How To Legally Ban Someone From Your Property

As a homeowner, you are legally allowed to ban people from your house, however you need to have a good reason as to why you are banning them. In this article we are going to be discussing about how to legally ban someone from your property.

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How To Legally Ban Someone From Your Property

Banning someone from your house might seem like a cruel thing to do but, we all have our reasons as to why we wouldn’t want a person on your property. Whatever the reasons might be, here are a few tips are ticks you can use to get rid of someone on your property.

NB: Never ban anyone from your property without a clear reason as you may end up facing a lawsuit.

Talk To The Person

One of the best ways of banning someone from your property is to tell them directly. Explain to them in a polite manner why you are banning them. Make sure that you have a reliable witness whilst you tell the person. This is because, if the same person continues coming back you will need a witness to testify that you had once warned them.

Put Up A Sign

If you own the property, you are allowed to put a “No Trespassing” sign on your yard. This will help the person get the message more effectively. If they try to enter your property whilst the sign is on, it will be considered as trespassing and you can have them charged for that.

Send Certified Letter To The Person

If talking or putting up a sign does not stop the person from coming to your house you can then engage a lawyer to help you. Explain to them why you are banning the person from your property. After explaining to them, they can draft a letter to the person, stating the exact reasons why they have been banned from your property. The letter should be sent to the person and they are supposed to sign it and give you a copy of the letter as proof that they received it.

Get A No Trespass Warrant Or Order

To be on the safe side, you can always ask your lawyer to go to the court and ask for a No trespass warrant. The No trespass warrant is a legal document that bans the person from entering your house. If they violate the warrant, they can be arrested or fined.

What Happens When You Ban Someone From Your Property

When you ban someone from your house you should expect anything. Some people tend to understand the situation easily whilst others may prove to be a bit hard headed. So when banning someone from your property make sure you do it the correct way. Avoid letting your emotions take over as you can end up fighting with the person and you risk facing a lawsuit for your actions. When planning on banning someone from your property, the best thing you need to do is to seek advice from a lawyer. Ask them to help you draft everything so that you do not risk being sued. Before banning anyone from your property especially a tenant make sure you have a good reason as they can file a lawsuit against you.

How To Prevent People From Entering Your Property

If you want to stop people from entering your property, here are a few things you can do;

Install Camera’s

One of the best ways to prevent people from entering your property is to install surveillance cameras. These will help to capture the faces of people who enter your property. If you had previously told someone that they are banned from your house and they see that you have cameras, they won’t even dare to enter your yard.

Put Sprinklers

You can also install motion detecting sprinklers on your yard. These will help to ensure that anyone who comes on your yard gets sprinkled with water. This will then force them to move off your property for good.

Install Locks

Another great way of getting rid of people from your property is to change the locks. Make sure that you install new locks on all your doors just in case the previous tenant had copies.

Put A Fence

Adding a fence onto your property is a great way of getting rid of trespassers. If the person continues coming back on your property you can always place a fence right round your property. If they enter the fence without your permission it is regarded as trespassing.

Put A Sign

If you want to prevent someone from getting on your property you can always put a sign on your yard. Its either you put a “No Trespassing” sign or a “24/7 surveillance” on your yard. These signs will help to prevent trespassers from entering.

Can I Tell Someone To Get Off My Property?

Yes, you can tell someone to get off your property. You can either tell them verbally or you can write a written notice to them. Make sure you have a good reason as to why you are banning them. It is important to know that you can only ban someone from your house if it is your private property. If you are renting the premises you are not allowed to do so.

How Do You Legally Make Someone Stay Away From You?

The best way to make someone stay away from you is to file a restraining order against them. A restraining order will help to keep you safe from that person especially if they have been abusing you. If you want a restraining order against someone you will need to visit the police or go to the court. Make sure, you also have a lawyer to represent you whilst you file the restraining order.


Banning someone from your house is an easy task when you follow the guide above. It is important to remember that you should always have a clear reason as to why you are banning the person or else you can get sued.