Most Common Makita DMR115 Problems (Plus Solutions)

There are a number of job site radios on the market. Many different brands and models; one of them is the Makita DMR115. The Makita DMR115 job site radio is an excellent pick but does have some issues. Let us look at some of the common Makita DMR115 problems.

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What Is The Makita DMR115?

The Makita DMR115 is a digital site or job site radio. The Makita DMR115 is acclaimed for its compact size and good sound quality and output. You also enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity when using the Makita DMR115 job site radio. These are some of its upsides. However, the Makita DMR115 does have some common problems.

Makita DMR115 Problems

The Makita DMR115 no doubt has great features you can enjoy. For instance, the sound is great with 6 sound modes to choose from. Be that as it may, there are common Makita DMR115 problems you need to know. This will help equip you with knowledge to be better prepared either to avoid them or address them.

1. Signal Problems

This is a fairly common Makita DMR115 problem. You may find that your Makita DMR115 tends to have a bad signal. At times it may not be picking up signals at all. Some users may rush to assume there is something wrong with their Makita DMR115. Yet it mostly is just an issue to do specifically with the signal(s). Some of the common causes of this Makita DMR115 problem are:

  • Your location may be out of range of the transmitters.
  • There may be obstructions such as thick concrete walls.
  • Some electrical devices can cause electrical interference.

Troubleshooting DAB Signal Problems

Signal problems for your Makita DMR115 are often easy to rectify. You just have to ascertain the correct cause(s) so that you address the issue comprehensively. Here are some of the remedies you can explore:

  • You try tuning in to radio live streaming platforms using the internet (by connecting your Makita DMR115 via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet) to eliminate the need to rely on transmitters
  • Change the position of your Makita DMR115 e.g. place it close to a window
  • You can explore using an external antenna instead of the built-in one
  • Place your Makita DMR115 away from electrical or electronic devices e.g. televisions

2. Power Button Not Working

It is also quite common for Makita DMR115 owners to experience some issues with the power button. Sometimes pressing the power button may not yield the desired result. Sometimes it could be that the button is either stuck or is loose. Other times it may work sometimes and not work sometimes. Makita DMR115 power button challenges may stem from the following:

  • Battery may be faulty or out of charge
  • Associated circuitry may be faulty
  • Button may be damaged or loose

Troubleshooting Power Button Not Working Problem

When this problem occurs you need to conduct some preliminary checks. This will help you to ensure you figure out the true cause of the problem. For instance, it may simply be the battery that needs attention. Here are some of the solutions when your Makita DMR115’s power button seems to not be working:

  • Check and ensure the battery is working properly
  • Fix, clean, or replace the associated circuitry underneath
  • Fix or replace the power button.

3. Not Connecting To Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the Makita DMR115’s most convenient features. There may be times when you want to connect your Makita DMR115 digital radio to a smartphone or tablet. You may experience challenges with connecting to Bluetooth. Some of the probable causes of this are:

  • Mode on the Makita DMR115 may be incorrect
  • The mobile device may not be discoverable
  • The distance between the mobile device and the Makita DMR115 may be too big
  • There may be obstructions or interferences

Troubleshooting Not Connecting To Bluetooth Problem

You have to start by checking to see what the probable cause is. This will help you to deal with the actual problem. Some of the remedies you can explore are:

  • Ensure the Makita DMR115 is in Bluetooth mode
  • Ensure mobile device Bluetooth is on and device is discoverable
  • Ensure the device is close to the Makita DMR115
  • Get rid of any objects or devices that may obstruct or cause interferences

How To Avoid Makita DMR115 Problems

Makita DMR115 problems are mainly avoided by responsible use. This significantly helps keep the Makita DMR115 digital radio working optimally. You also have to always ensure the Makita DMR115 is positioned rightly. Always see to it that there are no obstructions or interferences. When in doubt about an anomaly, always rush to engage qualified professionals.

Why Does My Digital Radio Fade In And Out?

This is an issue that has to do with your digital radio in picking signals. The moment you start hearing the sound fading in and out, you have or are losing the signal. It could be the transmitter and or the antenna that are faulty. It may simply be that you are in an area with a poor signal. It could also be that your digital radio is positioned in a spot with poor coverage. In some cases all it may need is you to adjust the antenna or aerial.

What Is The Range Of The Makita DMR115?

The Makita DMR115 digital radio is able to receive either DAB or DAB+ radio stations. Due to its Bluetooth capability i.e. Bluetooth Class 2, the Makita DMR115 can be connected to mobile devices. This is done wirelessly and maximum range is 10 meters.


Overall, the Makita DMR115 is a great digital radio to purchase. It is robust, has great sound, and its Bluetooth range is good. It is a worthy purchase for a job site radio. To get the best out of the Makita DMR115 digital radio you just have to be abreast with its common problems. The good thing is that the Makita DMR115’s common problems can be avoided. Correct positioning and responsible use often avoid most of the Makita DMR115 problems.