Kawasaki FD620D Engine Problems : How To Fix

There are many brands behind the different types of gasoline engines. One of those brands is Kawasaki. Under its broad range of gasoline engines it has the Kawasaki FD620D engine. In our discussion today we shall be looking at some of the common Kawasaki FD620D problems. We will also explore solutions to those problems as well.

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What Is The Kawasaki FD620D Engine?

The Kawasaki FD620D is a general purpose engine. The Kawasaki FD620D engine is a gasoline engine typically found in Kawasaki mowers. The Kawasaki FD620D engine is a liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. The Kawasaki FD620D delivers a maximum horsepower of 19 HP at 3600 rpm. The Kawasaki FD620D engine is an ideal choice but does have problems of its own.

Kawasaki FD620D Engine Problems

As is often the case with gasoline engines, the Kawasaki FD620D has some common problems. It is essential that you know them so that you can strategically avoid and or address them. Here are some of the common Kawasaki FD620D problems:

1. Not Starting Or Hard Starting

A common Kawasaki FD620D engine problem regards its starting. Sometimes the engine may be hard to start or may not start at all. This Kawasaki FD620D engine problem usually stems from the following:

  • Insufficient, wrong, or contaminated fuel
  • Spark plug could be faulty, damaged, or worn out
  • Fuel filter may be clogged
  • Carburettor could be faulty, dirty, or damaged
  • Throttle cable could be misaligned or worn out

Troubleshooting Not Starting Or Hard Starting Problem

Typically you must make checks on the fuel, fuel system, and other related components. Once you have figured out the issue you can explore the following remedies:

  • Top up or replace fuel
  • Fix or replace spark plug
  • Flush or replace fuel filter
  • Fix, clean, or replace carburettor
  • Realign or replace throttle cable

2. Erratic Performance Or Running

This is another common Kawasaki FD620D engine problem. It may occur that your Kawasaki FD620D engine may not consistently run stably. Often time the problem is caused by the following:

  • Cooling fins could be faulty or dirty
  • Ignition may be faulty
  • Throttle cable may be faulty or stuck
  • Air filter could be clogged
  • Fuel pump may be faulty or clogged

Troubleshooting Erratic Performance Or Running

This again is a Kawasaki FD620D engine problem often easy to figure out. Just ensure to make the necessary checks to ascertain the root cause. Once you are done you can consider the following solutions:

  • Fix, clean, or replace cooling fins
  • Fix ignition system
  • Fix, realign, or replace throttle cable
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Fix or flush fuel pump

3. Stalling

It is common as well for your Kawasaki FD620D engine to stall. This is also a Kawasaki FD620D engine problem that tends to be easy to deal with. Some of the probable causes of the problem are:

  • Damaged or worn out spark plug
  • Faulty or dirty carburettor
  • Faulty, damaged, or worn out ignition coil
  • Damaged or loose valve springs
  • Insufficient, wrong, or contaminated fuel

Troubleshooting Stalling Problem

It is imperative that you check all possible sources of the problem. Correct diagnosis is the key to addressing the problem correctly. Some of the remedies to the Kawasaki FD620D engine stalling problem are:

  • Fix or replace spark plug
  • Fix, clean, or replace carburettor
  • Fix or replace ignition coil
  • Fix, tighten, or replace valve springs
  • Top up or replace fuel

4. Overheating

Another common Kawasaki FD620D engine problem is overheating. It is not a problem to make you despair. Some of the common causes of the Kawasaki FD620D engine overheating problem are:

  • Low engine oil
  • Overloaded engine
  • Blocked air intake screen
  • Faulty or dirty carburettor
  • Incorrect ignition timing

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

When your Kawasaki FD620D engine overheats you must do some checks. Usually the root cause is easy to establish. Some of the possible solutions to use are:

  • Top or replace engine oil
  • Reduce load on the engine
  • Clean air intake screen
  • Fix, clean, or replace carburettor
  • Adjust ignition timing

5. Excessive Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption has a huge impact on the cost of operating a Kawasaki FD620D engine. That is why it becomes problematic if your Kawasaki FD620D engine starts excessively consuming fuel. Once you start noticing that, some of the possible causes of the problem are:

  • Throttle opening is too small
  • Carburettor main jet may be incorrectly adjusted
  • Loose or faulty spark plug
  • Damaged, worn out, or stuck valves
  • Worn out components e.g. piston or piston rings

Troubleshooting Excessive Fuel Consumption Problem

You have to establish the correct root cause. The possible causes are many. Once you have narrowed down the possibilities, the solutions you can explore are:

  • Ensure throttle opening is sufficient; replace throttle cable if need be
  • Correctly adjust carburettor main jet
  • Tighten, fix, or replace spark plug
  • Fix, adjust, or replace valves
  • Replace worn out components

How To Avoid Kawasaki FD620D Engine Problems

Performing regular preventive maintenance on your Kawasaki FD620D engine is pertinent. This entails things such as oil changes, tune ups, replacing worn out components, and tightening or realigning some components. This should be coupled with or premised on inspecting your Kawasaki FD620D before and after every use. You should also thoroughly clean your Kawasaki FD620D engine and always keep it clean. Use your Kawasaki FD620D engine within the confines of what is recommended. For instance, do not overload or overuse it. These are the fundamentals behind responsible use that will avoid common Kawasaki FD620D engine problems.

How Do I Know My Kawasaki FD620D Engine Needs Maintenance?

There are a number of signs some of which are erratic performance, strange noises, smoking, spiking fuel consumption, and so on. Whenever some anomalies emerge you know it is time to do some maintenance work.

How Much Oil Does The Kawasaki FD620D Engine Take?

The Kawasaki FD620D engine’s oil capacity is 1.6 quarts.


The common Kawasaki FD620D engine problems are generally easy to diagnose and fix. That is why you should not let them deter you from using a Kawasaki FD620D engine. You just have to stick to the tenets of responsible use and your user experience will be worthwhile.