Greenworks Chainsaw Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

Greenworks is the manufacturer of a wide range of chainsaws. Greenworks chainsaws are mostly electric-powered. As in, they are battery-powered thus making them cordless. Greenworks chainsaws are largely robust and reliable. Regardless there are some Greenworks chainsaw problems we must discuss.

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What Is The Greenworks Chainsaw?

A Greenworks chainsaw is any of the several different types of chainsaws manufactured by Greenworks. Some of the upsides of a Greenworks chainsaw are high torque and fast cutting ability. That does not take away from the fact that you may still encounter Greenworks chainsaw problems.

Greenworks Chainsaw Problems

The nature of operations a Greenworks chainsaw undergoes is demanding. Even the operating mechanism of a Greenworks chainsaw has several moving parts. All these dynamics make it inevitable for Greenworks chainsaw problems to occur sometimes. Here are some of the common Greenworks chainsaw problems:

1. Chain Not Rotating

It is often that Greenworks chainsaw users may experience this problem. This is when the motor will be running yet the chain will not be rotating. This problem tends to be caused by the following:

  • Tension of the chain may be too tight.
  • Guide bar may be damaged or worn out.
  • Guide bar could be misaligned.
  • Chain assembly may be faulty, damaged or worn out.

Troubleshooting Chain Not Rotating Problem

This is a fairly straightforward problem to address. You must start off with doing some inspections; especially on the chain assembly and related components. Probable remedies to the problem are:

  • Loosen chain tension.
  • Fix or replace guide bar.
  • Realign guide bar.
  • Fix or replace chain assembly.

2. Chain Rotating But Not Cutting

This is yet another variation of chain-related complications. You may switch on your Greenworks chainsaw and it turns on. Motor may start running and the chain starts rotating. However, you may notice the chain not cutting anything. This can be caused by:

  • Blunt chain
  • Chain could be incorrectly fitted.
  • Power may be inadequate.

Troubleshooting Chain Rotating But Not Cutting Problem

This is a problem that requires you to inspect the mechanisms surrounding your Greenworks chainsaw’s chain assembly. Once you check you will most likely figure out the root cause. You can address the problem by:

  • Sharpening or replacing chain.
  • Refit chain ensuring it is not fitted in the backwards direction.
  • Ensure there is adequate power being provided.

3. Stalling During Operation

Whilst operating your Greenworks chainsaw it may suddenly stall. This could happen as a once-off thing or it may regularly happen. This is a common Greenworks chainsaw problem and could be caused by:

  • Power flow restrictions or disruptions.
  • Chainsaw may be overloaded.
  • Operating chainsaw for too long without breaks.

Troubleshooting Stalling During Operation Problem

This is typically a problem whose causes can be quickly identified. Just ensure that you correctly diagnose the problem. The possible remedies you can explore here are:

  • Ensure adequate power is being delivered to the chainsaw.
  • Ensure chainsaw is not overloaded.
  • Periodically take breaks to allow chainsaw to cool off.

4. Chain Keeps Coming Off

This is also a common Greenworks chainsaw problem. There are a number of factors that can create this problem. Some of the typical causes that lead to the chain always coming off are:

  • Chain tension could be incorrect.
  • Bars may be damaged or worn out.
  • Sprocket could be damaged or worn out.

Troubleshooting Chain Keeps Coming Off Problem

When you notice that the chain of your Greenworks chainsaw keeps coming off, conduct some checks on the chain assembly. This will give you an idea of what is happening. Some of the remedies to this problem are:

  • Ensure chain tension is correct; not too tight and not too loose.
  • Fix or replace bar rails and heels.
  • Replace drive sprocket.

5. Low Cutting Time

This refers to a scenario where battery charge dissipates too quickly. This is a problem that will limit your ability to do much work since you will have to recharge the battery. When your Greenworks chainsaw is delivering low cutting time per charge, the problem could be stemming from:

  • Chain is overly tensioned.
  • Chain is dull or worn out.
  • Low oil level.
  • Cutting approach is wrong.
  • Battery may be faulty or worn out.
  • Dirt build-up in or on core components.

Troubleshooting Low Cutting Time Problem

There are a number of things that can lead to low cutting time per charge. That is why you must thoroughly inspect your Greenworks chainsaw to ascertain the root cause. Some of the probable remedies you can use are:

  • Adjust chain tension accordingly.
  • Sharpen or replace chain.
  • Ensure there is always enough oil.
  • Use the right cutting technique.
  • Replace battery.
  • Get rid of dirt or debris build-up.

How To Avoid Greenworks Chainsaw Problems

Before you start using your Greenworks chainsaw anytime, inspect it. This will help you to quickly identify areas that need attention early. After every use, inspect your Greenworks chainsaw again. After every use you must also clean your Greenworks chainsaw. This is to get rid of dirt or debris that may build up and create problems. Learn and use the right cutting techniques when using your Greenworks chainsaw. Develop a habit of periodically taking breaks when using a Greenworks chainsaw. This will allow it time to rest also. Combining all these practices will avoid Greenworks chainsaw problems.

How Long Does An Electric Greenworks Chainsaw Battery Last?

This will depend on the size of the chainsaw. It will also depend on where you typically use it. The average runtime you can get spans between 20 and 30 minutes. This is provided you will be using the chainsaw intermittently.

What Happens If I Operate An Electric Chainsaw Without Bar Oil?

The result is that heat will build up on the chain and it will break. The damage can be so extensive that you may have to replace the chain and or bar. That is why you must ensure there is the right and adequate oil before use.


Greenworks chainsaws are good and get the job done. There is wide range and they are mostly affordable. Do not hesitate to consider purchasing a Greenworks chainsaw. The common Greenworks chainsaw problems are fairly easy to deal with.