the site where they are used. For different reasons, people may need to convert their sheds into a house which comes at a cost. The cost of converting a shed into a house depends on many factors which the shed owner should carefully consider before making any decision.

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Type of Shed

This is one of the most determinant factors for the cost of converting a shed into a house. This include the shed structure size and material used to build or construct the shed. Another consideration also is the features that the current shade have like windows, doors and floors. The cost is also dependent on the shed current lighting. Generally simple and small sized shed are costly to convert into a house. This is due to the scope of work that need to be done to make a house out of that shed. For small simple shed you may need to change the material and use fresh strong materials, you may need to put proper floors which also comes at a cost. The ventilation should be adequate enough to meet required housing standards and all this comes with a cost. Additional doors will also need to be added to the structure pushing the cost further high. The cost for converting a shed into a house ranges from $2000 to $35000, depending on the size and other changes to be made. This should be enough to cover expenses for your renovations and labor inclusive.

Level of Upgrade or Conversion

To convert a shed into a simple house can be quickly done with the cost ranging from $50 to $65 per square foot for simple upgrades. However, this can also be a very expensive task, taking time to complete for major and complex upgrades, and the shed to house conversion can cost $65-$90 per square foot . The cost of converting a shed into a house while keeping the shed size fixed is cheaper than when one wants to increase the size of the house. There is more work to do when the size of the house has to be bigger than the shed. The walls have to be extended, the floors as well will need to be extended to cover the new house size. The bigger the house the more the materials needed to build it.

Ventilation and entrances are also proportional to the building size and so the bigger the house the more materials and labor required to convert the shed. This is what determines the cost of the upgrade. Additionally, the cost of connecting sewer and electricity is further pushed high with increase in the room size. There is also a cost element attached to finishing the house which may add 2% to the cost. This kind of conversion is almost close to building a new house. The average cost of this kind of shed conversion into a house ranges from $6 000 to $40 000 or even higher depending on the upgrade needed. The bigger the house the more the material and labor needed to carry out the task and hence the cost of converting the shed into a house increases. It is therefore important for one to take all these into consideration and do the costing prior to the carrying out the conversion process.

Quality and Type of Material Used

Quality and price have a linear relationship. Generally the higher the quality the higher the cost. Higher quality gives a longer service life compared to low quality items. This is also one of the factors that determines the cost of converting a shed into a house. Material selection is very important as part of decision making process. High quality wood can be very expensive to buy compared to metal sheets and it will be required in huge quantities thus driving the cost of converting a shed into a house high.

Metal sheets are cheap and offer a good life due to their resistant to different weather conditions in comparison to wood. With good maintenance and refinishing the metal houses can last for decades compared to wooden houses. Usually converting a shed to a house using metal sheets costs around 30% to 50% less compared to wood structures. Also for sheds converted to houses using resin the cost is even higher due to the cost of the material. It is important to do an analysis on the cost benefit analysis of various building materials available to minimize the cost.

Suppliers Choice

This is one of the most cost drivers for converting a shed into a house that many people overlook. Different suppliers have different pricing strategies for same products at the same quality level. Some dealers or suppliers usually have higher prices attached to their products compared to other suppliers. This drives the cost of the upgrade process. It is important for anyone intending to convert the shed into a house to get various quotations from different suppliers and compare prices. You will notice that there will be savings ranging from 1% to even 10% for various suppliers.


This is also another cost element that drives the cost high. Every house has a level of décor it needs to have. Generally the more features the house has the higher the cost of converting the shed into a house. Features like geysers, garages, study rooms all add to the cost of the upgrade. An additional 10% to the cost is expected for these facilities which may drive the cost by over $2 000.


There are many factors that determine the cost of converting a shed into a house and therefore it is important for the owner to plan well for the conversion of his or her shed into a house. The planning should highlight the scope of work required, the material to be used, the labor and skills and the cost of all those elements. This will allow one to have options to choose from that suits one’s budget and needs.