Centurion RDO Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

Let us talk about roll-up garage door openers. One of such is the Centurion RDO. In this article we shall be discussing this popular product. Our central attention is on Centurion RDO problems. This will lay a foundation for you to know what problems to avoid or look out for.

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What Is The Centurion RDO?

The Centurion RDO is a domestic roll-up garage door opener. It has a high torque 24V DC motor. It comes with a battery backup component. The Centurion RDO can be used for wide ranging roll-up garage doors. It also has a quiet operation and delivers robust lifting ability. Be that as it may, the Centurion RDO does have some problems that we need to discuss.

Centurion RDO Problems

Centurion RDO problems are often not that sophisticated. More often than not you will be able to diagnose and rectify them. What is important is to have an appreciation of the common Centurion RDO problems. Here are some of them:

1. Door Only Operates From Drive Unit

Typically you want to be able to open your roll-up garage remotely. That is why the Centurion RDO has the hand transmitter. You may come across a problem of the hand transmitter not working. This would necessitate you having to manually go to the drive unit. This problem can be caused by:

  • Transmitter could be faulty or damaged.
  • Transmitter may not have been synched to the receiver.
  • Receiver antenna may be damaged or wire may not be straight.
  • Battery may be out of power.

Troubleshooting Door Only Operating From Drive Unit

This problem is mostly a function of transmitter and receiver dynamics. You must successively inspect with the aim of ruling out possible issues. You will have to explore the following solutions:

  • Use a different transmitter.
  • Fix the transmitter where needs be.
  • Ensure transmitter code is programmed into the receiver.
  • Straighten receiver antenna, fix, or replace.
  • Replace the battery.

2. Auto Close Feature Malfunctioning

You may encounter scenarios where the Centurion RDO’s auto close feature acts up. At times it may work erratically or it may not work at all. If auto close is not properly functioning, the possible causes could be:

  • Beam may be faulty.
  • Wiring in the beam may be damaged.
  • Beam could be obstructed.
  • Auto close time may not be set.

Troubleshooting Auto Close Feature Malfunctioning Problem

The problem is mostly due to some issues with the beam. After inspecting it you will have a better idea of what the cause is. You can then resolve the problem by:

  • Fixing the beam.
  • Fixing or replacing the wiring in the beam.
  • Getting rid of any obstruction in the pathway of the beam.

3. Garage Door Moves Erratically

This is a common Centurion RDO problem. The door may not move as should be or as you want it. For instance, door may not operate. In some cases it may move downwards and then reverses upwards. The door may not fully close. It may also not fully open. On hitting an object, the door may not reverse. Possible causes of these aspects are:

  • Power may be off.
  • Door could be obstructed.
  • Safety obstruction force settings may be inaccurate.
  • Door springs’ tension may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Moving Erratically

Again you must successively inspect different elements till you ascertain the root cause. The possible causes can be varied and interrelated too. The solutions you can explore are:

  • Ensure the power is on.
  • Ensure the door is not obstructed in any way.
  • Readjust the safety obstruction force settings since they may be too high or low.
  • Adjust door springs tension or replace them.

4. Opener Is Working But Door Is Not Moving

This is yet another fairly common Centurion RDO problem. There are times when the door will not open specifically because the opener is not working. However, it often occurs that the opener will be working. It will even make a sound as should be, without the door moving. This could be caused by:

  • Door may be in manual mode.
  • Drive mechanism could be faulty or damaged somehow.
  • Opener itself could be faulty.

Troubleshooting Opener Working But Door Not Moving

This is a Centurion RDO problem that mostly boils down to the two things. These are the drive mechanism or the opener itself. Just because the opener makes a sound may not necessarily mean it is working properly. Thus possible solutions to this problem are:

  • Ensure the opener is not faulty in any way.
  • Ensure the door is in automatic mode.
  • Inspect the drive mechanism and fix or replace components where needs be.

5. Door Keeps Opening Itself

This can be an inconveniencing Centurion RDO problem. The door can just open itself without any prompt. Here are the common causes:

  • Radio frequency interferences.
  • Transmitter could be faulty.
  • Someone’s transmitter could be coded to your door.
  • Interference from other equipment e.g. construction machinery or baby monitors.

Troubleshooting Door Opening Itself Problem

You will have to investigate the actual cause(s). This will entail looking around for and sorting out the following:

  • Possible sources of radio frequency or other forms of interference.
  • Fixing or replacing the transmitter.
  • Ensure no other transmitter is coded to your door.

How To Avoid Centurion RDO Problems

Centurion RDO problems are avoided by mostly being observant. Some of them are not even problems per se. As in, you should ensure you are operating everything rightly. Regular maintenance and servicing are also vital to keep things working properly.

How Far From The Door Should I Be For The Hand Transmitter To Work?

Generally you should be 20 meters or less away from the door. The door should also be in full view. Regardless, you should bear in mind that some things can come in the way. For example, things like battery strength and radio frequency interferences.

Is The Centurion RDO Good?

Yes, it is. It comes with a number of smart features that give smooth operation. For instance, it has ultra-secure code-hopping remote control and anti-crushing sensitivity. Not forgetting strong lift, battery backup and quiet operation.


To get the best out of your Centurion RDO you must acquaint yourself with the user manual. This will help you to avoid some unnecessary inconveniences. Otherwise the Centurion RDO problems we discussed are largely easy to detect and fix.