Chamberlain Garage Door Sensor Bypass

Chamberlain garage doors are very common nowadays due to their automation capabilities. They are smart to use and need only remote control in their automatic mode. This makes opening and closing very efficient and effortless. There are times when the chamberlain doors may not function properly due to malfunctioning of sensors, this may prompt someone to want to bypass the door sensors. While it may be a temporary solution to the problem, repairs and proper maintenance are key in ensuring the performance of these sensors is maintained at optimum levels.

Chamberlain garage doors are usually provided with manuals to help in diagnosis of the garage door problem including the sensors. It is important for the owner to read and have an understanding of the door system and different mechanisms that forms the door system. There are basically three ways of bypassing the chamberlain garage door sensors.

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Why Bypassing Door Sensor?

There is only one reason why a sensor will need to be bypassed. Chamberlain garage door sensors may need to be bypassed due to malfunctioning of the sensors. When sensors have fault, they will either not sent the signal to the controller or sent a wrong signal and as a result the door will not open or close with remote command. In some cases, the door will either open halfway or close against its normal operation. Bypassing them will provide a temporary quick solution while waiting for repairs. The purpose of these sensors is to provide safety by ensuring that the door does not close when an object is on its way to avoid crushing hazards. Malfunction sensors may detect an object even when there is nothing and therefore stops the door from functioning normally.

Manual Mode

This is the simplest way of bypassing your chamberlain garage door sensor. What you just need to do is to switch your door to manual operation mode and start using your rope to close and open your door. The only thing required is your effort since all electronics are deactivated.This may not be the efficient way of operating your door but it will allow you to keep using the door until you get the faulty sensor attended to. To switch to manual mode, you may need to refer to the instruction manual provided by your supplier or consult a technician to assist in that.

Pressing Garage Door Button

This is the second method of bypassing the chamberlain garage door sensor. You simply go to the garage door button and press and hold it until the door closes. The sensors are programmed not to work when the button is activated by pressing and holding. You also need to read your manual for detailed instruction as this is just a guideline. By doing this your sensors are bypassed and you can operate your door. It is important to mention that all these methods are not advisable as there are chances that something or someone may get in the way of the door and get injured. With sensors functional and present, all these risks are eliminated.

Bring Sensors Close

Another method of bypassing the chamberlain door sensors is to bring the sensors close together. This involves rewiring of the sensors and make them face each other leaving few centimeters between each other so that nothing can come in between them. You may also need to mount them at a position where nothing can come in between them so that they will not detect anything. This way the door will operate automatically using remote command but the safety feature will not operate. It is not advisable to do this as there are other ways of resolving faulty sensors.

What Else Can I DO?

Bypassing chamberlain garage door sensors is not recommended for safety reasons. The best recommended practice is to solve the problem with your sensors and get them to work properly. If the sensors are dead, replacement will do fine and solve the problem. You may need to consult your local dealer or experienced technician to assist you in troubleshooting. Below are some of the troubleshooting guides for your sensors.

Check Sensor Misalignment

This is one of the causes of sensor malfunction and door operation failure. Check your sensors for misalignment and realign them. You just need to loosen the receiving sensor clamp nut and align with emitter sensor and tighten again. Refer to your manual for your sensor alignment. Your chamberlain garage door should operate normally after this adjustment.

Check Sensor Wiring

Instead of bypassing your chamberlain garage door sensor, you may need to troubleshoot your sensor wiring. This is also a potential source of problem for your garage door sensor. You need to trace all the wiring to your sensors and make sure there are no broken cables or loose connections. Broken cables should be replaced or properly joined and connected back to the sensor. You may need an electrical or electronic technician to assist you to do this properly.

Additionally you may need to replace the whole sensors. Sensors with time fail due to wear and tear and they will need to be replaced. Replacing sensors is straight forward and simple. All you need is proper tools for loosening the sensors from their mounting positions and the wiring as well. After that follow the wiring circuit diagram as provided in the manual to wire new sensors to your control. Sensors also need to be periodically inspected and cleaned. Dirt and debris around sensor receiving and emitting elements may cause problems and result in poor sensor performance. The door should operate normally after effecting these changes otherwise the sensor is not the problem.


Bypassing of chamberlain garage door sensor is not recommended. When used it should be treated as an emergency temporary solution while measures are taken to solve any underlying problem. This helps to keep your door safe. Always do proper troubleshooting as there may be other mechanical related problems that may affect the operation of your chamberlain garage door besides the sensors.