2005 Honda Rincon 650 Problems : 5 Common Issues And Solutions

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 was Honda ‘s approach to small and powerful ATVs. The ATV is packed with lots of power and is also versatile, hence the utility vehicle of choice for most customers looking to take touring adventures. Thanks to its off-road capabilities, the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV can be taken out in to the wild, allowing the owner to cover a wide plot of land within a short space of time. The ATV is however not perfect and can develop problems that can hinder its performance. These will be discussed in this article.

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What Is The 2005 Honda Rincon 650?

The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 is an ATV utility offering from the manufacturer Honda. The ATV comes in models such as the 2005 Honda TRX650FA5 Four Trax Rincon that uses a 649cc singe cylinder 4 stroke OHV liquid cooled engine. The utility ATV also comes with an Automatic 3-speed transmission for smoother and more efficient control of the ATV. The ATV is also provided in the 2WD and the 4WD options.

2005 Honda Rincon 650 Problems

NB: The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 is usually sold in good working condition and without any defects. Any problems that may arise, including those highlighted below are usually caused by wear and tear developing on the ATV while it is being used.

1. Starter Motor Not Operating

The starter motor is used to start the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 engine. It can however fail to operate, and this is normally caused by,

  • The ignition switch being off, or the engine stop switch being off.
  • The transmission not in the neutral position. The starter motor may also be faulty.
  • A blown fuse or the battery leads being loose.

Troubleshooting Starter Motor Problems

When the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 starter motor fails to operate, the following can be done to try and address the issue,

  • Turning the ignition switch to on and the engine stop switch to run.
  • Shifting the transmission to the neutral position when starting. The starer motor should be replaced when faulty.
  • Replacing the blown fuse with a newer one of the same rating. One should also ensure to tighten the battery leads and charge the battery to ensure it has enough charge to start and run the ATV. It is also a good idea to visit a trusted dealer for further assistance.

2. Engine No Starting

The engine is a very crucial component of the 2005 Honda Rincon 650, it can however fail to start besides the starter motor working. Reasons for the engine failing to start can include,

  • An empty fuel tank or a flooded engine.
  • A loose or unconnected spark plug cap.
  • Loose battery cables or a weak battery.

Troubleshooting Engine Failure To Start

To address the problem of the engine failing to start, the following can be done,

  • Refilling the fuel tank. If the engine is flooded with fuel, visit a trusted dealer or use the owner’s manual when solving the problem.
  • Installing the spark plug cap securely. If this fails, visit a trusted dealer for further assistance.
  • Tightening the battery terminal bolts and charging the battery to restore its charge. If these methods fail to work, visit a trusted dealer for further assistance.

3. Engine Running Poorly

One of the biggest problems on may encounter while using the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV is that the engine is running poorly or not producing the desired amount of power. This problem may be caused by,

  • The engine idling too fast.
  • Poor engine performance at altitudes above 3,000 feet.
  • Blubbers due to rich fuel mixture.

Troubleshooting Engine Running Problem

When the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV engine starts behaving in an odd manner when running, the following can be done to try and solve the problem,

  • Checking the engine idle adjustment and setting it by turning the throttle top screw. Ensure the idle speed in neutral is 1,400 100 rpm.
  • Asking a Honda Dealer to modify the carburetion with a high-altitude jet.
  • Seeking assistance from a trusted dealer to get the problem addressed.

4.  High Oil/Coolant Temperature

When driving the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV, one when notice that the oil/coolant high temperature indicator light is on signifying that there is a problem. Such a problem is normally caused by,

  • A restriction of air flow to the radiator or damaged radiator fan.
  • Extended idling or extended operation under adverse conditions.
  • Oil/coolant leak or low oil/coolant level.

Troubleshooting High Oil/Coolant Temperature Problem

When one notices that the high oil/coolant temperature indicator light is on. One needs to stop the ATV and do the following to solve the problem,

  • Checking for any restrictions caused by objects such as mud caked on the radiator. If present, the restriction needs to be removed. Also inspect and repair or replace the fan unit when defective. If this fails to work visit a trusted dealer for further assistance.
  • Ensure the engine is not running in idling for extended periods of time and avoid running the ATV in adverse conditions.
  • Checking for oil or coolant leaks that may need to be attended to by a trained professional. Also ensure the oil and coolant levels are always filled to the correct level and with the correct grade of oil and coolant.

5. Faulty Brakes

The brakes of the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV are a very critical component of the ATV as they allow one to maintain control of the ATV. The ATV uses hydraulic drum bakes at the front and a single hydraulic/mechanical disc brake at the rear. The brakes however may develop faults leading to difficulties when controlling the ATV. Problems with the brakes may be caused by,

  • Braking fluid leakages.
  • Low brake fluid level or air in the braking system.
  • Wear on the front brake shoes and the rear brake pads.

Troubleshooting Faulty Brakes

To solve problems relating to the brakes, the following can be done,

  • Inspecting the entire braking system to ensure there are no leaks, if present, these need to be fixed.
  • Always ensure the brake fluid level is always within the recommended limits, it is recommended to use the Honda DOT 4 Brake Fluid in the ATV or any other that is similar in quality and performance. Also ensure to visit a trusted Honda dealer to get any air in the braking system bled out or removed.
  • Replacing worn brake shoes and brake pads.

How To Avoid 2005 Honda Rincon 650 Problems?

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV utility vehicle is to regularize with the ATV’s operator manual and only using the utility vehicle as stipulated in the manual. Following the stipulated maintenance schedule of the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 ATV is highly recommended if one wishes to preserve the ATV in its proper working condition.

What Size Engine Is In a 2005 Honda Rincon?

The 2005 Honda Rincon uses a liquid-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder 649cc OHV engine. This provides tremendous torque and dependable power.

How Much Oil Does a 2005 Honda Rincon Take?

The 2005 Honda Rincon takes 3 Quarts of Honda GN4 10W-40 4-stroke Motorcycle oil.


In conclusion, the 2005 Honda Rincon 650 is a powerful and remarkable ATV offering that is very versatile and allows its user to tackle off-road adventures. The 2005 Honda Rincon 650 is very reliable and robust hence the ATV of choice for most customers. It is however not perfect and can develop problems, hence regular maintenance and proper care of the ATV will ensure it delivers unparalleled performance and lasts a very long time.