Who Buys Petrified Wood Near Me?

Collecting and selling petrified wood can be a very profitable business. There are actually a number of stores in the U.S that sell different types of petrified wood and you can actually start your own business. Below we look at what petrified wood is and whether there might be any buyers in your area.

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What Is Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood is a type of fossilized wood that forms when wood is buried in water saturated sediments or volcanic ashes and then minerals invade into the cells of the wood. The absence of oxygen within these conditions inhibit decomposition of the wood. The minerals that usually invade and cause the wood to become fossilized are silica, calcite, pyrite and opal. Petrified wood usually exhibits preserved details of the bark, wood and cellular structure.

Collecting And Selling Petrified Wood In The U.S

Collecting petrified wood in the U.S is not a crime as long as you are collecting from your own private property or land that does not belong to the state or national parks. This is because petrified wood is a fossil and it is legally protected in the U.S. Therefore, laws have been put in place to prohibit people from collecting this type of wood from national parks and protected federal lands. Furthermore, there are policies put in place in certain states, which prohibit people from selling petrified wood. For example in Florida, one requires a permit in order to be able to sell petrified wood. In Utah a person can collect up to 250 pounds of petrified wood but they are allowed to sell it unless they obtain a permit. Therefore, before you think of selling your petrified wood, make sure you do a bit of research in order to determine whether or not it’s legal to collect and sell this type of wood.

Who Buys Petrified Wood Near Me

Petrified Wood Auctions And Sales– this is a Facebook group where you can find buyers of petrified wood in your area. All you have to do is join the group and check out which buyers are closest to your location.

eBay– here you can sell your petrified wood for a reasonable price. There a lot of people who use eBay so there is a good chance that you will find customers easily.

Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood– they sell different types of petrified wood but, you can always contact them to hear if they are willing to buy from you.

Fossil Era– they sell petrified wood but, you can always call them and check if they are willing to buy from you.

Shpock– this is an online store where you can sell your petrified wood for a decent amount of money.

LetGo– this is also an online store where you can sell your petrified wood. You will definitely be surprised by the amount of people who are willing to buy this type of wood.

5Miles– this application enables you to sell your petrified wood to people within 5 miles of your current location.

Local Parks-you can contact your local park and ask whether they buy petrified wood or whether they know a company that does.

Local Magazine– if you have a permit or your state allows you to sell petrified wood freely, you can advertise the wood in your local magazine. There is a good chance that you will find buyers in your neighborhood.

Yard sale– you can do your own yard sale and advertise your petrified wood to potential customers if you have a permit. There is a chance that someone would want to buy it.

Steps To Follow When Selling Petrified Wood Online

Research On Prices For Petrified Wood Near You

When you are selling this type of wood, it’s very important that you research on the prices so that you can be competitive on the market. In order to research, you can use online sources.

Take Pictures

Potential buyers are always interested in seeing the state of something they want to purchase. Therefore it’s highly important that you take good pictures of your petrified wood. Avoid using any pictures that you find on the internet as they can be very misleading to potential customers and they may desist buying from you in the future.

Add A Good Caption

Every good picture deserves an excellent caption to draw the attention of potential buyers. So it’s important that you include a very catchy caption at the top or bottom of your picture. This will give customers a better insight into what you are selling.

Include Price And Payment Method

Indicating the amount helps potential buyers identify whether it’s within their price range. You should also state whether you accept cash or cheques and whether you want the payment upon delivery or before delivery.

Add Contact Details And Location

You should also indicate your contact details on the post. This helps to ensure that interested buyers contact you directly. The most important contact details to list are your phone number and email address. Lastly, you should indicate your location so that potential buyers who are in the same area as you can easily find you.

Is Selling Petrified Wood Illegal?

In some states like Utah and Florida, selling petrified wood is illegal. This is because it is a protected fossil and for one to sell it they need to obtain a permit. Therefore, always research the laws in your state to see whether it’s illegal to sell petrified wood.

What Do You Do With Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood has a number of uses and for starters you can make different types of jewellery using petrified wood. It can also be used to make table tops, clock faces and other ornamental objects.

What State Has The Most Petrified Wood?

Arizona has the most petrified wood. So if you are looking to see different varieties of petrified wood then you should definitely visit Arizona.


Selling petrified wood is a good way to make extra money. If you have been collecting petrified wood for a long period of time you should consider selling it to any of the stores listed above.