Signs Your House is About to Get Raided

Signs Your House is About to Get Raided

House raids can be a very traumatic experience in lives of many. There can be signs that your house is about to get raided but not always. House raids involves a sudden attack on one’s house either for law enforcement purposes or to steal valuable property. The owner of the house is not informed about the raid and usually the raiders prepare for the raid thoroughly before the act. There is strong information gathering to determine the owner’s daily routine, the movements, normal time one leaves and comes back. When these are established, the raiders then work on timing and execute their plan of attack. Raids are not only limited to houses, shops and banks are also prone to raids.

Who Does the Raids

As mentioned above, raids can be done either to enforce the law or to steal property belonging to someone. Law enforcement raids are usually done by law enforcers like police and the army. These are given the authority to conduct the raid for various reasons. Mostly there will be suspicion that the owner of the house is involved in some illegal or criminal activity and they will raid the house to collect evidence and catch the owner for someone who is on the run. Robbers on the other hand raid houses targeting cash and other valuables. The most common feature in all the raids is that they are very sudden and not communicated. It is very hard to really say or know that your house is about to get raided but there are some signs that may give you a warning that your house is about to get raided. These signs may or may not result in a raid for many reasons.

Unfamiliar Vehicles around Your House

This is one of the signs that your house is about to get raided but like already mentioned the raid may or may not play out. The purpose of the raid is to take the victim by surprise otherwise if the signs are clear the raid will not be effective as the evidence or valuable goods may be hidden or protected. Also the more obvious signs when they play out it may be too late to react. Usually unfamiliar vehicles are used during raids. They may move around your house to get information and your daily routine. It is very suspicious to see strange vehicles moving to and fro around your house premises. This is one sign that there might be a raid on your house being played out. Even in the last minute before raid there has to be confirmation that the setup is as planned and therefore there will be need to gather information of which unfamiliar vehicle may be the option. In some cases the vehicle may be stationary but you may not see the driver since most likely he will be inside to hide his identity. For police raids, a clear sign is when you get arrested for illegal activity or possession of dangerous weapons the probability that they are going to raid your house are very high to collect evidence against you or recover valuables.

Unfamiliar Faces Around Your House

Usually house raids require someone to provide real time information about a house. This person has to be on the ground and has to wear clothes that do not disclose identity easily. You may notice that the person is not doing anything sensible except loitering around your house and may be taking pictures or acting like he is observing something. Sometimes the person will just be located at the same place for some time and then move to a slightly different space. You should be alert and notify your neighbors about that stranger if you realize that kind of behavior. In some cases the strangers will even ask directly for help from your house and make funny excuses. These are some signs that your house is about to get raided. As mentioned earlier there are no hard and fast rules to say that the raid will definitely occur, these are just warning signs to get your alert.

Trails and Marks

This is one of the signs that your house is about to get raided. If you notice any suspicious marks on your house or gate erase them. Thieves planning to raid homes usually use these marks as their flags to be able to identify the house and so make sure to erase all unusual marks around your house. Sometimes those planning to raid your house may use fliers and decal to see if there is anyone around. It is advisable to always remove all fliers from gates or letter boxes. When letter box is full of fliers or letters this may be a sign that someone is not around and you become an easy target. Also talk to your neighbors and make them know your concerns and to see if they have noticed any suspicious activity as well. In some cases you may also need to alert your local law enforcement and provide your suspicion details.

Breach of Your Security System

The security system breach is one of the signs that your house is about to get raided. Usually raids from thieves want to make sure that the security system is down so they can attach without any evidence being collected by security devices like cameras and motion light sensors. If you notice for no reason that your system has failed this is the most important signal to warn of a possible house raid. It is important to notify your neighbors if it is in the evening. Make sure that any malfunctioning security system is immediately repaired to keep home raiders away from your house.


There are many more signals including unknown calls, disappearance of garbage to alert you of a possible raid on your house. Above all your instincts can be a very reliable signal depending on how they used to convey information to you. It is important to note that these signs are not a must happen signs as mentioned as there are many reasons why the raid may not play out. It is important to always have law enforcement contact details and neighbors as well so that in case of the raid on your house you may get help.