Top 7 Problems With Deltec Homes

Finding the perfect design for your house can be a daunting task especially since you need to consider all the pros and cons associated with every design. In this article we are going to be discussing about Deltec homes and whether they are worth having.

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What Are Deltec Homes?

Deltec homes are prefabricated homes which basically means they come in building kits which contractors assemble into a house. Deltec homes come pre-measured, designed and pre-cut. They are then shipped or transported to the building site where they are assembled by contractors. Deltec homes are different from other types of houses since they do not require a lot of labor and it is not like you will be building a home from scratch.

Deltec Homes Problems

1. Foundation Problems

One of the problems you may experience with a Deltec home is that it does not come with a foundation. Although most Deltec homes are resistant to wind and hurricanes, this is a concerning factor for many people. In most cases people come up with their own foundations which are not necessarily compatible with these homes.

2. Insulation Problems

Deltec homes do not come with insulation and as a result you will need to do a separate job of designing and installing good insulators. This can be very expensive since you will need to contract someone who is good at that job. Living in a house that does not have any insulation is very difficult and you may end up getting sick. So the fact that Deltec homes come without any insulation is a big problem.

3. Electrical Wiring Problems

Another problem with Deltec homes is that they only come with the outer and inner shells of the houses they do not necessarily come designed with all the electrical wirings of your house. This means that your contractors will need to install electrical wirings that are compatible with your house and they also need to ensure that they install them the right way. In some cases contractors may do the electrical wiring badly and this can be a disadvantage to the homeowners since they will have to live with that mistake. Other houses come with proper electrical wiring but Deltec homes do not.

4. Do Not Come With Interior Finishes

Deltec homes are problematic in that they do not come with interior finishes and as a result homeowners need to purchase these items separately. This can be very expensive for homeowners and it might mean that their houses takes longer to complete than they expected.

5. Plumbing Problems

Unlike other houses that are built or designed with proper structures for plumbing, Deltec homes are not. This means homeowners will need to purchase plumbing materials separately and then move on to design the kind of plumbing structure they want on their house. This process can be very expensive.

6. Transportation Problems

You may also experience transportation problems when you purchase a Deltec home. This is mainly because you will have to transport the building kits from the company to your house and in most cases it costs a lot of money. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the vehicles carrying your materials are up to standard since you wouldn’t want to experience any breakages.

7. Reselling Problems

Another downside of purchasing Deltec homes is that they can be hard to resell. This is mainly because this house needs to be repaired regularly and as a result most people do not like purchasing it. Another thing to take note off is that prefabricated houses usually have a lower resell value when compared to traditional houses.

Advantages Of Deltec Homes

While Deltec homes may seem problematic, they actually have certain things which homeowners love and would definitely consider spending their money on. Below we highlight some of the advantages of Deltec homes.

Attractive Design

One of the advantages of owning a Deltec home is that it has an attractive design. These houses come predesigned and the company ensures that all their designs are attractive. So if you are looking to buy a prefabricated house that is attractive you should definitely consider Deltec homes.


Another upside of purchasing Deltec homes is that they are very durable. This is because they are designed to resist hurricanes and winds. The company also reports that they have only received a few reports of their houses succumbing to hurricanes. So if you are worried about the idea of the house not coming with a foundation, just know these houses are durable and wind resistant.

Well Priced

Deltec homes are actually well priced when compared to other prefabricated houses. They usually cost $175 to $300 per square feet. So if you are looking for something that is a bit cheaper, you may be better off settling for Deltec homes.

Flexible Interior Design

Another advantage of purchasing a Deltec home is that it comes with a flexible Interior design. Deltec homes do not come with load bearing walls and this means that homeowners can easily change their interior designs when they want to.

Deltec Homes Competitors

Deltec homes is not the only company that produces prefabricated homes. Below is a list of some of the most common Deltec homes competitors should you wish to approach them;

  • Sunrise Homes
  • Adamo Homes
  • BNW Builders
  • G.J Gardner

Are Deltec Homes Worth It?

Yes, Deltec homes are worth it. They are very durable and attractive. The company which makes Deltec homes guarantees that they are wind resistant and easy to assemble. If you are thinking of purchasing a Deltec home, you should definitely go for it.


Deltec homes may seem to have many problems associated with them but it’s worth noting that it’s not even the case. Many prefabricated houses have the same problems however, Deltec homes may prove to be better. This is mainly because they are very durable and attractive. They are also quite cheaper when compared to other prefabricated houses. Deltec homes have a flexible interior design which you can customize at any time. So if you are thinking of purchasing a prefabricated house you should definitely consider getting one from Deltec homes.