CFMOTO 650MT Problems : 5 Known Issues (Solved)

CFMOTO makes some of the motorcycles you can find on the market. They have several models one of which is the CFMOTO 650MT. We shall be discussing some of the common CFMOTO 650MT problems. We will include remedies as well.

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What Is The CFMOTO 650MT?

The CFMOTO 650MT is a motorcycle. The CFMOTO 650MT has a 2 cylinder inline, 4 stroke and liquid cooled DOHC engine. The CFMOTO 650MT’s fuel capacity is 18 liters. It delivers a maximum power output of 45.0 kW at 8750 rpm. Engine performance, build quality, and reliability are some of the upsides of using the CFMOTO 650MT. Regardless, some problems may occur from time to time.

CFMOTO 650MT Problems

The CFMOTO 650MT has a good 649cc engine. You can reach a top speed of 170 kilometers per hour. The CFMOTO 650MT comes with tubeless tires too. It is generally lightweight at around 218 kilograms. These are some of the many great attributes of the CFMOTO 650MT. However, here are some of the common CFMOTO 650MT problems:

1. Not Starting

Your CFMOTO 650MT may at times fail to start. This can occur when you are about to go for a ride. Sometimes the CFMOTO 650MT can stop and fail to start again. This problem may be caused by:

  • Flat or faulty battery.
  • Starter motor fuse could be damaged.
  • Starter motor relay may be faulty.
  • Damaged or worn out spark plug.
  • Piston could be worn out or damaged.
  • Air filter may be dirty or worn out.
  • Low, stale, or dirty fuel.

Troubleshooting Not Starting Problem

There are many possible reasons why your CFMOTO 650MT may not start. You have to check quite a number of components to ascertain the root cause. Probable solutions to explore are:

  • Charging, fixing, or replacing battery.
  • Replacing starter motor fuse.
  • Fix starter motor relay.
  • Replace spark plug.
  • Replace piston rings.
  • Flush or replace air filter.
  • Ensure there is adequate, correct, and fresh fuel.

2. Stalling

One of the most inconveniencing CFMOTO 650MT problems is stalling. Stalling can occur whilst you are riding or whilst the CFMOTO 650MT is idling. It may also occur at other random times. Possible causes of this problem are:

  • Improper clutch input.
  • Stale or dirty fuel and or oil.
  • Corroded or clogged fuel lines.
  • Improper fuel-air ratio.
  • Throttle cable may be improperly aligned.
  • Carburetor could be damaged or worn out.

Troubleshooting Stalling Problem

This is a fairly common CFMOTO 650MT problem. At times it is due to your fault whereas mostly it is the CFMOTO 650MT itself. Do some checks to figure out where the issue is. Probable remedies to the problem are:

  • Engage clutch properly.
  • Replace fuel and or oil where necessary.
  • Flush or replace fuel lines.
  • Set fuel-air ration as stipulated.
  • Adjust throttle cable accordingly.
  • Fix or replace carburetor.

3. Overheating

It is possible for your CFMOTO 650MT to overheat sometimes. This is a problem that you must address as soon as it shows. Some of the common reasons why your CFMOTO 650MT can overheat are:

  • Radiator could be leaking.
  • Hoses may be clogged or leaking.
  • Cooler fans may be faulty or worn out.
  • Engine oil and or fuel may be low, dirty, or stale.
  • Coolant may be low or stale.
  • Carburetor could be damaged.

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

The possibility of your CFMOTO 650MT overheating is usually there. Diagnosing what is causing it is often hassle-free. When you have figured it out you can try out the following remedies:

  • Fix or replace radiator.
  • Flush or replace hoses connected to cooling system.
  • Fix or replace cooler fans.
  • Top up or replace fuel and or engine oil.
  • Top up or replace coolant.
  • Fix or replace carburetor.

4. Loss Of Power

When using your CFMOTO 650MT you may experience some power inconsistencies. For instance, when trying to increase speed you may notice power loss. This is a problem that can be caused by:

  • Worn out or faulty spark plugs.
  • Air filter may be clogged.
  • Fuel lines could be clogged or leaking.
  • Carburetor may be damaged or leaking.
  • Exhaust may be blocked.
  • Timing advance settings could be incorrect.

Troubleshooting Loss Of Power Problem

You just have to do the necessary inspections to diagnose the issue. The solutions you can explore for this CFMOTO 650MT problem are:

  • Replace spark plugs.
  • Flush or replace air filter.
  • Flush or replace fuel lines.
  • Fix or replace carburetor.
  • Clean exhaust system.
  • Correctly set timing advance settings.

5. Brakes Malfunction

It is also common for your CFMOTO 650MT’s brakes to act up. There are several ways in which the brakes may malfunction. For instance, the brakes may overheat, bind, not engage, be erratic, and so on. Common causes of this problem are:

  • Air contamination in brake lines.
  • Brake fluid leaks or level too high.
  • Brake shoes assembly may be dirty.
  • Brake shoes could be worn out or jammed.
  • Misaligned master cylinder.

Troubleshooting Brakes Malfunction Problem

It is often easy to figure out the root cause. Some of the common remedies to this CFMOTO 650MT braking problem are:

  • Bleed the brake lines.
  • Plug leaks and ensure enough brake fluid is there.
  • Clean brake shoes assembly.
  • Adjust or replace brake shoes.
  • Remount the master cylinder appropriately.

How To Avoid CFMOTO 650MT Problems

It is imperative that you get your CFMOTO 650MT regularly serviced. Always make maintenance checks before and after you use it. After you use it is prudent to clean it. Always store it when it is clean and free of any residual dirt or moisture. Be fully abreast with its user manual so that you use your CFMOTO 650MT responsibly. When you religiously do all this you will avoid CFMOTO 650MT problems.

What Is The Fuel Consumption Of The CFMOTO 650MT?

A full CFMOTO 650MT tank can give you 100 kilometers from 4.3 liters. That is around 23 kilometers per liter or 65 miles per gallon. Ultimately this translates to a range of 400 kilometers for a full tank.

Why Are CFMOTOs Generally So Cheap?

CFMOTO is a Chinese brand. They have a highly efficient supply chain. They also enjoy significant economies of scale. Sourcing raw materials and human resources is so easy for them. This enables them to drastically reduce their operating costs. Plus they effectively push volumes. That is why the selling prices are often quite low yet profitable for them.


Most online reviews speak highly of the CFMOTO 650MT. The CFMOTO 650MT is great value for money. Thus you should not be deterred by the common CFMOTO 650MT problems. If you are a responsible user you will rarely experience problems.