Vornado 660 vs 633DC : Which is Better for You?

When the summer heat becomes unbearable finding the perfect fan to keep your space cool becomes a top priority. Vornado is a renowned brand in the fan industry and it offers a wide range of options to choose from. In this article we will be looking into the details of two particular models; the Vornado 660 and the Vornado 633DC. By comparing their performance, energy efficiency, noise level and price, this article aims to help you make an informed decision when selecting the right Vornado fan for your needs. Let’s get into it.

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Vornado 660 vs 633DC: Comparison Table


Vornado 660 Vornado 633DC
Weight 7.3 Pounds 4.94 Pounds
Dimensions 11.8″ L × 13.5″ W × 15″ H 8.65″ L × 12″ W × 13.75″ H
Manufacturer Vornado Vornado
Model Number 660 633DC
Fan Design Table Fan Table Fan
Power Source Corded Electric Corded Electric
Style Large Medium Floor
Special Features Whole Room Air Circulation, AirTensity Spiral Grill, Enclosed Air Duct, Deep Pitch Blades, Inlet Air Accelerator Vortex Air Circulation, Variable Speed Control, Multi-directional Airflow, Energy Smart
Room Type Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room Laundry Room, Kitchen
Number of Speed Settings 4 Variable
Max Distance 100 Feet 80 Feet
Volt13age 120 V/ 60HZ 120 V
Wattage 56 56
Power Cord Length 6 Feet 6 Feet
Voice Control? No No
Noise Level 53 Decibels N/A
Air Flow Distance 584 Cubic Feet Per Minute N/A
Control Type Button Control Button Control
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty 10 Year Guarantee
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
Vornado 660
Vornado 660
Vornado 633DC
Vornado 633DC

The Key Features And Specifications of The Vornado 660

The Vornado 660 fan is a powerful and efficient cooling solution for medium to large-sized rooms. It boasts a sleek design and utilizes Vornado’s signature Vortex Technology to circulate air effectively throughout the space. With its adjustable height and tilt feature, you can easily direct the airflow to where it’s needed most. One of the standout features of the Vornado 660 is its four-speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow around the room to your preference. The Vornado 660 fan can also circulate airflow at a maximum distance of 100 feet with relative ease. The Vornado 660 operates quietly, making use of more advanced special features like an inlet air accelerator which maximizes air intake and thus produces more powerful air output making it suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms or offices.

The Key Features And Specifications of The Vornado 633DC

The Vornado 633DC fan is a compact yet powerful option that is perfect for smaller rooms or personal use. Despite its size, this Vornado fan is capable of delivering a strong airflow thanks to its energy-efficient brushless DC motor. The Vornado 633DC features variable speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow intensity according to your comfort level. One of the key advantages of the Vornado 633DC is its energy efficiency. It consumes up to 80% less energy than traditional AC fans, resulting in cost savings over time. Additionally, the fan is equipped with a removable grill and thus making it easy to clean and maintain. Although the Vornado 633DC is smaller in size, it still provides excellent air circulation and is surprisingly quiet.

Battle of The Vornado Fans: Vornado 660 vs 633DC

Now that we have an idea of what makes these two fan from Vornado tick, let’s see how they compare when they are pitted against each other in feature battles to see which one you would be better off choosing to purchase.

Vornado 660 vs 633DC: Performance And Airflow

When comparing the performance and airflow of the Vornado 660 and the Vornado 633DC, both fans excel in their respective categories. The Vornado 660, with its larger size and more powerful motor, is capable of covering a larger area making it ideal for spacious rooms, it can push air tk a maximum distance of 100 feet. On the other hand, the Vornado 633DC, while smaller still provides sufficient airflow for smaller spaces or personal use however it can only circulate air up to only 80 feet. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the size of the room and the desired cooling intensity. However, the Vornado 660 is comparably more powerful than the Vornado 633DC.

Vornado 660 vs 633DC: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a fan, as it not only impacts your electricity bills but also contributes to environmental sustainability. In this regard, the Vornado 633DC takes the lead, consuming significantly less energy compared to the Vornado 660. The brushless DC motor of the Vornado 633DC ensures optimal energy usage, making it the more eco-friendly choice. And the Vornado 633DC is said to consume at least 80% less energy than traditional AC motor fans due to its DC motor. This not only ensures that you have the right amount of airflow going but that you also don’t have to worry about using too much energy as most AC fans would do.

Vornado 660 vs 633DC: Noise Level

No one wants a fan that disrupts their peace and quiet. Both the Vornado 660 and the Vornado 633DC are designed to operate quietly, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful environment. However, due to its larger size and more powerful motor, the Vornado 660 may produce slightly more noise at 53 decibels at higher speed settings compared to the Vornado 633DC. If noise level is a critical factor for you then the Vornado 633DC might be the better option.

Vornado 660 vs 633DC: Price

Price is often a very important determining factor when making a purchase decision. The Vornado 660 may be priced higher than the Vornado 633DC depending on where you purchase it due to its larger size and enhanced features. However you also need to keep in mind that the Vornado 633DC offers excellent value for money with its energy-efficient performance and compact design. Consider your budget and requirements to find the best fit for you. You may find both Vornado fans at similar price points as well.

Vornado 660 vs 633DC: Which Vornado Fan Is Right For You?

Choosing between the Vornado 660 and the Vornado 633DC ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences. If you have a larger room and require more powerful airflow then the Vornado 660 is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you have a smaller space or prioritize energy efficiency then the Vornado 633DC is the fan for you. You should carefully assess your requirements and consider factors such as room size, energy consumption, noise level, and budget to make an informed decision. But the choose may solely depend on what you’re looking for in terms of features as both the Vornado 660 and Vornado 633DC can cost exactly the same price.

Pros And Cons of The Vornado 660


  • The Vornado 660 has powerful airflow for large rooms that can go a distance of 100 feet with relative ease.
  • It has an adjustable height and tilt feature so you can point the fan in any direction you choose.
  • The fan has good quiet operation, so you aren’t bothered by too much noise.
  • The Vornado 660 also has four speed settings to help you pick the best air flow for your room.


  • It may be highly priced compared to other Vornado fan models.
  • Its larger size and overall weight may not look as good for smaller spaces as some people prefer their fans to take up as little space as possible.

Pros And Cons of The Vornado 633DC


  • The Vornado 633DC offers energy-efficient performance because of its brushless DC motor.
  • It has a more compact size for smaller rooms or personal use than the Vornado 660.
  • Because it has a removable grill, the Vornado 633DC is easy to clean and maintain, adding to its already long lifespan.
  • The Vornado 633DC has offers quiet operation throughout its usage.


  • It has a lower airflow of only 80 feet compared to larger models like the Vornado 660 which can easily offer 100 feet.
  • The Vornado 633DC has limited features compared to higher-end options like the Vornado 660.

Some Notable Features of Most Vornado Fans Like The Vornado 660 And Vornado 633DC

  • Most Vornado fans are featured with Vortex Technology, which is Vornado’s patented technology that takes inspiration from a jet engine and puts it into a fan with deep pitched fan blades, a spiral grill and inlet air accelerator for more effective and powerful air circulation. Both the Vornado 660 and Vornado 633DC have Vortex Technology. But the Vornado 660 has a more streamlined design and thus more effective Vortex Technology.
  • Unfortunately the Vornado 660 does not have variable speed settings for customized airflow, like the Vornado 633DC. However it is still very effective with those four speed settings. Which can help circulate air in a room at a maximum distance of 100 feet at a maximum setting.
  • The Vornado 633DC is equipped with an energy-efficient DC motor for cost savings at at least 80% less than traditional AC motor fans, which you can expect with some Vornado fans but not others.
  • The Vornado 660 has an adjustable height and tilt feature for optimal airflow direction changing. The Vornado 633DC only has a tilt feature that helps change the direction in which the fan directs the airflow.
  • Both the Vornado 660 and the Vornado 633DC are built for quiet operation and undisturbed use so you can rest easy without any worry of there being too much noise whilst the fan is on.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Vornado 660 And Vornado 633DC

Can The Vornado 660 Be Used In A Small Room?

While the Vornado 660 can be used in a small room, its larger size may make it less ideal compared to smaller models like the Vornado 633DC.

Is The Vornado 633DC Suitable For Office Use?

Yes, the Vornado 633DC is a great option for offices (where it is often very hot and busy) due to its compact size, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Can The Vornado 660 Be Operated Without The Timer?

Yes, the Vornado 660 can be operated without the timer. The timer function is optional and can be adjusted or turned off as per your preference.

Does The Vornado 633DC Have An Oscillation Feature?

No, the Vornado 633DC does not have an oscillation feature. However, its powerful airflow ensures effective circulation even without oscillation. So you’ll be sure to feel a change in the air around you.

Can The Vornado 660 Be Wall-mounted?

No, the Vornado 660 is not designed to be wall-mounted. It is intended for floor or tabletop use.

Is the Vornado 633DC Suitable For Use At Night In A Bedroom?

Yes, the Vornado 633DC operates quietly and is suitable for most bedroom settings. So you can be sure that you will not be woken up by a loud rattling noise from the fan.


In conclusion both the Vornado 660 and Vornado 633DC are great fans to have but you will need to make the choice for one. In which case you need to heavily consider the performance and airflow, energy efficiency, noise level and overall price of the Vornado fans. Both fans blow away the competition in one category or the other and so the choice would have to depend on what you ultimately need. The Vornado 660 is more streamlined than the Vornado 633DC offering a more sleek and modern design. However the Vornado 633DC can help you save a lot more on your energy bills as it helps cut down energy consumption by at least 80% than traditional AC motor fans, so you can be sure that you are getting value out of the money you’re paying. Both fans have a similar price tag, so the choice will greatly depend on the features you need, and once you do. You’ll be sure to have your room cool enough to beat the summer heat.