Creative Ways To Not Lose Remote

Losing your remote can be very frustrating and annoying but luckily we have come up with creative ways that you can use in order to keep your remote. Checkout the article below in order to get a better understanding of what you should do.

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Creative Ways To Not Lose Remote

1. Buy A Remote Control Holder

One of the most creative ways to avoid losing a remote is to purchase a remote control holder. This enables you to store your remote there after every use. A remote control holder can be mounted onto the wall or furniture so every time you finish using it you can always put it there. Alternatively you can have your remote control holder mounted onto the armrest of your recliner, this way you can have access to it all day long without having to move.

2. Purchase Remote With A Wrist Strap

Another creative way to not lose a remote is to purchase one that has a wrist strap. This way you can keep your remote in your wrist without having to worry about losing it. Having a remote that has wrist strap is advantageous in that it can never get lost in the couch or cushions. Furthermore, it’s very rare for remote controls with wrist straps to fall onto the ground considering they will be tightly secured onto the wrist.

3. Find A Designated Place For Remote

If you want to avoid losing your remote its best that you find a designated place for your remote control so that once you finish using it, you can always put it there. This can be a countertop, a table or on the wrist of your couch. This minimizes the chances of having to constantly misplace your remote.

4. Create A Remote Finder Station

If you have several remotes in your house and you always get confused on which one is supposed to work for what device, you have to create a remote finder station. This can be a cardboard box where you keep all your remotes. You can even label the remotes so that when you are picking a remote you can see which device it is for. You can also use remote holders to create a remote finder station but you will have to mount the remote holders onto the wall so that it’s easier to locate the remotes.

5. Use A Caddy

Another great way to avoid losing a remote control is to always put it in a caddy. The caddy will help to store your remote and it can also be purchased online. A caddy can accommodate several remotes so you can place all your remotes in there.

6. Use Wireless Locating Technology

If you are constantly losing your remote, it might be wise for you to start using different types of wireless locating devices. These can be attached to the remote and every time you are looking for it, you can always use your phone or another device to find it.

7. Paint Remote Control

Most remotes come in dull colors like black and because of that locating them can be a very tough job. In order to deal with this you can always paint the back of your remote in a bright color like yellow, pink or orange. This way you will be able to spot your remote from a distance.

8. Tie Remote To Couch

Another creative way to avoid losing remote is to tie it to the couch. This might seem like an extreme measure but it actually helps to keep the remote in one place and you just need to train yourself that after using the remote, you should tie it back on to the couch. You can use twine or yarn to tie the remote to the couch.

How Do You Not Lose Your Fire Stick Remote?

The best way to avoid losing your fire stick remote is to purchase a remote control holder which you can either mount to the wall or put on the wrist of your couch. This way you can always place it there after using it. If you have a hard time putting things in their designated places, its wise that you purchase or create a wrist strap for your fire stick remote. This way you can keep it in your wrist until you are finished using it. If you do lose your fire stick you can always use the app known as remote plus that comes together with the remote. Pressing the app will cause the remote to beep making it easier for you to find it.

How Do I Keep Track Of Small Remotes?

If you have small remotes, it’s recommended that you find a designated place for them. This might mean placing remote holders on your wall so that you can easily place the small remotes there. You can also keep track of small remotes by placing them in a box or cupboard. This makes it easier for you to locate them. Avoid placing small remotes anywhere in the house as they can easily get misplaced by kids.

How Do I Store Multiple Remotes?

The best way to store multiple remotes is to purchase a caddy. This way you can put all your remotes in one place where you can easily locate them. If you are unable to purchase a caddy you can always make a DIY caddy using a cardboard box or an empty jewellery box.

Where Can I Hide Remote Controls?

The best place to hide remote controls in in a cupboard on a top shelf. This way the kids will not be able to reach it. If the cupboard seems like an obvious place where the kids will look you should consider placing it in a conspicuous place where you know that you are the only person who would look there.


There are a number of creative ways that you can use to avoid losing your remote. It’s important to remember that a remote can be fragile therefore, you need to always handle it with care.