Notice To Remove Mobile Home From Property

It is remarkable how seemingly simple processes are governed by rules and regulations. If you are oblivious you can innocently do something that is actually illegal. That is why it is always prudent to seek guidance whenever you want to do something. Never mind it seems basic, always seek guidance from knowledgeable people or authorities. There are procedures to be followed when removing items from a property. There are several scenarios that can necessitate the need for removal of items from a property. For instance, you can acquire a piece land and discover there is a mobile home onsite. Let discuss matters pertaining to notice to remove mobile home from property.

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You Should Always Ascertain Certain Things First

The contemplation of removing a mobile home from your property should never be immediate. You should start with seeking to ascertain certain things first. For instance, is the mobile home truly abandoned? This is something that can take time to determine. In some places this can at the minimum take at least 5 days of checking out any activity in or around the mobile property. This is a good place to mention that the mobile home in question can be on your private property. In other cases it can be a dedicated mobile homes lot that you own. As in, people can pay to keep their mobile homes on that property.

In essence they will be like tenants on your property. Whichever the case might be you need to figure if a mobile home is or has been abandoned. Depending on where your property is, you might be allowed to move it elsewhere for safekeeping. In other places you might not be allowed to move it in any way. Then you will have to get in touch with police and or legal authorities. It is from there that serving of a notice to remove may commence. The applicable laws will always guide you since in some cases imminent removal may be lawful.

Serving A Notice Is Typically The First Core Step

The reasons for which you might want a mobile home removed from a property are many. However, there are several intricacies around those dynamics. For instance, let us suppose a mobile home is illegally staying on your property. You either might know it and let it be or you might have been unaware. If the mobile home stays there for a certain number of years, there are certain rights it might assume. It does depend on your location.

However, it can come to a time where you will not be entitled to just remove it. There can also be scenarios where a tenant’s lease has expired. If they continue staying on the property the need for removal becomes necessary. This subject of removing mobile homes from properties might sound simple but can be multi-layered. The general rule though is that the owner of the mobile home must be given notice first.

An Overview Of How To Serve A Notice To A Mobile Home Owner On Your Property

The specifics can vary depending on the location of your property. Be it there is an applicable lease or not, notice to remove must be served. This implies that the actual owner of the mobile home must be ascertained and contacted. It can start with warnings of pending removal. This is usually with the aim to give the mobile home owner time to respond. A time allowance is often given for them to respond. Upon expiration of that time, a notice to remove can then be given.

Depending on which laws apply, the notice to remove can be served via different ways. Usually the notice to remove is served either through mail (physical and or electronic) or in person. In the event that the mobile home owner does not leave, steps can be taken. The next step depends but it usually involves getting a court order to possess or remove. These are things you should not do anyhow; seek professional legal guidance.

What If The Owner Is Unknown Or Elusive

It is quite possible that getting a hold of the mobile home owner can be difficult. At times they can be deliberately dodging you. How then can you serve the notice? Based on applicable laws, you might be required to post notices on the doors of the mobile home. The notice will usually include details on the pending removal and your contact details.

It can even include contact details of the involved authorities. This will all be aimed at giving the mobile home owner enough time to respond. For how long should you serve such a notice? Well, that depends but in some places you might be required to post it for 30 consecutive days. As for the exact wording of the notice, you can always get guidance from the law or legal authorities involved.

Mobile Home Owner Has Some Rights

It is important to reiterate this aspect; remember this is the law that we are talking about. Yes, someone can illegally have their mobile home on your property. Yes, someone can outlive their lease when having their mobile home on your property as a tenant. Yes, someone can even abandon a mobile home on your property. Yes, these (and more) scenarios can necessitate removal. However, know that if you do not do it properly you can end up being the one at fault.


On the surface, these issues seem black and white but they are not. Imagine a scenario where someone parks or keeps mobile home on your property. They can do so after you acquire the property or even before. It would seem obvious that you are entitled to just evict them right away. However, you end up in trouble by doing so. Laws are mostly location-specific in the US. Do not just take matters into your hands. It is best to engage the police, an attorney, or preferably both. They will give you proper guidance on what you must do.