Who Buys Movado Watches Near Me?

Movado has definitely created a name for itself when it comes to producing quality watches and if you own a watch from Movado you can easily sell it and earn yourself some money. Below we look at who buys Movado watches near you so that you can easily get in touch with them.

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Who Buys Movado Watches Near Me

Facebook Marketplace– here you can find different buyers of Movado watches so you can always place an advert there.

The Gold Standard if you stay in New York, you can contact this company, they are always willing to buy authentic Movado watches.

Vintage Cash Cow– they usually buy different types of watches including Movado watches, so you can always contact them on their website.

Bullock– this company is always looking to buying a variety of watches including Movado watches so you can always try to contact them via their website.

5Miles– this application enables you to sell your Movado watches to people within 5 miles of your current location.

eBay– a variety of buyers looking to buy Movado watches can be found on eBay so don’t hesitate to place your advert there.

Craigslist-this is one of the best places where you can sell your Movado watches. Before posting pictures of your watches, just do a little bit of research to find out how much you can sell them for.

LetGo– this is also an online store where you can sell your Movado watches. You will be surprised about how many people might be interested in the product you are selling. In order to use LetGo to sell your watches, simply login to the app using your Facebook account and follow the rest of the instructions.

OfferUp– this is a great place to list your Movado watches. In order to use OfferUp, simply download it to your mobile device and sign up.

Shpock– this is an online store which sells a variety of things including Movado watches, so you can always list your items there.

Mercari– this app takes commission for your sales, so you need to be aware of that before listing your Movado watch here. The good part about this app is that you can find potential buyers near you.

VarageSale– this is a virtual store where you can sell your Movado watch for a good price.

Depop– this is an image based marketplace where you can sell your Movado watches.

Pawn Shop– if there is a Pawn Shop in your area you can always sell your Movado watch there.

Local Antique Shop– if there is an antique shop in your area you can always visit them, they usually buy Movado watches for a good price.

Yard Sale– you can conduct a yard sell and advertise your Movado watch there, you may find interested buyers.

Guidelines For Selling Movado Watches Online

If you are going to be selling your Movado watch online, you need to follow the guidelines below in order to ensure that you find the right customers.

1. Research On Prices

If you are going to be selling your Movado watches online it is very important that you research on the prices of your watches before taking them to the market. You can start by searching online how much similar watches are being sold for. This will give you a rough idea of how much you can price your own watch.

2. Take Pictures

Once you have done researching the prices for your Movado watches you should now take pictures of those watches. These pictures will help potential customers to see the condition of your watch before they can decide on purchasing it. Avoid using Internet pictures to advertise your watches as they can be very misleading.

3. Upload Pictures And Include Caption

When you have taken quality pictures of your Movado watches it is very important that you upload them online. You should also include a caption which describes the watch and the year in which it was manufactured or bought. This will give customers a brief insight into the watches value.

4. Indicate Price And Payment Methods

When advertising a Movado watch online, it is very important that you include the price of the watch. This helps to ensure that customers who can afford the watch contact you directly without having to constantly ask you for the price. You should also state the payment methods you accept whether is cash, bank transfer or a cheque.

5. Include Contact Details

The last thing you need to include when selling a Movado watch online are your contact details. Include your phone number or email address so that interested customers may contact you directly.

Can You Resell Movado?

Yes you can definitely resell a Movado watch for a good price. Movado watches are considered to be a luxury watch that is also very durable do you will definitely find a lot of customers who are willing to buy it for a good or decent price.

Is Movado Considered A Luxury Watch?

Yes, Movado is considered a luxury watch that is easily accessible. So if you are looking to purchase a luxury watch you may as well consider the brand Movado. This brand started in the 1800’s and it continues to grow. This shows that it has definitely managed to stand the test of time.

How Do I Know If My Watch Is Worth Money?

If you want to know whether your watch is worth money you can always visit a local pawn shop or antique shop and ask them how much they are willing to offer you for the watch. You can also use the internet to research the value of your watch.

Do Watches Lose Value When Worn?

If you wear a watch it doesn’t necessarily lose value however, if it gets a scratch or gets damaged somehow it automatically depreciates in value. Therefore, you should take good care of your watches if you plan on reselling them.


Movado watches can easily be sold online and you will definitely find a lot of buyers. It is important to note that there are a lot of scam artists on the internet so you need to research your buyer before delivering the watch to them.