Types of fireplaces

Having a fireplace installed in your home is one of the best things you can do in this modern age. After all fireplaces make for great focal points which can create an exciting cosy factor for your home.They do so much more than merely heat up a room as they go a long way towards changing the feel of the room.

There is a quite a broad range of fireplaces from which you can select the best design but they basically fall into broad categories of either electric, wood, gas, ethanol, or gel burning. These come with their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, with so many options of fireplaces to pick from, deciding on which one could be the right type of fireplace for your home might present a challenge. So, we have taken to the task of compiling list of the various types of fire places from which you can pick your choice.

Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces help create warmth by heating their interior coils with electricity. The usually feature an internal fan which works well for better heat distribution across your entire home. No doubt these are quickly revolutionising the way we see fireplaces and their fuel types.

Electric fireplace type is quite cost effective as it is both affordable, easy and very cheap to install. With the electric fireplace type you can remotely control the heat coming out and this is a great feature which gives you control while seated comfortably. With the remote control unit you can either increase or decrease temperatures as well as turning on or off the entire unit.

In terms of design, electric fireplace comes in a wide range of interesting designs which can be mantel electric fireplace while come as special features on TV stands and entertainment centres. We have a review of the best electric fireplace.

Wood burning fireplaces

Typically made of stone and/or brick this fireplace type is what you would typically think of the moment you start to think of a fireplace. This category features quite a number of fire places which are made different by their efficiency in costs, heat output and installation.

This fireplace type is usually regarded as being of high value because of its design and the cosy atmosphere they help create. However, this type of fireplace can be demanding in terms maintenance and installing it comes at an expense and there are various designs from which you can select the one you think will suite perfectly with your home environment.

Traditional design

This fire place design feature the traditional open hearth which counts for an original fire place we have known over time. This design is typically made of stone/brick and is so authentic that when you get close to the fire place you can feel the heat and even smell the wood burning.

Enclosed fireplaces

As the name suggests, this fireplace is enclosed and features a glass panel which gives an eye-catching sight as the fire burns. With this design, more heat will enter the room rather than escape through the chimney. Because of the glass panel there are minimal chances of children being accidentally burnt by the fire.

Fireplace inserts

This comes as a unit which you can fit into your already existing fireplace. This type of fire place is very effective and efficient in terms of wood fuel consumption and can be the best way of giving a face lift to your open-hearthindoor heating system.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

This is a low-cost fireplace option which is quite easy to install. If you already have a built-in fireplace you need not worry about fitting this fireplace into your built-up area. This fireplace can be installed with little reconstruction to an existing built-in indoor fireplace and chimney.

Gas burning fireplaces, by nature of the fuel type, burn cleanly and produce more heat for a lower coast when compared to the wood version of fire places. Generally, two types of fireplaces can be derived from this category, that is, direct-vented built in fireplaces and the ventless built in fireplace.

The direct-vented built in fireplace

This fireplace will produce a yellow flame which creates an appearance similar to that of a wood burning fireplace. This fireplace is usually vented through a chimney which can either be existing or newly constructed. In the case that there is no existing chimney, a pipe can be used for venting and this usually cause less structural changes in case you might be worried about conserving your current home structure.

Ventless Built in fireplaces

This fireplace produces a blue flame typical of burning gas. Although it usually produces good amounts of heat to heat up a room, there is always a chance that contaminants in the gas tanks or gas pipes will be burnt thus spoiling the air in your home. However, with this fireplace, there is no need for a chimney or vent and this makes them quite easy to setup in your home environment as they require no structural changes.

Ethanol burning fireplace

These always feature a contemporary design which is quite easy to install in most home setups. This fireplace has a burner which can be filled with bioethanol for burning.It is relatively easy to use and is famed for being environmentally friendly. It is virtually odourless and where there is need to adjust temperatures this can be done with ease.

This fireplace, however, requires that you constantly refill your fuel tanks. Although temperatures to this fire place are adjustable chances are that it will possibly not heat up your entire home.

When installing this fireplace, you have 3 installation options, that is, conversion, wall mounting or table top setup.

Fireplace conversion

This will require that you insert the fire place unit into your already existing fireplace area. With this fireplace you have an option to choose before inserting the fireplace unit into the fire place area and options can either be traditional or would rather opt for a more modern appearance which involves renovating your initial fireplace area.

Wall Mounted fireplace

With this option you have the ability to hang your fireplace on the wall. This works well seeing to it that, a typical ethanol fireplace unit will feature designs that makes it agreat piece of artfor your walls. To this effect, mounting this unit on the wall will definitely make it more than just a heating source but a decorative art work as well.

Tabletop Fireplaces

Given that you want something portable to use in different areas of your home, this is your best choice. This fireplace come in different model sizes and are designed for portability.

Gel fireplace

There is also a type of fireplace which burns gel fuel to heat up your home. Although this has its own benefits, gel fireplaces are much less popular. This fireplace is priced because of its ease of use which requires no venting, lines or pipes for extra air.

The gel fireplace burns gel fuel to produce a real flame which not only heats up your home but also aids in creating a cosy environment in your home.

To use this fireplace, you would require cans filled with gel fuel however the gel fuel cans required can be expensive and this could be a huge let down.


From the list above you can appreciate that indeed there is a wide range of options for fire places. It would be useful to consider each choice of fireplace and see if it meets your expectations.