Essential living room furniture items

The living room area, as the name suggests, is the place where we get the chance to spend time with your family and guests. This can also a central room to your home which makes it quite important that you design in a way it so that suites and depict your taste.

It would be important that your living room area be as comfortable as possible such as to allow you to have the comfort you so much desire when you get home from work or somewhere else. More often than not, the living room always depicts the taste and style of the home owner so you surely would want your room to depict your truer sense of style and taste.

In this article we have taken the liberty to list and explore some of the items we think are essential to create a warm, cosy and comfortable environment that your living room should be.

Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces yield the ability to make a living room design quite complete by the feel they bring into your home. Ideally, a wood burning fireplace would go a long way towards heightening the feel of real wood burning and not to mention the fire. However, with numerous technological innovations, electrical fireplaces come in as a rather efficient alternative to the wood burning fireplace which serves the same purpose. Check the best electric fireplace insert.

Electric fireplaces help create warmth by heating their interior coils with electricity and the usually feature an internal fan for better heat distribution. These fireplaces are quickly revolutionising the way we see and understand fireplaces and their respective fuel types.

This electric fireplace type is quite cost effective as it is both affordable, easy to use and very cheap to install. You would love the fact that it allows you to remotely control the heat while you are seated comfortably on your couch. The design of the electric fireplace unit comes with a remote-control unit for use to either increase or decrease temperatures as well as turning on or off the entire fireplace system.

In terms of design, electric fireplaces assumes a range of interesting designs which range from Mantel electric fireplace to those that come as special features on TV stands and entertainment centres.

An entertainment centre

One of the must have features to any living room is an entertainment centre. You surely would want your guests to have something that keeps them entertained while waiting for you to arrive. What better way can you achieve this other than having a good source of sound and visuals.

Media Stand

A great piece to consider for your entertainment centre is a media stand where you would want to put your TV set, CDs and DVDs. This can serve the purpose of functional design where you can opt to have a nicely designed media stand to match your living room décor. A media stand should serve its purpose of containing all the necessary home media equipment to make up for a perfect media stand.

A television set

This is a must haves living room item to as it gives life to your entertainment centre. With a wide variety of television sets on offer a perfect screen size will surely add an enigmatic life to your living room. Modern day designs encourage you to have a flat screen television set and depending on the size of your room, you will surely want a big screen that would produce an existing feel when watching whatever TV programs, you prefer.

Sound System

Whether you are simply relaxing home on a weekend or you have invited some friends over for some drinks, having a good sound system will surely add the mark to your living room. Personally, I would prefer a 7.1 Channel Hi-Fi audio system because when it comes to music, I want to hear even the tiniest of the sound. And boy you will love it even further when you have your family seated around for a movie session. A sound system is definitely a key feature for your living room given the environment it helps to create.

Art work

A bare wall can make a room feel heavy and an artwork is perhaps the perfect way to add some bit of atmosphere into your living room. When it comes to art, the beauty is that you will have a wide range of pieces of art to pick from and they can either be some expensive pieces or just the regular art. You can even cut out magazine posters and put them in a well suiting frame.

It will be more beneficial for your home design aswell as yourself if you so choose an artwork that resonates with your soul.

Comfortable seating area

A comfortable seating place in any living room is a top priority. A sofa will always go a long way in setting the right tone of your living room area and you would want it to be as comfortable as possible.

A comfortable seating area will serve many purposes which include lounging during weekends or create a comfortable place to host friends in your home. With the absence of sofas in your living room you can imagine the feeling of discomfort you will have or you can consider how your friends would feel when you invite them over to your home with uncomfortable sofas. How will you even begin your conversations?

Of course, you would want your seating area to be as comfortable as possible and you can achieve this by acquiring the best set of sofas which match your desired comfort as well as interior décor.

Books and book shelves

There is a way in which books together with bookshelves can be considered as an essential element to consider for your living room. This is because a home is a depiction of the people who live in it and there is no better way to showcase your personality other than through your book collection.

The style brought into your living room area by books is unmatched although often over looked. A well suiting bookshelf will be perfect to create a unique and otherwise vibrant décor for your living area. Better still, books can be nicely arranged on a coffee table which can provide a refreshing browse on a lazy day.

Floor rug

A bare hard floor can be looking great for your living room but this would not surpass the look and feel you will get if you are to install a well suiting floor rag. A floor rag will not only add a comfortable and cozy feel to your living room area but will also allow for everyone in the room to feel rather comfortable. A floor rag or carpet will also work to ground and elaborately define your living room floor space.

Coffee table

This is an essential piece you would want to consider because it ordinarily serves quite a number of functions in a living room.

A coffee table will be useful in the morning when you take your coffee as well as in the afternoon when you take you lunch. It is the place where you would place your plate or glass of water when eating in the living room. For the greater part of the day, this item will also hold your personal items such as keys, books and other essentials you normally carry around your home.

Overhead lighting

At the end of the day you would want to go home to a perfectly lit living room area which will help you relax and wind down. What better way can you achieve this other than through a perfectly selected overhead lighting material.

An overhead chandelier would make for a captivating feature to incorporate into your living room area. This will work well if it so holds enough bulbs to give that perfect bright light for your living room.


The items listed above are what we think are essential items you would want to have in your living room. Depending on the size of your living room, some features will might not fit perfectly but over and above these items will make for a modern and beautifully designed living room you deserve.