Spitwater Pressure Cleaner Problems : 5 Common Issues And Solutions

Spitwater is the brand behind some of the best industrial pressure cleaners and pressure washers, amongst other products. Our focus today is the Spitwater pressure cleaner. We shall be exploring some of the common Spitwater pressure cleaner problems.

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What Is The Spitwater Pressure Cleaner?

The Spitwater pressure cleaner is any of the wide range of pressure cleaners from Spitwater. Some of the common examples of Spitwater pressure cleaners are hot water cleaners and cold water cleaners. The ranges also span from handheld pressure cleaners to trailer-mounted ones. There are some common Spitwater pressure cleaner problems we must look at.

Spitwater Pressure Cleaner Problems

The mechanism of Spitwater pressure cleaners is such that problems may be inevitable. The problems can be avoided though. Even when they arise they can be effectively dealt with. That is why it is imperative that you have an understanding of common Spitwater pressure cleaner problems. Here are some of them:

1. Not Reaching Optimum Pressure

When operating a Spitwater pressure cleaner pressure is centre stage. There may be times you may notice that the Spitwater pressure cleaner fails to reach optimum pressure. This is a common problem which could be caused by:

  • Worn out valves.
  • Worn out regulating valve seats.
  • Faulty or worn out nozzle.
  • Porous pump.

Troubleshooting Not Reaching Optimum Pressure Problem

When your Spitwater pressure cleaner is experiencing this problem you must inspect it. If you are thorough you will figure out the root cause. The probable solutions you can explore are:

  • Replacing valves.
  • Replacing regulating valve seats.
  • Fixing or replacing nozzle.
  • Ensure pump is not leaking in any way.

2. Too Much Noise

Where pressure is involved, noise is to be expected. However, it becomes a problem when the noise becomes too much. Too much noise is another common Spitwater pressure cleaner problem. This may stem from:

  • Suction level too low.
  • Blocked or clogged suction pipes.
  • Damaged inlet ducts.
  • Damaged valve springs.
  • Dirty inlet or outlet valves.
  • Fluid too hot.

Troubleshooting Too Much Noise Problem

When your Spitwater pressure cleaner is too noisy try to establish the root cause. Possible causes are several so be sure you conclude accurately. Possible remedies you can explore are:

  • Ensure suction level is optimum.
  • Clean or replace suction pipes.
  • Fix or replace inlet ducts.
  • Fix or replace valve springs.
  • Clean inlet or outlet valves.
  • Bring fluid temperature down.

3. Inconsistent Pressure

This is yet another Spitwater pressure cleaner problem you may experience. The pressure cycles of your Spitwater pressure cleaner may become inconsistent. This will make it difficult to do your cleaning tasks smoothly. Probable causes of the problem are:

  • Worn out inlet or outlet valves.
  • Clogged valves.
  • Damaged inlet ducts.
  • Worn out water seals.
  • Nozzle not big enough.

Troubleshooting Inconsistent Pressure Problem

When the pressure cycles of your Spitwater pressure cleaner are inconsistent conduct some checks. You have to particularly inspect mechanisms or parts central to pressure dynamics. Once you have narrowed down the possible causes you can do the following:

  • Replace inlet or outlet valves.
  • Clean the valves.
  • Replace inlet ducts.
  • Replace water seals.
  • Replace nozzle.

4. Injector Not Working

When working with a Spitwater pressure cleaner you may use chemicals or detergents. These substances are channeled by an injector. You may experience a problem where the injector may not work. This problem could be caused by:

  • Incorrect nozzle.
  • Clogged inlet filter.
  • Clogged inlet valve.
  • Wrongly mixed cleaning substance.

Troubleshooting Injector Not Working Problem

This is a Spitwater pressure cleaner problem that you can easily fix. You just have to figure out where exactly the issue is emanating from. Solutions you can explore here are:

  • Ensure nozzle is the right one.
  • Clean the inlet filter.
  • Clean the inlet valve.
  • Ensure cleaning substance is not overly thick.

5. Pump Does Not Draw Water

Your Spitwater pressure cleaner may develop issues where it does not draw water. This will compromise its ability to perform its cleaning operations. This is a fairly common Spitwater pressure cleaner problem; a number of users report it. Probable causes of the problem are:

  • Pump could be faulty, damaged or worn out.
  • Inlet valves could be dirty.
  • Inlet water level may be too low.
  • Inlet valves may be leaking.

Troubleshooting Pump Does Not Draw Water Problem

When this problem it is often easy to fix. Just start off by determining the actual cause(s) of the problem. Once you are sure you can then consider the following remedies:

  • Fix or replace pump.
  • Clean inlet valves.
  • Plug or replace inlet valves.
  • Increase inlet water level to increase suction level.

How To Avoid Spitwater Pressure Cleaner Problems

Spitwater pressure cleaner problems are more or less caused by the same things. Most of the causes are based on how one uses their Spitwater pressure cleaner. That is why it is important to use your Spitwater pressure cleaner responsibly. You must also always keep it clean. Inspect your Spitwater pressure cleaner before and after every use. Always be quick to fix or replace worn out components. All of this goes a long way in avoiding Spitwater pressure cleaner problems.

What Can You Clean With A Pressure Cleaner?

There are several things you can clean. Common examples are paved surfaces, windows, exterior building walls, wooden decks, outdoor furniture, fencing, and more.

Are Spitwater Pressure Cleaners Good?

Spitwater pressure cleaners deliver high performance. Spitwater is also actively involved in providing customer care and comprehensive spare parts. Spitwater pressure cleaners can handle a number of cleaning operations. The most common are washing, disinfecting, descaling, and degreasing. Spitwater pressure cleaners can also be used in domestic, commercial, and industrial contexts. These aspects are part of why Spitwater pressure cleaners are good.


For all your cleaning needs, Spitwater pressure cleaners are a good pick. Just ensure you grasp and apply all that you have learnt to get to this point. The common Spitwater pressure cleaner problems we discussed are valuable information. Use it to avoid and also address the problems head-on.