Who Buys Light Fixtures Near Me?

Do you know that you can sell light fixtures and earn a bit of cash? If you would want to know where you can sell light fixtures simply checkout the article below. We will also provide a step by step guide on how you can go about the whole process.

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Who Buys Light Fixtures Near Me

Facebook Marketplace– here you can find different buyers who are looking to purchase light fixtures so you can always place an advert there.

Vintage Cash Cow– they usually buy vintage light fixtures so if you have any in your house, you can try contacting them via their website.

5Miles– this application enables you to sell your light fixtures to people within 5 miles of your current location, so you can always place an advert there.

eBay– a variety of buyers looking to buy light fixtures can be found on eBay so don’t hesitate to place your advert there.

Craigslist-this is one of the best places where you can sell your light fixtures. This is because a number of people are familiar with this platform so there is a chance you will find authentic buyers.

LetGo– this is also an online store where you can sell your light fixtures You will be surprised about how many people might be interested in the product you are selling. In order to use LetGo to sell your items, simply login to the app using your Facebook account and follow the rest of the instructions.

OfferUp– this is a great place to list your light fixtures. In order to use OfferUp, simply download it to your mobile device and sign up.

Shpock– this is an online store which sells a variety of things including light fixtures, so you can always list your items there.

Mercari– this app takes commission for your sales, so you need to be aware of that before listing your light fixtures here. The good part about this app is that you can find potential buyers near you.

Amazon– you can sell your light fixtures on Amazon. There is a chance that you will find a lot of potential buyers that may be interested in your products.

VarageSale– this is a virtual store where you can sell your light fixtures for a good price.

eBid– you sell your light fixtures on this platform, there is a good chance that you will find a lot of interested buyers.

Depop– this is an image based marketplace where you can sell your light fixtures for a good price.

Antique Shops– if there are any antique shops in your area you can try selling them there however, you need to ensure that your light fixtures are old enough to be regarded as antiques.

Auction– you can take your light fixtures to a local auction, there is a chance that they may be willing to purchase them.

Yard Sale– you can also have a yard sale where you advertise your light fixtures, you may be amazed with the number of people who are willing to purchase it for a decent price.

Guidelines For Selling Light Fixtures Online

Research Prices

Before you can sell anything online it is very important that you research on the prices. In this case you will need to conduct basic research in order to find out how much other people are selling their light fixtures for. You can research using the internet or you can just visit a local antique or auction to see how much they sell their light fixtures for. Researching on prices helps to ensure that you do not over value or under value your items.

Take Pictures

When selling anything it is always important to have pictures of the item. This way you can show your customers the condition of your product. In this case you will have to capture all angles of the light fixtures and ensure that the pictures are high quality. Avoid using downloaded pictures from the internet as they can be very misleading to customers and you may lose business because of that.

Add Caption And Description

When you have taken pictures and uploaded them on the platform where you are selling the light fixtures it is very important that you add a nice caption and a detailed description of the product. This helps your audience to understand your product a little more.

Add Contact Details

You should also include your contact details on the post. This helps to ensure that interested customers contact you directly. You can use a temporary mobile number and email address so that you do not receive spam messages or email even after you have finished selling your light fixtures.

State Price

When placing an advert online it is very important that you also state the price of your light fixtures on the post. This way customers can know how much you are charging before they try to engage you. If you have a preferred payment method it is important that you also include that on your advert.

Indicate Location

When advertising items online it is important to include your location. This helps to ensure that customers who are in the same area as you are can contact you directly.

Are Old Light Fixtures Worth Anything?

It depends on the state of the light fixture. If it is old but still functional, it can be worth a lot of money. In some instances it will be regarded as an antique light fixture. However, it is old and damaged it will not be worth anything.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Light Fixtures?

The best place to sell light fixtures is on online stores. This is because most people search for things online so if you place an advert on any of the stores indicated in this article, there is a good chance that you will find buyers.


Selling light fixtures is a great way of making some extra money. It is worth noting that there are a lot of scam artists online, therefore you should remain vigilant when selling products online.