Chances Of Someone Breaking Into Your House At Night

It is a very serious fear for most people when thinking about someone (a stranger) breaking into their into their house at night, we often hear stories of people or see instances in movies whereby people’s houses are broken into whilst they’re asleep. However, you may wonder to yourself what the chances are of someone breaking into your house at unlikely hours of the night; when you and your family might be sleeping in. Burglary is a very serious crime and can be very dangerous for the people it is perpetrated on. It can lead to kidnappings (if the burglars do not get what they want) or a hostage situation that van also then lead to death. Either way or outcome, it is not a pretty sight.

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How Someone Can Break Into Your House At Night

During the night (right after sunset and just before sunrise) it is particularly hard to see and most of the doors and windows in your household are locked, so anyone who wants to break into your house may find it very difficult to do so. But however difficult it is still very likely to occur. A burglary or break in can happen at any time of the day so it is important to keep a consistent alertness throughout the day (and night) to help yourself and those whom you live with.

They Use Tools To Break Into Your House

The person who will try breaking into your house at night has to make use of a torch so as to illuminate their path and if your house is well secured with locks and reinforced gates then the person would have to use a tool as strong and drastic as a crowbar to break the lock or the gate at the lock. You should know that a person who break has the potential to break into your house at night should be considered a burglar. Burglary (as stated in the introduction) is a very serious crime, and because the burglar(s) would have broken into your house using a tool (crowbar, hammer, lock pick, etcetera) that can potentially harm you. The burglar(s) Can be charged with conspiracy to murder if they’re caught by the police.

  • A burglar will often carry tools like a universal lock pick (that is capable of picking most locks.) But if your locks are too complicated to pick, the burglar might just use force to break into your house. If you are awakened by the sound of something strange happening in your house at night and you’re sure it isn’t you or anyone else in your house, do not attempt to engage or approach the place where the sound is coming from if you cannot defend yourself.

They Cut Off Your Home’s Power Supply

Some burglars will cut off your house’s power supply to disable any home alarm system you might have in place. This ensures that they do their bidding without any alarms sounding or you being alerted in any form for quite some time if the burglar(s) also happen to maintain a discreet operation. If you’re fortunate, the burglary can happen whilst you are sound asleep and you might only notice that your stuff was stolen or your house was broken into when you wake up in the morning. The fortune there being that the burglar(s) did not engage with you or anyone in your house because that could have been a very dangerous exchange for everyone involved. The burglary may have lead to someone being seriously hurt, injured or kidnapped because the burglar’s face would have been exposed.

  • That is why it is advised, even by law enforcement to secure the place you will be in if you happen to wake up during a night time break in at your house, and then after immediately call the police. If you want to defend your home you have a legal right to do so, but it can be at the expense of your own life. You never know what the burglar is capable of.

Consider Acquiring A Dog

Dogs are highly sensitive creatures. Their noses and ears serve them very well and can serve you very well too if you get one. A dog will be able to detect an intruder or a burglar way before they manage to enter your house or your yard. Not only will a dog alert you of any approaching burglars, it will also scare away the burglar if possible. If the burglar(s) doesn’t get scared away by a barking dog, you can take the step to call the authorities before they even manage to slip away.

Consider Getting A Weapon For Self Defense

If you are confident you can defend your house from potential night time burglaries then it is within your legal right to get a weapon like a gun or a night stick to help you defend your house from night time trespassers and burglars. If you are defending your property against an obvious trespasser like a burglar then you are allowed to even fire the gun or beat the burglar with a night stick at will. Just be sure that the gun does not endanger anyone in your house or you will be arrested for that, especially if your gun is endangering children.


It is a scary and chilling thought to think that someone can break into your house at night but it is a very real possibility. You need to be vigilant but not so much so as to be paranoid all the time. Anyone is capable of breaking into your house not just strangers or burglars sometimes even your nosy neighbors can do it. So be very particular about who you let into your house because they just might be the ones plotting to break into your house and you will be giving them an opportunity to get a layout of the house.