Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

Riddled with premium stitches, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is one of the most affordable sewing machines from the brand that not only offers great usability for the sewer but provides a variety of sewing options as well. The overall sewing experience from this sewing machine beats and surpasses most of its predecessors, sometimes even other sewing machines from different companies that are considered to be on the same level as the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. This doesn’t mean however that the sewing machine is devoid of any problems. There’s quite a few and we’ll be finding out what they are.

Table of Contents

1. The Sewing Machine Won’t Run

You be surprised at how often this problem presents itself on the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and it can be due to the main power cord not being plugged in correctly. Or more commonly; the bobbin wider spindle being pushed to the right side (this activates a mechanism in the sewing machine that makes sure electrical power is not transmitted to the motor.) It can also be that the presser foot isn’t lowered, in which case the sewing machine is designed not to run if the presser foot is lifted as a safety feature.


  • Make sure the cord of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine is plugged fully into the power outlet. Then turn on the power switch of the sewing machine. If you do all this and the sewing machine still isn’t running then it would be wise to take it in for repairs at a local registered dealer.
  • Be sure to push the bobbin winder’s spindle to the left. The bobbin winder can be found atop the sewing machine.
  • Before you rush into your sewing session, be sure to lower the presser foot such that it is pressing against the surface of the fabric.

2. The Sewing Machine’s Needle Breaks A Lot

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is a computerized sewing machine but that doesn’t shield it from encountering benign problems such as this one. You would expect a sewing machine with many features like the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 to be strong enough to handle almost any type of fabric. But it evidently cannot. Sometimes it is not a fault of the sewing machine’s build quality though. Some users tend to pull the fabric they will be sewing on to make the process go faster, this not only doesn’t work, it also puts a lot of pressure on the needle which then causes it to break. Another reason to this particular problem may be that the needle is constantly hitting against an incorrectly sized or positioned presser foot.


  • Do not pull the fabric no matter how slow you think the sewing machine is moving. All you have to do is press your foot a little further down on the foot pedal to make the sewing machine’s motor move faster and thus the feed dog too. You can also adjust the speed of the sewing machine.
  • Be sure to double check that you have the correct presser foot installed. Also select the correct stitch pattern in relation to the presser foot you have installed.

3. Upper Thread Is Constantly Breaking

Like on every other sewing machine the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 also has issues related to thread tension. But again it is not always the fault of the sewing machine. In fact it is a common saying in Information Technology that computers cannot make mistakes unless the user makes it themselves. And the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is largely a computerized sewing machine. When the sewing machine is threaded loosely (or incorrectly) it is more likely to break. When the thread is too loose it may cause some intertwining around the bobbin (which can also cause the upper thread to break.)


  • Be sure to thread the sewing machine correctly, that means not too tight and not too loosely. Loose threading is more likely to develop loops and threading that is too tight is more likely to break because of the strong tension force that will be applied on it.
  • When the thread breaks, be sure to remove all the threading in the sewing machine, removing even the intertwined thread by gently snipping it with a pair of scissors. Then after, you can correctly re-thread the entire sewing machine once again.
  • Be sure to replace the needle of the sewing machine as well when this problem occurs because it can also be caused by a less than standard needle.

4. The Automatic Needle Threader Doesn’t Work

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is equipped with an automatic needle threader but unfortunately it doesn’t work that great on occasion and it is due to the following; the needle may not be raised to the right level and so you can experience this problem on the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine. Or due to a bent needle (because of fabric pulling that leads to another problem listed above.)


  • Make sure that the needle is raised to the correct level. Such that the needle threader’s hook can enter easily through the eye of the needle to thread it.
  • Your thread shouldn’t be too thick, make sure it is the right size by first testing it on a detached needle (that you will eventually place on the sewing machine.)
  • If your needle is bent or deformed, even slightly, then it would be wise to replace it and insert a new one. Just make sure it is the recommended size as specified in the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960’s user manual.


Amongst many other problems, the ones listed above are the most potent on the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. But it is still one of the best sewing machines on the sewing machine market right now. Gaining a position on the top two on most review websites (that’s a very big deal.) But it just goes to show that regardless of the issues it may have or will inevitably have, if a sewing machine (like the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960) is great, it is great and that is all.