Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces For 2020

Electric fireplaces are a necessity for most households. This is more so with the harsh winters that are commonplace these days. Traditionally, people are accustomed to real fireplaces. These are ones that use wood, charcoal, natural gas and so on. There is however, a better alternative which is electric fireplaces. This article will help you select the best electric fireplace for your home or office.

When it comes to electric fireplaces, there are several suppliers on Amazon. It becomes challenging to select the best electric fireplace for your home, especially when you have no experience. We have solved this problem for you. Go through this electric fireplace buying guide, and select the best electric fireplace that suits your requirements and preferences. After reading this guide, you will know the best home electric fireplace, and the cheapest budget electric fireplaces.

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Best Electric Fireplaces Comparison Chart

Best Electric FireplaceBest Freestanding Electric FireplaceBest TV Stand Electric FireplaceBest Budget Electric Fireplace
Best Electric FireplaceBest Electric FireplaceBest Electric FireplaceBest Electric Fireplace
Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Electric Fireplace Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console 20″H Electric Fireplace Heater
Best Electric FireplacesBest Electric FireplacesBest Electric FireplacesBest Electric Fireplaces
Best Electric FireplacesBest Electric FireplaceBest Electric Fireplace
PuraFlame 30 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Touchstone 80001 – Onyx Electric Fireplace MagikFlame HoloFlame Holographic Electric Fireplace
Good Electric FireplaceGood Electric FireplaceGood Electric Fireplace
3GPlus 40 Inches Electric Fireplace Regal Flame Fusion Electric FireplaceLandscape FullView Series Electric Fireplace Size

Reviews of The Best Electric Fireplaces

1. Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Electric Fireplace


This is a 50 inch wide electric fireplace, in wall recessed and has 5 flame settings. It is specially designed for in-wall installation – instructions are usually provided to make the process DIY. There are 2 heat settings and a realistic flame that actually has 3 colour changing options. There are several modes you can switch in between. It is advised that it must be installed at least 12 inches below the ceiling. It weighs 59 pounds and requires no batteries.


We give this electric fireplace a rating of 4.8 out of 5. It is a high performer across the whole spectrum of electric fireplace features. It is easy to use, easy to setup and there is remote control. Heat output is quite good plus noise level is not disturbingly high. This is the best electric fireplace insert for your home.

  • Comes with the crystals and logs
  • Great remote control
  • Various settings to choose from
  • Easy to Install
  • Very bright and realistic flame
  • The flames only reaches half way to the top

2. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace


This electric fireplace has a remote control and is a portable indoor space heater. It is a 5200 BTU heater which can easily heat up a space that is 1000 square feet big. There are 5 different settings for speed, colour and brightness. The 3D flame produced looks so realistic. The infrared quartz helps keep the air sufficiently humid i.e. it does not make the room air dry. There is automatic shutoff in case overheating occurs. The thermostat is both digital and adjustable. It weighs 28.6 pounds and no assembly at all is needed.


This electric fireplace gets a 4.5 out of 5 rating from us. This is one of the best freestanding electric fireplace on the market. It is easy to use – like earlier on mentioned, there is no assembly required. It is robust, produces good heat and has excellent remote control (e.g. for temperature). It is the best portable electric fireplace for your home or office.

  • Lightweight thus it is easy to move around
  • Safe for kids (it is cool to the touch)
  • Remote controllable
  • Digital controls can be seen from a distance
  • Tends to be noisy (because of the fan)

3. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console


This electric fireplace also serves as a TV console and can accommodate TV sets as big as up to 50 inches. It measures 15.8 by 47.2 by 31.7 inches in sizes – it also has 6 shelves. It can be operated by simply plugging in to a standard wall outlet. It has built-in reflectors that produce realistic flame effects that use LED lights which can last as long as 50000 hours. The tech behind this is actually patented. Rooms of up to 400 square metres in size can be properly warmed up. It weighs 1 pound, requires no assembly and requires no batteries.


We give this electric fireplace a rating of 4.3 out of 5. It is the best home TV Stand electric fireplace. It is reasonably priced and there is no assembly needed as we already pointed out. The inclusion of shelves and the allowance to place a TV set makes this electric fireplace serve as an entertainment centre. This makes it very pleasing to look at also. It’s among the best electric fireplace heater.

  • Aesthetic
  • Produces good heat
  • Compact design
  • Acts as a TV Stand
  • No remote control

4. PuraFlame 30 Inches Western Electric Fireplace


This is an insert type of electric fireplace which has a fire crackling sound and remote control. Its width is 31.89 inches, height is 24.61 inches and its depth is 8.78 inches. It has 3 flame settings and has a life-like resin log – this makes the electric fireplace look like a real one. The thermostat is adjustable and a room of up to 400 square feet can be warmed up. It weighs 39.7 pound and requires no batteries.


We have decided to give this a rating of 4.7 out of 5. It is very easy to set up, brightness is great, there is remote control, it is robust and the heat produced does the job. It’s one of the best home electric fireplace inserts for 2020. This is also one of the most realistic electric fireplace.

  • Realistic look
  • Cool to the touch thus making it safe
  • Easy to install
  • The ambience is great
  • Good noise level
  • Somewhat pricey

5. Touchstone 80001 – Onyx Electric Fireplace


This electric fireplace is 50 inches wide and is for on-wall hanging. It comes with log and crystals, it has 5 flame settings and its flame looks realistic. It also has a timer and a remote. It measures 50.4 by 21.65 by 5.5 inches in size and weighs 46 pounds. It has 2 heat settings i.e. high and low. The log set looks very realistic. There is timer which allows for auto-shutoff – this can be set to between 30 minutes and 7.5 hours. It cool to the touch so it is quite safe for environments where kids are present; it also does not contain mercury. This one is suitable for a room that is about 400 square metres. As for flame brightness there are 5 different settings. There is a dual mode feature i.e. operating it with or without heat.


We are giving this one a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The brightness of the LED-generated realistically looking flame is very good. It is easy to both assemble and use. Heat generated is good and it has a remote control functionality. It’s a very good electric fireplace for your home.

  • Sleek and modern-looking design
  • Has remote control
  • Several settings to choose from
  • Timer and auto shutoff feature is unique and great
  • No thermostat (works on either high or low heat)

6. 20″H Electric Fireplace Heater


This one is a portable standalone (or free-standing) electric fireplace. It has a stove space, a thermostat and realistic flame logs. Overall, it has a vintage-looking design. It measures 17 by 10 by 20 inches weighs 42.6 pounds. The noise level of this electric fireplace is just 37 decibels – that is very low. It has a dual mode and the thermostat is adjustable.


We rate this electric fireplace 4.2 out of 5. This is one of the best freestanding electric fireplace. The standout attribute of this electric fireplace is its price tag. It is very affordable and that makes it a great buy. The aspects of compactness, lightweight and presence of a thermostat, amongst others, make it a comprehensive option. It is the best budget electric fireplace for your home or office.

  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Very quiet when in operation
  • Safe – hot air blows out from the mouth at the bottom
  • Adjustable temperature
  • A budget electric fireplace – very cheap
  • Too small

7. MagikFlame HoloFlame Holographic Electric Fireplace


This is a high tech electric fireplace – it has a touchscreen, sound and Bluetooth. It is arguably the most realistic electric fireplace out there. The tech used employs the use of videos of actual fires to create a realistic appearance. Every 3D flame you choose has a real sounding log crackling sound. There is an app on iPhones that one can use to control this electric fireplace using their phones. It can warm up a room spanning from about 800 to 1200 square feet. The LED and LCD tech used on this electric fireplace can last as many as 20 years. Aside from being able to control using a phone you can use a back-lit touchscreen on the electric fireplace.


A rating of 4.6 out of 5 is what we are giving for this electric fireplace. This electric fireplace has very unique and techy features that you do not usually find on other types. Installation is somewhat easy and straightforward but it might take time and more than one set of hands. It’s a very good electric fireplace for your home or office. It’s among the best electric fireplace heater.

  • Sophisticated tech
  • Aesthetically satisfying
  • Good heat output
  • Easy controls
  • Very expensive

8. 3GPlus 40 Inches Electric Fireplace


This is yet another wall recessed electric fireplace heater. Not only is it wall recessed but it can also be wall mounted. It comes with crystal stones, has 3 flame effects whose colours are different (i.e. red, blue and red-blue) and also has remote control. The flame effect can function whether there is heat or there is not. Controls include switching on or off, heat, time (timer), colour, temperature and dimmer. It can heat up a room of up to 400 square metres in size.


We have given this electric fireplace a rating of 4.6 out of 5. This is a great electric fireplace which is easy to assemble, has good heat output, and has excellent remote control. The style or design is so elegant and it is worth the price tag.

  • Multiple location suitability i.e. can be used in living rooms, bedrooms or offices
  • Easy installation
  • Has remote control and also manual panel control
  • Very bright flame and realistic look
  • Timer and pre-setting of temperature is convenient
  • No thermostat

9. Regal Flame Fusion Electric Fireplace


This electric fireplace is designed to be recessed into wall mounting. It is 50 inches wide and measures 5.9 inches in depth and 21.4 inches in height. The flame view dimensions are 45 inches wide and 12 inches high whereas the firebox measures 46.9 by 20.17 by 5.87 inches. There are 3 heat settings which are no heat, high and low. There are several dimming options and can heat up a room that is roughly 450 feet big. There is a dual mode which means you can operate it with flames and heat or flames and no heat. The timer function is also include here – auto shutoff options from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.


We are rating this electric fireplace 4.1 out of 5. When it comes to a realistically looking flames then this is a great pick. This electric fireplace has great suitability for hotels, restaurants, offices, homes, condos and even apartments. The fact that it suitable for these various settings makes it a great buy. Ease of installation is one of the most notable attributes of this electric fireplace. It’s the most realistic electric fireplace.

  • Realistic and modern look
  • Easy installation
  • Good heat output
  • Several convenient settings
  • Pricey

10. Landscape FullView Series Electric Fireplace Size


It has a wall tether touch screen and also a remote control. This is a built-in type of electric fireplace. Alternatively, you can hang it up on a wall if you want. One of the unique features of this electric fireplace is the edge to edge flame display – it makes the presentation very alluring. It can actually be placed beneath a TV. Rooms of sizes up to 450 square metres can be effectively heated up. Though it is also possible to even cover square footages of up to 950 square feet (that is dependent on something though – we will highlight it later on). It measures 11.5 by 137.2 by 22.5 inches in size whilst weighing 123 pounds.


We are rating this 4.0 out of 5. The edge to edge display makes the visual attribute so alluring. This is obviously an electric fireplace to buy if the price tag is not something you look at. It is techy and very sophisticated which is why it is very pricey. However, the features it has are well worth it. The fact that there are two electric elements on either side are most suitable for enhancing the heating effect. No wonder why we mentioned of the 950 feet earlier – it is made possible when the two elements are both turned on.

  • Smooth controls i.e. touch screen and remote control
  • It is cool to the touch – crucial for safety issues
  • Enhanced ambience due to LED lights
  • Good heat output
  • Very pricey

The best budget Electric Fireplace

The best budget cheapest electric fireplace is the 20 Inch H Electric Fireplace Heater. It’s a very cheap and good electric fireplace for your home.

Overall Best Electric Fireplace for 2020

From our list, we have settled for the Touchstone 80001 Onyx Electric Fireplace as the best electric fireplace for 2020. We have reached that conclusion by looking at a number of factors. First of all, the price tag is somewhat midway across the range of prices of electric fireplaces. The fact that it is a designed to be hung on walls makes it ideal for virtually settings – any building has walls. There are various options to choose from regarding the settings – this provides the freedom of choice and controls also. It can be controlled remotely which is very convenient given how manually changing controls can be annoying.

It is a very safe electric fireplace to use which is good for environments that have kids. One, it does not contain mercury which is dangerous to human health. Two, when in operation it is cool to the touch such that even when someone touches its body by mistaken they will not be burnt. There is also the freedom to choose from 5 different settings pertaining to the brightness of the flame. The other great feature of this electric fireplace is the timer. With the time you can set it to automatically shut down after some time. Thus you will not have to worry about the possibility of falling asleep whilst it is on. You can set auto shutoff times that range from half an hour to as many as 7.5 hours. You also have the room to choose to operate it with flame without heat or a flame with heat (i.e. the dual mode). This is a very good electric fireplace to use in your home or office.

Best Electric Fireplace Brands

When it comes to the best electric fireplace brands, the top brands include MagikFlame, Ameriwood , Touchstone, PuraFlame and Duraflame. You are most likely to find an electric fireplace that suits your exact needs from any of these brands.

What Is An Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is an electric heater of sorts. It functions like a fireplace only that it does not use the traditional sources of energy such as charcoal, wood, and the like. An electric fireplace typically has a coil that heats cool air that would have been sucked in by the electric fireplace. It then ejects the heated air back into the atmosphere thus making the room warm. An electric fireplace is designed in such a way that it actually produces an illusionary flame. This can be done through pictures or smartly designed logs. Some of the designed are made in such a way that there will be a crackling sound – that one normally produced by actual flames.

Uses Of Electric Fireplace

There is a wide range of uses for electric fireplaces. We will just highlight some of the interesting uses so that you get the idea. Electric fireplaces are primarily used to provide heat. Normally people think of households when they hear about electric fireplaces. However, they are not just for home use they can also be used for office environments. They can be even used for unconventional applications in places like wine cellars, gyms, outdoors and basements just to mention a few. You just have to realize that electric fireplaces can be used in different types of environments – do not be blinkered in your perspective.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Electric Fireplace


Good home electric fireplaces are very efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Above that, there is no loss of generated heat thus ensuring the room gets enough heat. This is because common energy loss process such as venting do not occur with electric fireplaces. There is also no loss through chimneys – essentially electric fireplaces do not even need those.

Earlier we talked about how that home electric fireplaces do not require energy sources such as wood, charcoal, natural gas and so on. This is great for environmental sustainability since there is no emission of harmful fumes such carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Using and keeping an electric fireplace is very low maintenance. Obviously if you compare to using a real fireplace you can see how tasking it is to use one. The cleaning processes required after every use and the labour of having to at times fetch logs – these are some of the labour demands of using a real fireplace.

Real home fireplaces are prone to depreciation from things such as rust or the build-up of soot and the like. This makes the lifespan of real fireplaces much shorter in comparison to electric fireplaces. Good electric fireplaces are generally more robust and last long.

Electric fireplaces come in numerous designs for your choosing. Design types can vary from traditional, to contemporary and even architectural. Types of features and levels of customizability are broad and diverse.

Just by looking at the working mechanism of an electric fireplace you can tell that it is much safer than real fireplaces. There is no emission of harmful fumes and there is no possibility of getting burnt by the flame – a great convenience for scenarios such as having kids around.

It is so easy to set up and start using an electric fireplace. Once it is in place – a process that is very simple and straightforward, you just have to plug it in and you fire away. Real fireplaces can laborious to use mostly – imagine trying to get the flame to be ablaze and steady.

The other advantage regards the automation that comes with most electric fireplaces. This makes it possible to even remote control an electric fireplace. Other features also deal with automatic regulation of temperatures and other related controls.


Electric fireplaces tend to have limitations in terms of how far the heat can go. Typically an electric fireplace can only adequately heat the room in which it is in. Thus an electric fireplace cannot be the central heating mechanism of a whole house.

An electric fireplace normally has to be powered by electricity. That has cost implications for your power bill – it can be costly to power an electric fireplace.

Types Of Electric Fireplaces

There are basically 4 types of electric fireplaces. We will briefly discuss them here.


These are inserted into the pre-existing fireplaces. The unit is just fitted into the space where a real fireplace normally is. Once that is done it can be plugged in and fired away. There are many good electric fireplace inserts on the market.


These can be somewhat similar to wall-mounts that we shall be discussing in a moment. However, some built-in designs might not necessarily involve walls per se. Apartments, which do not usually come with free space can be great fits for using built-in electric fireplaces.


These ones are designed to be hung on walls. Some can be directly fitted onto walls whilst some need or come with the necessary accessories to hang them up. Alternatively, they can be built into walls depending one’s needs. They usually come with LED lighting to accentuate the display.


This type typically has a firebox and a separate mantel. The firebox is usually vent-free and is where the illusionary flame effect will be. This type comes in various designs some of which even have extra space such as storage compartments for appliances such as TV sets. These are also referred to as standalone electric fireplaces.

How To Install An Electric Fireplace

Notice how that we discussed 4 different types of electric fireplaces earlier. This means that installation procedures will differ depending on the type of electric fireplace in question. We will just cover universal guidelines that will apply when you are installing any of those 4 types. The first thing to ensure is to measure accurately – so that it will fit perfectly where you want to place it. In principle, installation guides or manuals are usually provided when you purchase an electric fireplace. There is even an option to get it installed by a professional. When installing inserts make sure that the chimney is closed off during installation to avoid moisture getting onto the electric fireplace. Mantels are much easier to install because they will be standalone. All the other 3 require meticulous considerations of space and measurements. Remember to not block the vents when installing.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Electric Fireplace

Style Or Design

There are different designs and with different features. That will be something to consider in your buying decision. No wonder we talked about designs being either traditional, contemporary or a cross of the two. So when buying a good electric fireplace, you have to consider the style or design which matches your home style.

Intended Spot

Before you even go to look for which type of electric fireplace to buy you must consider where you intend to place it in your home or office. That will have a huge bearing on the type of electric fireplace to get. Remember earlier we talked about designs such as wall mounts and standalones, for instance. That tells you that where you intend to place it is a key consideration.

The Presence Of Key Features

There are certain electric fireplace features that you must look out for when buying one. It is important to get one that has remote control and safety switches (that immediately disengage it where necessary). Having several different settings for the heat and flames (e.g. brightness) is a must-have feature for good electric fireplaces. Does it have a remote control system? You must also consider that. Programmable thermostat that can function automatically must be there. It is also good to get an electric fireplace that produce realistic flame (preferably in 3D).

What Kind Of Electric Fireplace Should I Get

When buying an electric fireplace it is advisable to get one that has a fan and a thermostat. This helps in having control on how heat is generated and propagated in the respective room(s). Thus it would be best to get electric fireplaces with programmable thermostats particularly. It is recommended that for target areas that are around 500 square feet (or less) you need an electric fireplace that coil that works with a fan (forced fan) for the outflow of the heat. For target areas that are roughly 1000 square feet you better get an electric fireplace that is infrared quartz. That tells you that large target areas are best warmed by infrared electric fireplaces. Ceramic electric fireplaces are somewhat similar to forced fan types so they are most suited for small areas.

What Is The Price Of Electric Fireplace

There are different types of home electric fireplaces as we discussed earlier. The prices vary depending on the type of electric fireplace in question. Normally, those ones that are standalone (i.e. mantels) cost from around US$80 to US$500 to purchase. These are those are simply have to be plugged in and your fire away. For standalones that have frames that are incorporated the prices surge to ranges spanning from US$400 to over US$2000. As for inserts, the prices range from just over US$100 to over US$2000. The wall mounts can cost between US$300 and US$2000 to buy.

What Are The Costs Of Operation?

Typically, electric fireplaces consume roughly 1500 watts of electricity. For usage that entails just the flames (but not heat), cost of operation can be at most US$0.03 every hour. This means that when you are using the flames plus the heat the cost of operation obviously goes up. Depending on types of electric fireplaces or certain circumstances, an electrician might be needed. The costs of getting a professional do vary according to need and location also, amongst other things.

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