Janome Overlocker Troubleshooting

Janome Overlocker Troubleshooting

The Janome Overlocker is responsible for creating an overlocking stitch which has more similarities to the craft of knitting than sewing. Suffice to say that a Janome Overlocker can be very difficult for some users to use at the beginning because it is not a sewing machine. Meaning it isn’t as straight forward and beginner […]

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How Long Is a 6 Seat Golf Cart

How Long Is a 6 Seat Golf Cart?

Golf carts are designed to be small and compact. This is important because you don’t need a really long or really wide golf cart, especially on the golf course as this can cause some difficult with maneuvering the golf cart, particularly on tight bends and curves. When designing the dimensions of a 6-seat golf cart

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