Argo Xplorer Problems : Fixes & Solutions

Let us take a look at Argo all-terrain (ATV) vehicles. Argo is one of the brands behind some robust ATVs on the market. They are behind the Xplorer series of ATVs. Thus today our focus is Argo Xplorer problems. It is vital that you know them to streamline your user experience.

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What Is The Argo Xplorer?

An Argo Xplorer is any of the various ATVs offerings from Argo. An Argo Xplorer is typically equipped with a 4-stroke engine. The engine is usually liquid cooled. The Argo Xplorer also features electronic fuel injection. It is also designed for tough terrains. There are so many upsides we can discuss but our focus here is common Argo Xplorer problems.

Argo Xplorer Problems

The Argo Xplorer series comprises several good ATVs. An Argo Xplorer is a perfect fit if you are on the market for a robust ATV. Good as that may be you still should be cognizant of the common Argo Xplorer problems. Here are some of them:

1. Engine Is Not Starting

It is a common occurrence for your Argo Xplorer to not start. When the engine fails to start there are a number of possible causes to consider. Some of the common reasons why the Argo Xplorer engine fails to start are:

  • Fuel may be low, stale, incorrect, or contaminated.
  • Filters i.e. fuel and air filters could be clogged.
  • Carburetor may be faulty, dirty, or worn out.
  • Spark plugs may be faulty or worn out.
  • Low compression.

Troubleshooting Engine Is Not Starting Problem

If the engine of your Argo Xplorer is not starting, do some checks. Often times it is due to issues with the fuel system. Narrow down the possible causes of the problem and try out the following remedies:

  • Top up or replace fuel.
  • Clean or replace filters.
  • Fix, clean, or replace carburetor.
  • Fix or replace spark plugs.
  • Ensure adequate compression.

2. Not Moving Or Not Turning

This is also a common Argo Xplorer problem. There are variations to how the problem presents itself. Sometimes your Argo Xplorer may not move, either forward or reverse. Sometimes the problem may be in failing to make turns. Probable causes of this problem stems from:

  • Transmission may be faulty.
  • Drive belt could be faulty or worn out.
  • Clutch may be faulty or worn out.
  • Brakes could be faulty.
  • Idler chain may be damaged or worn out.
  • Idler sprocket could be damaged or worn out.

Troubleshooting Not Moving Or Not Turning Problem

Take time to inspect your Argo Xplorer when this problem occurs. The possible may be several and even intertwined. Once you have figured out the probable cause you can try out the following solutions:

  • Get transmission system serviced or overhauled.
  • Fix or replace drive belt.
  • Fix or replace clutch.
  • Fix or replace brakes.
  • Fix or replace idler chain and or sprocket.

3. Abnormal Vibration

When your Argo Xplorer is running, some vibration is normal. However, there may be times when you notice that vibration is too severe. When your Argo Xplorer is abnormally vibrating, the possible causes are:

  • Drive belt could be worn out or faulty.
  • Either or both wheels may be out of alignment.
  • Engine mounting may be loose.
  • Clutches could be damaged.
  • Axles may be bent.
  • Loose fittings inside the engine.

Troubleshooting Abnormal Vibration

When abnormal vibration is at play you must inspect your Argo Xplorer. Conduct inspection both when it is running and when at rest. This will help you narrow down the possible causes. Probable remedies to this problem are:

  • Fix or replace drive belt.
  • Readjust wheel alignment.
  • Ensure engine is firmly in place.
  • Replace clutches.
  • Realign axles.
  • Get engine serviced ensuring all fittings are firmly in place.

4. Brakes Malfunctioning

When using an Argo Xplorer it may occur that brakes may malfunction. At times you may notice that the brakes seem to not decelerate and bring the ATV to a stop. Sometimes the brakes may not disengage. Possible causes of brakes malfunctioning are:

  • Brake calipers could be loose or worn out.
  • Brake pads could be loose.
  • Brake pad surfaces could be dirty or overheating.
  • Brake pads could be running low on liner thickness

Troubleshooting Brake Malfunctioning Problem

When the brakes of your Argo Xplorer are malfunctioning conduct immediate checks. This problem can prove fatal to human life if trivialized. Some of the remedies to explore are:

  • Fix or replace brake calipers.
  • Fix or replace brake pads.
  • Clean brake pads where need be.

5. Engine Overheating

It is not surprising to find your Argo Xplorer overheating. This is a fairly common Argo Xplorer problem. It is relatively easy to detect and fix the problem. The common causes of this problem are:

  • Dirty or clogged radiator.
  • Faulty or worn out thermostat.
  • Low or leaking coolant.
  • Coolant may be stale or contaminated.
  • Radiator could be faulty or worn out.
  • Water pump may be faulty.
  • Air pockets in the cooling system.
  • Head gasket could be damaged.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheating Problem

There are many possible causes of your Argo Xplorer overheating. This in some way makes it easier to diagnose the problem. The issue often stems from the cooling system. The possible solutions to this problem are:

  • Fix, clean, or replace radiator.
  • Fix or replace thermostat.
  • Top up or replace coolant ensuring no leakages.
  • Fix or replace water pump.
  • Flush cooling system to get rid of air pockets.
  • Fix or replace head gasket.

How To Avoid Argo Xplorer Problems

Getting your Argo Xplorer regularly serviced is pertinent. Before and after every use you must do maintenance checks on your Argo Xplorer. After every use always clean your Argo Xplorer. Use your Argo Xplorer within the confines of what is recommended. These practices will avoid Argo Xplorer problems.

How Do I Know My Argo Xplorer Is Overheating?

You can notice signs such as loss of power, fluid dripping, abnormally high body temperature, excessive smoking, strong sweet smell, and ticking engine noises.

What Fuel Does Argos Use?

They typically use your regular unleaded gasoline.


As long as you use your Argo Xplorer responsibly, problems will be limited to none. That is why the common Argo Xplorer problems should not faze you. The Argo Xplorer is a good investment.