How To Catch Someone Sneaking Around Your House

Catch Someone Sneaking Around Your House

It is very uncanny to catch someone sneaking around your house but it can happen to anyone. It may be a nosy neighbor who is sneaking around your house or straight up burglar, whomever or whatever the reason for this sneaking around it is against the law and can be considered as trespassing. Because whenever a person (especially strangers) is moving around on your property without your permission, it is trespassing. With that being said here’s how to catch someone who is sneaking around your house.

So Why Would Anyone Sneak Around Your House

First of all you have to consider that no one who is sneaking on your property is doing it with good intentions, they are sneaking which means they do not want to be seen by you or anyone in your house as they are sneaking. The person may be snooping around your property to get a scope of the general movement and overview of your property so as to commit burglary in the long run. Or it could be someone as benign as a prankster trying to get some laughs out of you for the wrong reasons. You may hear sounds of footsteps, a door or window opening, or you may see the movement of the sneaker yourself. Whatever the case, it is best not to engage with the person sneaking if you perceive them to be a threat to your well-being, but if you are confident you can handle the situation (provided it is somebody you know) then you can rightly proceed to calling out at the person.

Catching Someone Sneaking Around Your House

When someone is sneaking around your house, it may have been pre-planned. Which means that your house might have been scouted on by the sneaker before they decided to engage. Some sneakers or perps (short for perpetrator) will actually manage to get away before you can do anything about the issue. However there are some very effective methods you use to ensure you catch a sneaker who would be trespassing on your property. The crime might happen when you’re away and you only notice it via left-behind footprints, a misplaced or broken item or in extreme cases a door or window of your house that is left open by the perp.

Setup Traps

There are a variety of traps you can setup in order to catch somebody who might be sneaking on your property. For example a dye tray sprays a semi-permanent dye onto the sneaker via a motion sensitive trigger or remote trigger. Not only will the dye stay permanently on the perp, it will also help you identify them if they happen to be a neighbor or someone you know. Just be sure to place the dye trap at a height where it’ll be able to spray a vital body part (like the face and arms, generally any area of the body that cannot be covered by clothing.) Another kind of trap is a pit trap, but this one requires more work as you would have to dig a hole deep enough to fit a person and then conceal it and hope the sneaker falls into it, so it is not completely full proof.

Setup Cameras Around Your House

Whatever the case may be, the best way to catch a sneaker is to setup cameras all around your house. A camera setup is very easy to setup and affordable too. You will be sure to catch the perpetrated on the camera or recorded footage whilst they’re trespassing. Most sneakers will do the act on a whim, hoping to get something or see something in your house. It’s important to note however that not all places in your house can have a camera setup, this is especially true for places in your house you would like privacy (they include; the bathroom, bedrooms, study room, etcetera.) These are areas with blindspots, where the perp may come in undetected and sneak about in your house. Therefore be sure to secure your windows and doors when there’s no activity happening in your house (whether you’re around or not.)

Setup Movement Sensitive Alarms

In cases where your camera setup blindspots, you can setup movement sensitive alarms that you would have to hide in plain sight so that they’re not easily recognized (they should match the background of the place they’re on.) Movement sensitive alarms are great because they’ll alert you or make a loud noise as soon as someone enters the movement sensor’s proximity (and they’re not supposed to be there.) If it just so happens that you’re not around when the sneaking is taking place, the sneaker will be sure to get a big scare from the sound of the alarm and then leave your house immediately. Or if your neighbors are around, they may take it upon themselves to take pictures or record video with their phones.

  • Because the best way to catch a perp without putting them or yourself in danger is via photographic or video graphic evidence and then reporting the matter to the police immediately.

Use Self Defense Utilities Like A Taser

A self defense utility can be a stun gun or a taser, a baton or rope, etcetera. You just want to be sure you can incapacitate the sneaker just in time for you to be able to call the police. But be warned, this method puts you on the frontline, and you have to be discreet such that the perp doesn’t notice you if you want to use close up self defense utilities like a baton or rope. But with a stun gun or taser, you can use it from a distance and aim it at the sneaker to then incapacitate them and then catch them. A taser is not dangerous and is often used by law enforcement to catch perps who might be running away from them. And because the sneaker will be trespassing on your property, it is perfectly legal to use in order to catch the perp.


It is creepy for someone to sneak around your house to say the least. The fact that someone can breach your house’s boundaries and simply walk around your property, sneaking without any sort of resolve. When faced with such an enigma, you need to call the police, but as mentioned above it may be someone you know who may just want to surprise or scare you. So you always have to keep a calm demeanor, sometimes if you make a sound yourself or make a movement  to alert the sneaker that you’ve noticed or heard them, they may run away. If you want to catch the sneaker, do none of these things and sit calmly. But do not ever try to engage someone sneaking around your house if it is dark outside and you do not know the person.