Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082 : Detailed Comparison Guide

Modern electronic devices have brought the much needed convenience into everyday living, however one of their biggest disadvantages is how quickly their batteries often can die out. Most batteries in modern electric devices only last a few hours before needing to be recharged, this can prove to be difficult during power cuts or when off grid and without a power pack. That’s where the Rockpals SP003 and the Rockpals RP082 foldable solar panels come into play as they allow one to recharge their battery using free solar power that is readily available during the day. The question however any consumer would want to ask is, which of the two products is much better and offers the best value for the money?

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Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082: Comparison Table

  Rockpals SP003 Rockpals RP082
Power 100W 100W
Material Monocrystalline Silicon Monocrystalline Silicon
Item Dimensions unfolded 67 × 17 × 1 inches 68.1″L × 17.3″W× 1.2″ H inches
Item Dimensions folded 17 × 14 × 2 inches 17.3 × 14.6 × 2.2 inches
Item Weight 81.6 Ounces, 5.1 Ibs 9.5 pounds
Features Smart Charging capability, Equipped with 18W USB QC 3.0 and 18W Type C output. Parallel connection with one other panel. 1*USB QC 3.0 (3.3A Max) and 1*USB C Output (18w Max). Portable and foldable with a kickstand. Parallel connection to another RP081 panel with a parallel cable. 4 hanging holes for holding down to other objects.
Protection IP65 Water-Resistant and durable. Made from durable 1200D Oxford cloth. Note junction-box is not waterproof and needs to be kept dry. IP65 Water-Resistant and durable. Made from Oxford cloth and ETF panel. Note junction-box is not waterproof and needs to be kept dry.
Cell Efficiency ≥23% Up to 23.5%
Open Circuit Voltage 21.6V 24.3V
Short Circuit Current 6.2A 5.79 Amps
Power Current 5.6A Max 5.55A
DC Output 18V/5.4A (Max) 18V/3.3A (Max)
Type-C Output Port  1* 18W (Max) 18W (Max)
QC3.0 USB Output Port 2*18W (Max) 24W (Max)
Operating Temperature -4 – 149 -68 – 149
Power Voltage 18V 18V
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline. PET lamination ETFE Covered
Batteries Not included Not included
Number of panels 4 4 for 100W and 3 for 60W
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
Rockpals SP003
Rockpals SP003
Rockpals RP082
Rockpals RP082

Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082: Solar Panels And Power Output

One of the biggest differences between the Rockpals SP003 and the Rockpals RP082 is the power that is delivered by the two solar panels. The Rockpals SP003 is rated for 100W while the Rockpals RP082 has the option of two different solar panels, the 60W and the 100W solar panel. The 60W variant utilizes 3 solar panels while the 100W utilizes 4 solar panels.  There is also a difference in the output ports namely, the Rockpals SP003 delivers 18W on the two USB QC 3.0 output ports and 18W on the USB-C port. The Rockpals RP082 60W and 100W on the other end deliver 24W on the USB QC 3.0 output port and 18W on the USB-C output port.

Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082: Protection

Another big difference that a customer may need to look out for is the differences in protection from water or dust. The Rockpals SP003 is rated at IP 65 while the Rockpals RP082 is rated at IPX4 for the 60W variant and IP65 for the 100W variant, it does however mean that all the models are well protected and can withstand most outdoor weather conditions. The Rockpals RP082 solar panel uses durable Oxford cloth and the ETF covering on the panels hence is durable enough to extend the lifespan of the solar panel. The Rockpals SP003 uses the 1200D Oxford cloth to attain the IP65 high water-resistant rating. Both the models however feature hanging holes that allow for easy mounting. It is wise to note however that for both panels, the junction box is not waterproof and hence it should always be kept dry to prevent water damage.

Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082: Weight And Overall Dimensions

When it comes to weight the Rockpals SP003 is lighter at 81.6 ounces or 5.1 Ibs. The Rockpals RP082 100W on the other hand is heavier and weighs 9.5 pounds. It also has slightly larger overall dimensions than the Rockpals SP003, both when folded and unfolded. Actual values for the dimensions are recorded in the comparison table above.

Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082: Verdict

The decision for which is the best foldable solar panel pack often comes down to the preferences of the customer. The Rockpals SP003 is much lighter and has slightly smaller dimensions but has two USB QC 3.0 ports and one USB-C port, all these produce 18W. The Rockpals RP082 100W on the other hand is slightly heavier and slightly larger however the QC 3.0 USB port produces 24W while the USB-C port produces 18W. The Rockpals RP082 also comes in the 60W foldable solar panel variant that has 3 panels and produces the same 24W and 18W on the USB QC 3.0 and the USB-C ports respectively. Both the RP082 and the SP003 solar panels are however good quality and have sufficient water protection, with the IP65 on the Rockpals SP003 and the Rockpals RP082 100W while the Rockpals RP082 60W is IPX4 water resistant.

Rockpals SP003 Vs RP082: Similarities

Despite the differences between the 2 models, the Rockpals SP003 and the RP082, they do however have similarities that they share. These include the fact that both models are compatible with Jackery, Anker and Goal zero power stations, just to mention a few. Both models can also be folded for easier transportation and storage. They also come with four solar panels for the 100W models. Both the SP003 and the RP082 solar panels also have USB QC 3.0 and USB-C output ports for charging other devices. Both the solar panels also have support for parallel connection in order to allow connection for 2 panels so as to get more power.

Rockpals SP003 Pros

One of the biggest pros of the Rockpals SP003 is that it is compatible with Jackery/EF/Bluetti/Anker and the Goal Zero Power Stations. The solar panel was designed with solar generators in mind hence 10 different sizes of connectors are included for connecting to these generators. A smart IC chip is also fitted into the SP003 solar panel that identifies the device plugged into it and maximizes its charging speed while protecting the device from overcharging and overloading. The SP003 solar panel is also very versatile and can be tied down to a car roof or tree with 4 hanging holes for maximum sunlight absorption.

Rockpals SP003 Cons

One of the biggest drawbacks of the SP003 solar panel is the fact that it is not very efficient hence it does require good sunny weather conditions so that it can deliver reasonable charge and power. Charge times for the solar panel can also be quit long especially when there is insufficient sunlight, for example it takes 8 hours to charge a 500Wh capacity power pack. Another con of the Rockpals SP003 solar panel may be the fact that it only has one 18W USB-C output port which may be a bit few for some people who have more gadgets.

Rockpals RP082 Pros

Rockpals RP082 solar panels are offered with a kick stand hence setting up for a charge is very easy. They are also compatible with Jackery, Flashfish and many other power stations hence allowing for ease of charge with these power stations. The 60W RP082 solar panel can take 4.5 hours and 6.5hours to charge the Jackery Explorer 160 and 240, or the Rockpals or Flashfish 200w and 300w portable power stations. A 5.5*2.1 mm, Anderson plug is included with the 60W panel to enable connection to another 60W Rockpals solar panel in order to be able to charge a higher capacity solar generator. The panels are also made from durable Oxford cloth and the ETFE panel case making it durable enough to last a long time. The build also allows the panels to be waterproof hence they are good for outdoor uses.

Rockpals RP082 Cons

One of the biggest cons of the Rockpals RP082 solar panels is the fact that one would need good and direct access to sunlight. Exposing any bit shade on any part of the solar panel will significantly impact its performance or hinder power generation due to their wiring. Direct sunlight is a must. The solar panel is also insufficient and can’t provide power for much more bigger items such as fridges, heaters, and stoves, it is only suitable for small electric gadgets such as lights and phones. Another con may be the fact that the Rockpals panels use Anderson connectors, and these are not waterproof hence can be damaged. The Rockpals RP082 panels also provide the lowest start-up voltages which may be insufficient for some power stations such as the Bluetti.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will look at some of the questions people ask about the Rockpals SP003 and the Rockpals RP082.

Will the Rockpals SP003 solar panel charge through a car window?

Charging from the solar panel through the window will depend on the window and how well it allows the light intensity to pass through. The higher the UV rating of the window, the lesser energy that will reach the surface of the panel. The panel with therefore collect much sunlight when facing directly to the sun.

Will the Rockpals SP003 work with the Aeiusny 500W or the Jackery Explorer 440?

Yes, the Rockpals SP003 100W foldable solar panel can work with the Aeiusy 500W It can also work perfectly with the Jackery Explorer440. The Jackery Explorer 440 has an input (DC 8MM): 25.2V 4A 100W Max. The Rockpals 100W solar panel includes an 8mm adapter hence the two go well together.

How does one connect the Rockpals SP003 to the Rockport 300 WT generator power station battery?

The Rockpals SP003 panel connects directly to the Rockpals 300W generator via the cord and adapters included with the panel.

Does the Rockpals SP003 100W come with an mc4 output? I’d like to use a y mc4 parallel adapter cable to connect 3 panels for greater output.

The Rockpals SP003 100W solar panels can be connected in parallel but the MC4 parallel cable to Anderson Adapter must be purchased separately.

Why can’t the Rockpals RP082 produce 100W or 60W power when charging the Rockpals power station.

The output power of a solar panel is affected by many factors such as light intensity and the angle of the panel relative to the direction from which it is receiving the sunlight. The lesser the sun’s rays that reach the panels, the lesser the electric power generated. The 100W or 60W is a figure obtained when tested in an ideal laboratory environment. In the real-world light intensity is constantly changing and the angle of the illuminating light also changes with the rotation of the sun.

Does the Rockpals RP02 need a charge controller?

The Rockpals RP082 does not need a charge controller as it is meant to be used with a battery pack and these come with the charge controller built inside. A USB QC 3.0 and USB-C charge ports are also provided on the panel, and both support quick charge capabilities. The panel also supports many other brands such as Anker, Jackery and Goal zero powers stations and these power stations come with an inbuilt battery charge controller.

The Rockpals RP082 solar panel does have a USB port to charge phones but does it prevent overheating and melting of the battery in the phone?

The device being charged is responsible for protecting itself. Phones are designed to monitor the state of charge they are receiving and should terminate the charging process when the state of charge reaches a defined maximum. Most phones are designed to monitor the power they get from the USB port.

Can the Rockpals 60W foldable solar panel charge the Jackery series power station? Does it need additional cables or adapters?

Yes, the Rockpals 60w solar panel can charge the Jackery power station directly without the need for additional cables and adapters. 


In conclusion both the Rockpals SP003 and the Rockpals RP082 are wonderful foldable solar power panels that allow one to recharge their electric devices using free energy from the sun. The solar panels are also very compact and durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Both the solar panels are good quality and provide up to 100w or 60W for the RP082 60W variant. The solar panels also allow support for quick charging of electronic devices. The output power however produced by the solar panels does depend on the availability of sunlight. The choice for which to buy will therefore come down to personal preferences and the availability of the solar panels when purchasing.

Rockpals SP003
Rockpals SP003
Rockpals RP082
Rockpals RP082