What Does A Blue Light On A House Mean?

Colored lights are getting commonly used in many houses nowadays and many people would wonder what message these colors convey to the masses. There are various interpretations to the blue light on a house. Some people attach it to personal preferences while some claim there are statutory fulfilments for the color on a house. It is important to note that there are many instances where one may observe different colored lights on a house. They may vary from blue, red, purple and green porch lights and all having different meanings.

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How To Install Colored Light On A House

One may wonder how these blue lights were installed on a house especially if you notice the same house having different colored lights at different seasons. However the process is quite simple, all you need to do is purchase your colored bulb and install on your house. You may prefer to use color changing bulbs for various times or seasons. These multiple color bulbs may help you not to purchase too many bulbs for your house but they are a bit expensive compared to single color light bulbs. These can be purchased from various stores online and other physical outlets. You may need to get assistance to install if you are not technically competent.

Why Blue Light

The blue light on a house is commonly used to resemble three main things which are National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Autism Month and Alopecia Areata awareness. The blue light is meant to show solidarity under these circumstances. For national law enforcement appreciation day, a blue light shows solidarity with all law enforcement authorities. While it started as a way of honoring fallen law enforcement heroes like police officers, it has emerged to be a solidarity movement for all law enforcement wings including currently active members for their sacrifice and dedication to serve the nation on a daily basis. People can also show their solidarity by tying a blue ribbon on their homes or to their mailbox or lamppost. The other way to show support is by  sending solidarity messages on the national law enforcement awareness website on the month of May which is regarded as the awareness month.

Autism refers to an ill-health condition or disorders in children mainly characterized by abnormal challenges with social skills development, non-verbal communication, speech and repetitive behaviors. Alopecia areata on the other hand refers to ill-health condition of sudden hair loss which may start as a bald patch and may progress to cover whole head. The blue light may also be used to show support for all the people affected by these conditions.

Other Colored Lights On A House

There are also other light colors just like the blue color which may be put on a house to observe various issues on many houses. These colors also have their different meanings from an awareness point of view. Let us look at some of the colors and their meanings.

  • Red Light: This colored light is mostly used during American heart month of February to show support for the importance of a health cardiovascular system which is the heart mainly. It is also used to show solidarity for the firefighters who dedicated their lives to protect the society and humans from fire. It is usually observed on the 4th of May and people can show their solidarity by changing their porch lights to red.
  • Green Light: Green light is meant to show support for their veterans who sacrificed for their country and those still continuing in serving their nation. The day dedicated for this is every November on the 11th. The green color is also associated with their army uniform color Green light on a house may also show support for people suffering from Lyme disease. Every month of May an awareness is raised by switching of Red lights on a house in observance of this disease. Lastly red light is used for St. Patrick’s Day observance.
  • There are many other light colors used for different awareness. Purple light is used to show solidarity with survivors and those who fell victims to domestic violence observed every October. In the same month breast cancer awareness is observed by switching your light to purple color.

Is It Illegal Not To Put Blue Light On A House

Many questions may come to one’s mind whether not putting a blue light on a house is illegal. Putting blue color on a house is not a legal requirement and therefore one cannot be sued for not observing it. The same goes for all the other colored lights, it is not a legal requirement for observing them but however it is important to join the whole community in raising awareness and showing solidarity as represented by those colors. By doing that we encourage those that are still sacrificing their lives to serve the nation and those that are inspired to follow the same footsteps. Also it is important to show solidarity and raise awareness of different ill-health conditions that many of our friends are suffering from and let them know they have our support at all times. If one is not comfortable putting the blue light you may resort to other ways of showing solidarity as highlighted above.

Where Else Can I Put Blue Lights

Blue lights for honoring fallen police force members and law enforcement agents is not limited to house only. Also it is not limited to lights. Net lights in blue can also be used for bushes and shrubs and also for wrapping trees around the community. Others may prefer using blue ribbons on trees and shrubs.


Blue light on a house is a widely recognized way of raising awareness and showing solidarity which everyone is encouraged to participate in. There are also many ways where joining with the rest of the member states in honoring our heroes and remembering those with different ill-health conditions besides putting these colored bulbs on our houses.