Is It Illegal to Pee on Someone’s Property

Peeing outside the house can feel liberating and so natural but, is it legal to pee on someone’s property? If you are thinking about the same thing then simply checkout the article below to have all you questions answered.

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Is it illegal to pee on someone’s property?

Yes, it is illegal to pee on someone’s property and you will get charged for that. For starters, the owner of the property can charge you with public urination since it is illegal to urinate in public. Secondly the owner can charge you for indecent exposure and you can land on the sex offenders list, which is not a good thing. Lastly the owner can charge you for vandalism since you will be peeing on their property and this affects their yard. If the owner wishes to take the issue to greater heights you will be charged with trespassing since you would have peed on property that does not belong to you. Therefore, you should avoid peeing on someone’s property in order to avoid all the charges stated above.

Can I pee in my backyard?

Your backyard is your private property and because of that you can do whatever you see fit with it, meaning it is legal to pee in your backyard. However, you should ensure that none of the neighbors are in plain view or watching you as you can be charged with public urination even if you are doing it on your private property. Therefore, always double check your surroundings before urinating in your backyard.

Can I pee in front of my yard?

Although the front of your yard is deemed private property you are not allowed to pee in front of it. This is because the front of your yard is visible to neighbors and pedestrians so if you try to pee in front of your house they will see it and you will be charged for public urination. It is important to know that public urination is a serious crime in U.S, therefore try by all means to desist from doing it.

Can I pee on my grass?

You should avoid peeing on your grass. This is because human urine contains high concentrations of nitrogen and sodium which affect the grass. If you continuously pee on your grass you will start noticing your grass turning yellow. This is as a result of the burning elements found in your pee.

Can I pee on the streets?

No you cannot pee on the streets because it is illegal and you will be charged for public urination and indecent exposure. In as much as relieving yourself in the streets might sound like a good idea, it is in fact a bad one which can lead you in jail or result in you getting fined. So in order to avoid this, try by all means to hold your pee until you reach home or somewhere where there is a toilet.

Can you go to jail for peeing in public?

The answer to this depends on the circumstances that led you to pee in public. For starters if you were innocently peeing in public and trying by all means not to get caught in action, then you will not go to jail but, you will be fined for it since it is a crime. However, if you were peeing in public and not even trying to hide it, you will go to jail. You will be charged for multiple crimes like public nuisance and indecent exposure which is a sexual offense.

What to do when neighbor urinates on your property

If your neighbor has urinated on your property, the best thing to do is to confront them, in most cases this means going to them whilst they are in the act. This will help you to shun their behavior and afterwards you can report this to the police. However, if your neighbor has done this for the first time you should confront them and not involve the police especially if you want to maintain good relations. If your neighbor continues peeing on your property even after you have consulted them, then you definitely need to report the issue to the police and they will deal with it.

How to report public urination

If you see someone peeing in public you should call your local police station. They will advise you on all the necessary steps you need to take. They can also give you an online form to fill in. You can also check your city’s website, they sometimes have a form which you can fill out. Remember to always remember the description of the offender so that police can track down the offender easily.

Can a child pee outside?

Technically, a child is not allowed to pee outside. This is because the law against public urination does not specify that children can be exempted.  Therefore, try to ensure that your child does not pee in public places or you could get in trouble. However, there are some instances where you can get exempted by the law, this is because kids have tiny bladders and there is little that you can do to stop them if you are in public spaces.

Can the police investigate public urination?

Yes, the police can investigate a case of public urination. This is because it is a crime for one to urinate in public and the offender needs to be punished. So the next time you see someone urinating in public you should definitely alert the police and they will investigate the matter.

Can you be charged with public urination after the fact?

Suppose you pee in public and you get away with it on that moment, the police can still arrest you later on if they have evidence that you committed the crime. Therefore, if you have peed in public before and someone saw you there is a chance that the police are still investigating the matter as long as the case is still open.


Peeing on someone’s property is a highly punishable offence which can result in you going to jail. Therefore, you should avoid this act even if you are desperate to relieve yourself.