Fanimation Vs Minka Aire Ceiling Fans : Which Is Better?

There are many different types of ceiling fan brands to pick from. Some of the popular ones are Fanimation and Minka Aire. Today we are doing a comparative look at the Fanimation versus the Minka Aire. They are both great ceiling fans to purchase. They even share quite a number of similar attributes. For example, they both have LED bulbs, remote control, and smart features, amongst others. They do however have some differences worth pointing out. For example, the Minka Aire ceiling fan has a DC motor whilst the Fanimation ceiling fan has an AC motor. Let us go in-depth in unpacking how the Fanimation Kwad 44 Ceiling Fan fares against the Minka Aire F845 Ceiling Fan.

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Fanimation Vs Minka Aire: Comparison Table

Fanimation Ceiling Fan Minka Aire Ceiling Fan
Design Ceiling fan Ceiling fan
Power Source Hardwired Corded electric
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 15.05 inches 44 × 44 × 12.35 inches
Room Type Living room or bedroom Living room or bedroom
Airflow 3533 CFM 2852 CFM
Warranty Limited lifetime Limited lifetime
Weight 10 pounds 18.96 pounds
Bulb Type LED LED
Mounting Type Ceiling mount Protruding
Controller Type Remote control Remote control
Wattage 44 watts 16 watts
Voltage 120 volts 120 volts
Number of blades 4 3
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
Fanimation Ceiling Fan
Fanimation Ceiling Fan
Minka Aire Ceiling Fan
Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Vs Minka Aire: Design And Features

The Fanimation ceiling fan features a sleek and modern design. It is an electric ceiling fan design. It has a 3-speed AC motor. There is also a reverse switch for multi-season usage. The Fanimation has a sleep timer feature. It also has light controls. The Fanimation functions using a hardwired electric power source. The design of the Fanimation makes it suited for use in bedrooms or living rooms. Essentially the Fanimation is meant for indoor use. The same applies to the Minka Aire; it is designed for indoor use – bedrooms and living rooms. The Fanimation features 4 blades functional on 3 optional speeds. The Minka Aire has a 3-speed DC motor and has 3 blades. The Minka Aire usually comes with a 6 inch height and a ¾ inch diameter downrod.

Fanimation Vs Minka Aire: Smart Features

The most basic smart feature the Fanimation has is the remote control. The Fanimation can be controlled using a handheld remote. It operates on a 23A battery. The batteries do not usually come included in the package so you have to purchase them separately. The package usually comes with the ceiling fan and the remote control device. The Fanimation ceiling fan is compatible with many smart home devices. However, you may have to purchase needed controls separately.

The Fanimation can also work with a mobile app; this entails a Bluetooth connection. The Minka Aire ceiling fan is Wi-Fi compatible, powered by Bond technology. You can do so using the Bond mobile app – available on both Android and iOS. The Minka Aire is also compatible with a several smart home devices e.g. digital assistants such as Alexa. This makes it possible to operate the Minka Aire using voice activation. The Minka Aire also has additional integration with Control4, SmartThings, ELAN, and Hubitat, amongst others.

Fanimation Vs Minka Aire: Airflow Dynamics

The Fanimation ceiling fan features a 44 inch or 52 inch sweep. When it comes to airflow, the Fanimation delivers 3533 cubic feet per minute. Its airflow efficiency is 80 cubic feet per minute per watt. The Minka Aire features a 44 inch sweep. The Minka Aire’s airflow capacity is 2852 cubic feet per minute. The Minka Aire ceiling fan offers more customization when it comes to airflow. This is because you can choose amongst different optional downrods. They come in several configurations namely, 60 inches, 48 inches, 36 inches, 24 inches, 12 inches, or 3.5 inches. This gives you the flexibility needed for your Minka Aire to be suitable for any size of room.

Pros Of Fanimation Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation ceiling fan is energy star certified which is good for economical energy consumption. The Fanimation has 4 blades which is why it delivers more airflow. This makes it ideal for large rooms. The Fanimation has smart features that streamline its use and operation. This comes from its compatibility with many smart home devices. Plus there is Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app which makes it easy to use. The Fanimation also weighs signification less which reduces or eliminates the possibility of falling off the ceiling. The other good thing about the Fanimation ceiling fan is that it costs less than the Minka Aire. The limited lifetime warranty for the Fanimation is also a great advantage.

Cons Of Fanimation Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation has 4 blades which may not be great for power consumption. Even the wattage of the Fanimation stands at 44 watts, whereas that of the Minka Aire is just 16 watts. This means that the Fanimation ceiling fan consumes way more power which means more costs. The Fanimation is limited when it comes to customization e.g. it does not come with downrods. The Fanimation does have smart features but it does not feature Wi-Fi compatibility. It is also compatible with smart home devices or systems, not as many as that of the Minka Aire ceiling fan. The power source of the Fanimation is hardwired which introduces some inflexibility.

Pros Of Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

The Minka Aire ceiling fan is corded electric which is a flexible feature. The Minka Aire has a much lower wattage meaning it is way more energy efficient. The Minka Aire offers more customization options due to several downrods to pick from. It also produces less noise due to having just 3 blades. The Minka Aire ceiling fan has way more options when it comes to smart features. For example, you can synch the Minka Aire with Alexa to enable voice activated operation. Just like the Fanimation, the Minka Aire has a limited lifetime warranty.

Cons Of Minka Aire Ceiling Fan

The Minka Aire ceiling fan delivers lesser airflow due to having just 3 blades. The lower wattage also means its general performance is lower when compared to the Fanimation ceiling fan. This means the Minka Aire may not be particularly suitable for large rooms. The Minka Aire costs more than the Fanimation which may not be comfortable for price-conscious customers.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Ceiling Fan

There are several factors you must consider before you purchase a ceiling fan. You must factor in the sweep of the ceiling fan in question. Sweep size is the length between two blade tip ends. Power consumption and compatibility is often important when choosing electric-powered gadgets. You may essentially want a ceiling fan with a low wattage to consume less power. However, low wattage also means less performance so it is about striking a balance. Plus the wattage must be something your power supply can handle.

Ceiling fans now come with wide ranging technologies e.g. smart technology. It is good to know what is on offer to see if it suits your needs. You must also check power ratings e.g. BEE. The lower the rating, the more power the ceiling fan will consume. You must consider the airflow dynamics too. The higher airflow capacity is, the better it will perform. In the same vein, a ceiling fan with a higher RPM rating means it performs more. How is the ceiling fan controlled? Some can be controlled by remote control and some even by voice activation. These are all important factors to consider when you want to purchase a ceiling fan.

Fanimation Vs Minka Aire: Our Pick

Choosing between these two can be tricky for some. It will largely depend on what you consider the most important factors. Our best pick of the two is the Minka Aire ceiling fan. This is due to the fact that the Minka Aire is way more energy efficient. Though the Fanimation costs less to buy, the electricity consumption will overshadow that. The Minka Aire does have less airflow capacity but not that seriously low though. The Minka Aire is more durable and more stylish too. The option of downrods for the Minka Aire ceiling fan provides the much needed customization. With downrods the Minka Aire can become suitable for large rooms. The broader options when it comes to smart features are also a plus for the Minka Aire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A 3 Blade Or A 4 Blade Ceiling Fan Better?

This depends on your needs. A 3 blade ceiling fan consumes less power plus it is less noisy. However, it displaces less air thus making it the best for small rooms. A 4 blade ceiling fan is noisier and consumes more power but it delivers more airflow. That is what makes it best suited for large rooms. Generally a ceiling fan with more blades delivers more airflow.

Is Minka Aire A Good Ceiling Fan Brand?

Yes it is. It has diverse models priced differently such that anyone can afford something. A Minka Aire ceiling fan is usually designed with a modern look. Usually the ceiling fan is energy star certified meaning it consumes less energy.

Why Are Ceiling Fans Better Than Air Conditioning (AC)?

Ceiling fans are better than AC due to mainly power consumption. Using a ceiling fan is more energy efficient than using AC. A ceiling fan uses, on average, about 1 percent the power consumed by AC. A ceiling fan circulates natural air in an environment. Thus for as long as the air quality is good, a ceiling fan is actually healthier than AC. This is because an AC draws moisture from the natural air to generate cold air.

Is Fanimation Any Good?

Yes it is. The Fanimation ceiling fan is energy star certified. Thus it is energy efficient. It also has a number of features that make it efficient in operation. An example is smart features such remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and a mobile app. The other great thing about the Fanimation is its limited lifetime warranty.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Ceiling Fans?

The biggest disadvantage of a ceiling fan is noise. Most ceiling fans are designed to be less noisy but they still produce considerable noise. This is inevitable given that the ceiling fan is mounted indoors. It can be annoying and disruptive for most people.


The Fanimation and the Minka Aire are undoubtedly both good ceiling fans. They share many similar features of what makes them great. At the end of the day it is about what matters to you more. If you are solely concerned about airflow capacity above all else, then the Fanimation ceiling fan is your best pick. After all, the Fanimation does cost less to buy than the Minka Aire. If you are sensitive about power consumption then you have to settle for the Minka Aire ceiling fan.

Fanimation Ceiling Fan
Fanimation Ceiling Fan
Minka Aire Ceiling Fan
Minka Aire Ceiling Fan