Is It Illegal to Drive Without a Shirt?

There are many regulations that govern driving mostly with intention to enforce accident free driving. These regulations mostly vary from state to state and in some cases there are no standards leaving discretion to the authorities to decide on whether an offense was committed or not. Various penalties are applicable to anyone who violates these regulations. This article seeks to find an answer to whether it is illegal to drive without a shirt.

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Federal Law on Driving Without Shirt

To validate the legality of an act, there must be a law that prohibits that act and without an act there is no offense and hence the act will be legal. However, being legal does not mean that something is morally or culturally acceptable within a community or society. Technically, there is no law that prohibits driving without a shirt. This applies to both male and female drivers and therefore from this perspective it remains the driver’s choice whether to drive with or without a shirt. In some cases drivers may need to remove their shirts to cool down in case their AC is not working. For safety reasons despite not having federal laws that prohibits driving without a shirt, a shirt helps to protect the skin from the belt where someone can suffer skin damage and burns from seat belts.

Every city can create its own laws for its roadways and it is only depended upon the laws to say it is illegal or not to drive without shirt.

Women and Driving Shirtless

As mentioned above, there is no federal law that prohibits driving without shirt for both men and women. However, driving without shirt can be interpreted differently for woman. In some cases it may be interpreted as indecency in a public area and as such shall be deemed a violation of law and illegal. Indecency is defined as an act where a person displays his or her external organs of reproduction that may be in pubic and in the presence of someone who might end up being offended by that act. Some might argue that why that is illegal when one is using private property. Being indecent within private premises is not considered an act of indecency but however the regulations states that any vehicle being driven on a public road becomes a public place. This means driving your car without shirt for women is illegal on the basis of indecent act. Different penalties schedules are available for various states for act of indecency. This penalties depend on the offended person’s age. Act of indecency attracts a fine of up to two years imprisonment or up to $2000 depending on the gravity of the matter.

Arizona State

The Arizona state is one of the cities in the US which labels it a misdemeanor for women to drive without a shirt and driving without a shirt attracts a fine. It is recommended for one to familiarize yourself with state laws before driving on the road. In some states driving without shirt for women is illegal. Driving without shirt qualifies as obscene or indecent exposure which brings anyone violating the law subject to the law. Driving without shirt for women can disturb or distract other road users making it qualify as misdemeanor.

Washington State

In Washington, men and women are allowed to be topless or not to wear shirt even in public. This makes it legal to drive without a shirt. This however can be interpreted as indecent act if someone is offended by that dressing.

Utah State

These are examples of states that have lewdness statutes that criminalize public display of the female breast below the top of the areola. In this instance women can drive legally without a shirt as long the breasts are covered suppose with a swimming top. These are the different circumstances that legalize women to drive without a shirt otherwise outside this scope driving without a shirt with breasts exposed is illegal for women.

Men and Driving Without Shirt

Mostly you will find men driving without shirts in many cities and you will not hear any issues with that. Truck drivers and private men in most cases they may drive without shirts especially in hot weather. The driving without shirt regulations for men are a bit different from women. Men are allowed to drive without a shirt and it is deemed legal for them to do so. This applies in all states men are not fined for driving without a shirt. This is due to the fact that men not wearing a shirt is not considered an indecent or obscene act and therefore not punishable offense. The lewdness and nudity act does not include men not wearing a shirt as an indecent act. It is important to note that while there is no regulation which forbids men to drive without a shirt, it does not mean that culturally or socially it is acceptable. Different states have different cultures and religious beliefs and have a bias towards certain moral principles and standards. It is therefore important to make sure that while it is legal for men to drive without a shirt, which moral principles dictates the lifestyle of a particular region, what are the religious and social principles that restricts such acts. Sometimes people may find it offensive for a men driving public transport to drive without a shirt.


It can be concluded that while there is no law that prohibits driving without a shirt for both men and women, there are certain laws and acts that considers it indecent for women in particular not to wear a shirt in public and while exposing breasts. In short it is legal for men and women to drive without a shirt as long the breasts for women are not exposed otherwise it is illegal. It is also important as highlighted above to consider the social, religious and moral principles of a state when it comes to driving without a shirt. Drivers should familiarize themselves with these issues so that they are not found on the wrong side of the law.