Manufactured Home Flooring Problems

Purchasing a manufactured home can prove to be cheaper than building a house from scratch however, a manufactured home has its downfalls. In this article we are going to discuss about manufactured houses and some of the problems they usually experience.

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What Is A Manufactured House?

A manufactured house is a type of prefabricated house which has all its parts constructed and assembled in a factory. The manufactured house is then transported and placed onto the home site. Manufactured houses do not require a foundation to sit on and as a result people usually set up the house on concrete blocks, metal piers or substantial tie-downs.

Manufactured Home Flooring Problems

Manufactured homes usually experience flooring problems, in most cases the floors will either sink or develop soft spots. In some cases the floor can become heave. This problem is usually caused by a number of things and below we will discuss those factors in detail.

Causes Of Manufactured Home Flooring Problems


One of the main causes of flooring problems on a manufactured home is moisture. If there are any water leakages in your house the floor will get damaged overtime. Therefore, you need to check for leakages in your manufactured house and try to fix them as soon as possible. Moisture from underneath the mobile home can also cause the floors to sink which is why it is important to constantly move the house if you suspect that it is sitting on moist ground.

Improper Levelling

Another factor which causes floor problems in manufactured homes is improper leveling of the home. When the manufactured house is being setup, it needs to be placed on a level platform. If the platform is unleveled eventually the floor will sink to one side since it will be sitting on unleveled ground.

Lack Of Support

Manufactured homes usually face flooring problems because they will not be properly supported to the ground. In most cases the footings will not be properly supported and a result the house will succumb to flooring problems. In order to ensure that the footings are properly supported you should consider using concrete or hardwood shims.

Other Manufactured Home Problems

Insulation Problems

When you own a manufactured home there is a chance that you may experience or lack proper insulation for your house. This is mainly because when these houses are designed they don’t usually come with pre-installed insulators. So if you do not hire a contractor to help you, chances are that the temperatures in your house will be unbearable to live in.

Electrical Problems

Another problem which is usually faced by manufactured houses is that the electrical wirings may be wrongly installed. This problem usually occurs because these houses are sold without any electrical wirings and if you hire someone who is not good you may end up having unwanted fires or people may get electrocuted in your house.

Poor Plumbing

When you own a manufactured home there is a chance that you may experience plumbing problems. This is because many of the pipes in a manufactured home are made using thin pipes which tend to leak. In order to curb this problem you need to regularly fix or install new pipes.

Difference Between Manufactured Home And Mobile Home

The terms manufactured home and mobile home are often used interchangeably however, there are slightly different. For starters a manufactured home is a prefabricated home that was manufactured in a factory after 1976 whereas mobile homes are considered prefabricated houses that were constructed before 1976. Both manufactured and mobile homes can be transported from one location to the other and this is one of the main reasons why people confuse the two. However, a manufactured home is designed to be only moved at least twice in its lifetime whilst a mobile home can be moved several times without experiencing any problems.

Advantages Of Manufactured Home

Owning a manufactured home may seem like a bad idea but it is actually not. There are some advantages associated with purchasing these types of houses. Below we look at these advantages in detail;


One of the advantages of purchasing a manufactured home is that it is very affordable when compared to building a house from scratch. So if you are running on a tight budget and already have the land, you may be better off purchasing a manufactured home rather than building one from the ground.

Take Less Time

Purchasing and installing a manufactured home takes less time than building a house from the ground. Therefore, if you are someone who is in a hurry to build a house, you may be better off purchasing a manufactured home.

Great Design

Another upside of purchasing a manufactured home is that it has a great design which is attractive. If you purchase this type of housing many people will admire you. With a manufactured home, you also have the opportunity to customize your house.

What Is Another Name For Manufactured Home?

The other name for manufactured home is mobile home. This is because manufactured homes can easily be transported from one location to the other.

What Is The Advantage Of A Manufactured Home?

The advantage of a manufactured home is that it is cheaper as compared to building a house. A manufactured home is also easy to install and cheaper to maintain.

Are Manufactured Homes A Good Resale?

Unfortunately manufactured homes are not good for reselling. This is because they usually depreciate in value as compared to traditional homes that are built from scratch. So if you are planning on purchasing a manufactured home and then reselling it you should know that it depreciates in value.


Manufactured homes save you a lot of time and money when compared to other houses. It is important to note that most of the problems indicated in this article can easily be avoided. Therefore, if you are thinking of purchasing this house don’t let this article derail you from doing so since the problems can be avoided and easily resolved.