Generac Control Board Problems: Troubleshooting and Tips

Every generator has its problems and the Generac generator is no exception. In this article we will focus mainly on the control board problems experienced by Generac generators and recommend ways of resolving these problems.

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What Is A Generac Control Board?

The Generac control board is an important component of the generator. This component is responsible for receiving information from the sensors which it then uses to control the monitor, engine, electrical output and more.

Generac Control Board Problems

NB: Generac generators are sold with control boards that are in perfect condition and the problems listed below are usually influenced by wear and tear or human error.

1. Starting Problems

One of the most common problems which is caused by a faulty Generac control board is starting problems. If your control board is damaged or faulty, the generator will refuse to start. Therefore, you will need to check the control board each time your generator refuses to start.

2. Voltage Problems

If the control board of your Generac generator is faulty you will experience voltage issues with your generator. In most cases, the generator will either produce too much voltage or low voltage. Voltage problems have the potential of causing harm to any appliances that may be plugged in.

3. Frequency Problems

A faulty control board on your Generac generator can also cause frequency problems. In most cases the frequency can either be too high or too low and this has the potential of damage appliances or electronics that nay be plugged in.

4. Overloading

A faulty Generac control board can also cause overloading issues in the generator. If the generator is overloaded it will overheat and the generator may get damaged.

Troubleshooting Generac Control Board Problems

If you suspect that there are problems with the control board of your Generac generator you should be equipped with all the information on how to resolve the problem. Below are a few methods that you can use to troubleshoot control board problems.

Test The Control Board

Before trying to fix or replace a control board for a Generac generator you should test the control board for continuity and voltage. In order to conduct the tests you need to have a multimeter. If you do not feel comfortable testing the control board you can seek assistance from a qualified professional.

Reset The Control Board

Once you have tested the control board of your Generac generator you should reset the control board. In order to do this simply switch off the generator  and disconnect the battery. Wait for about 30 minutes before reconnecting the battery and switching on the generator.

Replace The Control Board

If resetting the control board does not solve your problems you should consider replacing the control board with a new one. However, before purchasing the control board you should start by checking the model of your generator so that you can buy the correct control board. Once you have the correct size of the control board you should start by disconnecting the battery and any wires that mya be connected to the board. Remove the old board and replace it with the new one. To avoid any mistakes you should carefully read and follow the manufacturers instructions. Once you have installed the control board you should test your generator.

Causes Of Generac Control Board Problems

Wear And Tear

One of the main causes of Generac control board problems is wear and tear of the generator. All generators are prone to aging overtime and when this happens the control board will start experiencing problems. In order to prevent this from happening it is very important that you replace any worn out components or parts with new ones.

Excessive Use

Another common cause of Generac control board problems is excessive use of the generator. If you constantly use  the generator there is a good chance that the control board will succumb to wear and tear. Therefore, you should try to limit your usage of the generator.

Poor Maintenance

If you are someone who cannot maintain your generator it will definitely experience most of the problems indicated in this article. Therefore, it is very important that you regularly service and maintain your generator. This means inspecting the engine before every use so that you can replenish the oil. It also gives you a chance to check the battery connections and wirings.

How Do I Reset My Generac Controller?

In order to reset a Generac controller you should start by switching off the generator and disconnecting any loads that may have been connected to the generator. Locate the OFF button on the generator and turn it on. Wait for a few seconds before turning the generator ON again.

What Causes A Generac Generator To Stop Working?

There are a number of factors that may cause a Generac generator to stop working. Below are some of those factors;

  • Lack of fuel.
  • Dead battery.
  • Low oil levels.
  • Bad starter motor.
  • A faulty or damaged controll board.
  • Faulty spark plug.
  • Dirty air filters.
  • Clogged fuel valves.
  • Damaged carburettor.

What Is The Most Common Problem With Generac Generators?

The most common problemsl with Generac generators is the control board. This is actaully one if the most important components found on generator and any damage to it affects the overal performance of the machine. Another common problem with Generac generators is that the battery can easily get damaged or worn out.

What Causes Generator To Consume More Fuel?

One of the major things that can cause your generator to consume more fuel is when you overload your generator. This means connecting more appliances which can not be fully supported by the generator.


While the Generac generator might seem like a problematic generator it is actually one of the best brands on the market. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a Generac generator don’t let this article derail you. The problems indicated above can be avoided if you take good care of the generator. It is worth remembering that Generac generators need to be serviced regularly.