Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112 : Review And Pricing

Greenworks is your go to brand for good electric lawn mowers. The Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 are two options of lawn mowers you can consider. They are corded electric lawn mowers that are operated manually. These two lawn mowers are sustainable choices to consider. This is because they do not emit any gas, oil, or emissions. The Greenworks 25112 is essentially a predecessor to the Greenworks MO13B00. Thus the Greenworks 25112 is obviously cheaper. However, the Greenworks MO13B00 has some enhancements that eclipse the Greenworks 25112. In many aspects the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 are the same. Which one should you settle for then? Let us find out together as we discuss more.

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Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Comparison Table

Greenworks MO13B00 Greenworks 25112
Power Source Corded Electric Corded Electric
Style Mower Mower
Motor 13 Amp Electric 13 Amp Electric
Cutting Width 21 Inches 21 Inches
Specialized Feature 3-in-1 3-in-1
Rear Wheels 10 Inches 10 Inches
Front Wheels 7 Inches 7 Inches
Weight 56 Pounds 60 Pounds
Number of Positions 7 7
Operation Mode Manual Manual
Build Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Warranty 4 Year 4 Year
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
Greenworks MO13B00
Greenworks MO13B00
Greenworks 25112
Greenworks 25112

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Design

Both the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 have a 7 position single lever for height adjustment. They also have foldable handles that make compact storage easier. They also both have a 21 inch steel deck which delivers a cutting width of 21 inches. The cutting deck is made out of composite material thus making it durable. They both have a push button to start and they also have a mulch, side, or rear bag. The Greenworks MO13B00 has brushless motor but the Greenworks 25112 does not have a brushless motor. The two lawn mowers both have a cord retainer which helps in handling the cord when in operation. It provides a cord restraint system which keeps the plug connected and the cord free from hanging up.

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Ideal Landscapes

Both the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 have limitations in this regard. These two lawn mowers are best suited for flat landscapes. Using them on surfaces that are not flat can be complicated. These limitations are worsened by the corded element. Plus their cutting decks are not that big; only delivering a 21 inch cutting width. Overall, this makes the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 best suited for small and flat yards. Anything beyond that will be a stretch for them and you might not get the best performance.

Pros Of The Greenworks MO13B00

The Greenworks MO13B00 is easy to assemble, easy to use, provides value for money, is relatively light weight, is easy to maneuver, and has a considerably low noise level. You also get to enjoy smooth operation. Power delivery is always constant and dependable. The Greenworks MO13B00 delivers good cutting given the abundant power. The Greenworks MO13B00’s design makes it plug and go and thus easy to use. It has the 3-in-1 function. This means you can easily toggle from rear bag, to mulch or to side discharge. You have the advantage of choosing from 7 different cutting heights settings. These heights range from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches.

Cons Of The Greenworks MO13B00

The handle bar may be susceptible to vibration when the lawn mower is in operation. This also adds on to instances when you have to fold the handles for compact storage. The associated screws may over time loosen. This will lead to scenarios where the handle bar may not be properly extended as should be. In fact, whilst in operation the handle bar may fold. You could fasten the screws more tightly but this is an issue many users cite facing from time to time. Having to deal with the cable can be problematic especially for a first timer. The MO13B00 will not be ideal for use on large yards or large surface areas. It is also difficult to use on landscapes that are inclined i.e. not flat.

Pros Of The Greenworks 25112

The Greenworks 25112 ranks high on safety features and being easy to assemble. In 5 minutes or less you can be done assembling it. The Greenworks 25112 is also light weight and is easy to maneuver. The Greenworks 25112’s smooth operation also leads to good cutting and extended operation. It is easy to use because no batteries are needed and no charging is needed. Just like it is for the Greenworks MO13B00, it is a plug and go. The Greenworks 25112 also features the 3-in-1 function. You also enjoy the 7 cutting heights settings with the Greenworks 25112. The fact that you can do this via one lever is highly convenient. Cutting is pristine and it does not matter the grass or lawn is mildly wet or dry. The operation is even way smoother when the lawn is dry.

Cons Of The Greenworks 25112

Just like Greenworks MO13B00, the Greenworks 25112 has a cutting width of just 21 inches. This means it will be tasking to work on large spaces or yards. The Greenworks 25112 is not particularly suited for expansive surfaces areas. The other challenge has to do with the absence of an extension cord. Normally you will have to purchase it separately because it does not come included in the package. Thus if you do not have an extension cord you will be limited since you will have to move more. The Greenworks 25112 is not ideal for heavily wet lawn or grass. It is also not ideal for thick or overgrown landscapes. Inclined landscapes are also problematic to work on with the Greenworks 25112. The Greenworks 25112 does not have a brushless motor so power delivery and efficiency is limited.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lawn Mower

One of the first things to consider is the type of landscape and grass you will be using the lawn mower on. Some lawn mowers such as the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 are not ideal on inclined landscapes. Type of grass mainly looks at how thick or tall it is. Thicker grass usually requires lawn mowers that have high power ratings. The converse it true too; thinner grass does not need powerful lawn mowers or blades that are too thick. Another consideration is the size of the space to be worked on. Cutting width matters since a small cutting width will not be ideal for large areas. The same applies for the need for extension cords. Large areas would need a lawn mower with an extension cord.

Where will you store the lawn mower when not is use? This will consider the size and weight of the lawn mower. You also have to check for the presence of convenient settings. For instance, a lawn mower with adjustable height settings and a 3-in-1 functionality are best. You must also consider if the lawn mower had robust safety features. What are the maintenance dynamics of the lawn mower in question? This matters immensely in the long run. You will do well to consider the operation mode and the power source too. In light of everything you will consider the price tag so that you end up with a cost-effective option.

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Our Pick

The Greenworks MO13B00 is essentially an upgrade to the Greenworks 25112. Thus it has much better functionality. For instance, it has a brushless motor. No wonder it is smoother and less noisy. The Greenworks MO13B00 is also more powerful than the Greenworks 25112. That is why it can better handle thick or overgrown landscapes. Overall, you will work less when working with the Greenworks MO13B00. The other upside is that the Greenworks MO13B00 is lighter than the Greenworks 25112.

This helps in easy handling and also reduces the effort you need to put in when operating it. You can easily move it around and that is augmented by the substantially big front and rear wheels. Notably, the Greenworks MO13B00 has an improved design that stops debris from building up in the engine compartment. Debris build up is a challenge when using the Greenworks 25112. The Greenworks MO13B00 still delivers all the other advantages that the Greenworks 25112 has. Of course the Greenworks MO13B00 does cost more but it is the best pick regardless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any difference between the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112?

The two are similar in most aspects. However, the Greenworks MO13B00 is essentially an upgraded Greenworks 25112. This means the internal electrical and transmission dynamics of the Greenworks MO13B00 have been enhanced.

What makes the Greenworks MO13B00 better than the Greenworks 25112?

According to Greenworks, the physical features have changed. However, the basic function has not. The mower still has an easy to turn on electric start. We have upgraded and reworked the internal electrics and transmissions to make it more efficient and more reliable.

Does anyone know if the Greenworks MO13B00 model suffers from the same problem of debris infiltration into the engine compartment like the Greenworks 25112 model does?

The Greenworks MO13B00 is an updated version with a different housing for the electric motor. That is why debris will not infiltrate into the engine compartment.

Do these lawn mowers come with a battery and charger or you have to order the items?

These lawn mowers do not use batteries. They are corded electric, 110 volts. You will need an extension cord rated 13 amps or more to operate. You have to purchase this separately since it does not come provided in the package. For example, you can use a 15 amp rated extension cord and it will work fine.

How often should I clean a corded electric lawn mower?

A corded electric lawn mower must be cleaned after every use. This will ensure grass does not clog it plus it avoids the building up of corrosion or algae from moisture. You can clean it using a clean, damp cloth with soapy water. You must then make sure the lawn mower completely dries up before you store it away.


There are numerous considerations to make when purchasing a lawn mower. As you saw with the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 it is not always about price. The performance and longevity aspects can offset the initially high price in the long run. For those who are looking to spend less they would settle for the Greenworks 25112. For those who want top notch performance then the Greenworks MO13B00 is your best shot. Given some of the limitations the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 have, the need for power is important. That is why settling for the Greenworks MO13B00 is smarter because it is more powerful and efficient.

Greenworks MO13B00
Greenworks MO13B00
Greenworks 25112
Greenworks 25112