CFMOTO 650NK Problems : Fixes & Solutions

There are so many motorcycles to pick from. Some of the notable motorcycle models are made by CFMOTO. One of its motorcycle models is the CFMOTO 650NK. It comes with some cutting edges features. However, we will be focusing most on the common CFMOTO 650NK problems.

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What Is The CFMOTO 650NK?

The CFMOTO 650NK is a 649 cc BS VI engine motorcycle. It delivers an impeccable 55.7 HP or 41.5 kW. The other cool feature about the CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle is its connectivity to your smartphone. You can connect your CFMOTO 650NK using the CFMOTO RIDE mobile app. The CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle also comes with a 3 year warranty. These are some convenient attributes but we need to explore the common CFMOTO 650NK problems.

CFMOTO 650NK Problems

The CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle is robust, powerful, and convenient in many ways. That, however, does not eliminate the possibility of some problems arising. There are some common CFMOTO 650NK problems and you need to know them. Here are some of the common CFMOTO 650NK problems:

1. Poor Braking

One of the common CFMOTO 650NK problems is poor braking. You may notice that your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle does not brake efficiently. Sometimes you may even hear unusual sounds when braking. This is a CFMOTO 650NK problem that may be caused by:

  • Damaged or worn out brake pads
  • Brake fluid level too low
  • Damaged or faulty brake lines
  • Damaged or faulty master cylinder

Troubleshooting Poor Braking Problem

You must conduct some comprehensive checks to ascertain the root cause. This will help you narrow down the possible causes. Some of the solutions you can explore here are:

  • Replace brake pads
  • Top up or replace brake fluid
  • Fix or replace brake lines
  • Fix or replace master cylinder

2. Overheating

This is another common CFMOTO 650NK problem. Once your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle is overheating, you will usually notice it. This is a problem that requires immediate attention. Some of the probable causes of the problem are:

  • Insufficient engine oil and or coolant
  • Insufficiently inflated tires
  • Faulty or damaged carburettor
  • Partially engaged brakes

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

Do some checks first on your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle. The thrust is to establish anything that may cause the engine of your CFMOTO 650NK to overwork. By so doing you will most likely easily figure out the root cause. Some of the solutions to explore here are:

  • Top up or replace engine oil and or coolant
  • Sufficiently inflate your tires
  • Fix or replace carburettor
  • Ensure brakes are not stuck

3. Flat Tires

This is another common CFMOTO 650NK problem. You may tend to experience flat tires when using your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle. This is problem that usually stems from the following:

  • Reckless riding
  • Tires could be poor quality
  • Tires could be worn out
  • Overuse of the motorcycle
  • Tires could be overexposed to the elements

Troubleshooting Flat Tires Problem

This is a fairly easy CFMOTO 650NK problem to address. Just check the tires to figure out where the issue is coming from. Then you can explore the following solutions:

  • Ride responsibly
  • Replace tires with high quality ones
  • Replace tires when worn out
  • Use your motorcycle moderately
  • Ensure tires are not overexposed to e.g. rain, sunlight

4. Starting Complications

It is also common to at times encounter starting complications when using your CFMOTO 650NK. Starting may be hard or may not occur at all. It is not a particularly challenging problem to address. Some of the common causes of this starting problem are:

  • Switch may be in OFF position
  • Fuel clock may be in OFF position
  • Insufficient, contaminated, or wrong fuel
  • Spark plug could be worn out or misaligned
  • Air filter may be clogged

Troubleshooting Starting Complications

Conduct thorough checks so that you ascertain the correct root cause. Doing that should make it so easy for you to figure it all out. Then you can explore the following solutions:

  • Ensure switch is in ON position
  • Ensure fuel clock is in ON position
  • Top up or replace fuel
  • Adjust or replace spark plug
  • Clean or replace air filter

5. Excessive Smoking

It may occur that your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle may excessively smoke. That is definitely an issue that requires attention. Some of the causes of this problem are:

  • Contaminated fuel
  • Clogged air filter
  • Carburettor may be faulty
  • Faulty levers e.g. clutch and or gear change levers
  • Clutch plates may be worn out

Troubleshooting Excessive Smoking Problem

Start off by ensuring your checks are comprehensive. This will help you identify the actual source of the problem. Then you can consider the following remedies:

  • Replace fuel
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Fix or replace carburettor
  • Fix or replace clutch and or gear change levers
  • Replace clutch plates

How To Avoid CFMOTO 650NK Problems

Before and after every time you use your CFMOTO 650NK you must inspect it. This will help in identifying areas requiring attention sooner. You must also prioritize routine maintenance. This involves things like tune ups or replacement of worn out components. It is also important to keep your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle clean. Only use your CFMOTO 650NK as stipulated in the user manual. This will influence your usage dynamics by e.g. desisting from abusing your CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle. You must only use recommended products be it for fuel, oils, and parts, amongst others. All these practices put together will help avoid common CFMOTO 650NK problems.

Are CFMOTO Motorcycles Good?

Yes. CFMOTO motorcycles are generally robust due to their high quality components. They also have a long list of convenient features. Plus, CFMOTO motorcycles have a stylish and comfortable design.

What Is The Fuel Economy Of The CFMOTO 650NK?

The CFMOTO 650NK deliver a maximum power of 60 HP at 9000 rpm. The maximum torque stands at 56 Nm at 7000 rpm. The mileage you can get on the CFMOTO 650NK is 21 kilometers per liter.


The CFMOTO 650NK motorcycle is clad with many desirable features. No wonder many users speak highly of the CFMOTO 650NK. The CFMOTO 650NK’s great features are not basis enough to relax. That is why you must use this information on common CFMOTO 650NK problems proactively. That way, you will enhance your user experience even further.