Who Buys Grandfather Clocks Near Me?

Selling Grandfather clocks is a great way of earning some extra cash. If you have an old Grandfather clock which you are looking to dispose simply checkout the article below in order to get a better understanding of where you can sell it.

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Who Buys Grandfather Clocks Near Me

Trager Clocks– they buy different types of clocks including Grandfather clocks. They also offer free consultation so you can always contact them. Their details are available on the website.

Facebook Marketplace– here you can find different buyers of Grandfather clocks so you can always place an advert there.

The Clock Depot– they buy and sell different types of Grandfather clocks, so you can always contact them via their website and they will help you.

Vintage Cash Cow– they buy different types of vintage clocks including Grandfather clocks so you can always contact them on their website.

5Miles– this application enables you to sell your Grandfather clocks to people within 5 miles of your current location.

Sotheby’s– they buy antique clocks like Grandfather clocks, visit their website in order to get more information.

EBay– a variety of buyers can be found on eBay so do not hesitate to place your advert there.

Craigslist-this is one of the best places where you can sell your Grandfather clock. Before posting pictures of your Grandfather clock, just do a little bit of research to find out how much you can sell it for.

LetGo– this is also an online store where you can sell your Grandfather clock. You will be surprised about how many people might be interested in the product you are selling. In order to use LetGo to sell your Grandfather clock, simply login to the app using your Facebook account and follow the rest of the instructions.

OfferUp– this is a great place to list your Grandfather clock. In order to use OfferUp, simply download it to your mobile device and sign up.

Shpock– this is an online store which sells a variety of things including Grandfather clocks, so you can always list your items there.

Mercari– this app takes commission for your sales, so you need to be aware of that before listing your Grandfather clock here. The good part about this app is that you can find potential buyers near you.

VarageSale– this is a virtual store where you can sell your Grandfather clock for a good price.

Depop– this is an image based marketplace where you can sell your Grandfather clock.

Local Antique Shop– if there is an antique shop in your area you can always visit them, they usually buy Grandfather clocks for a good price.

How To Sell Grandfather Clocks Online

Research Prices For Similar Items

If you are planning on selling your Grandfather clocks online the first thing you need to do is to research on how much your clock is worth. This helps to ensure that you do not undervalue you product. You can do this by checking different online marketplaces.

Take Good Pictures Of Your Grandfather Clock

Before listing your product online, it is essential that you take good pictures of it. This is because most online marketplaces now require you to upload pictures of the item. So make sure you take high quality pictures of the Grandfather clock. Avoid using internet pictures as they can be highly misleading.

Write A Good Caption Or Tittle

A good caption always grabs the attention of potential buyers so always make sure you include it before placing your advert.

Include A Clear Description Of The Item

It’s important that you add a clear description of the item so that potential buyers can really have an idea of what you are selling. If you have an idea of when the Grandfather clock was manufactured please indicate that in your description. You should also state the condition of the clock so that potential buyers have an idea before placing an offer.

Include Location And Delivery Details

Placing your location helps you to find buyers that are in the same vicinity as you are. If you are going to be offering delivery services please specify that in your advert.

Add Contact Details

It’s also important for you to add your contact details when placing an advert online. This helps to ensure that buyers interested in your product can contact you directly.

State Payment Details

State whether you are strictly accepting cash or you are flexible to other modes of payments. You should also indicate whether you want all the cash upon delivery of half the amount first before delivery. Indicating these details helps potential buyers understand your payment methods before engaging you.

NB: Beware of scammers and always do your research on the buyer before selling them your Grandfather clock.

Is There A Market For Grandfather Clocks?

Yes, there is a market for Grandfather clocks. This is mainly because most Grandfather clocks were manufactured a long time ago using valuable materials and they are regarded as antiques. A Grandfather clock that is original is worth a lot of money which is why many antique shops buy these clocks.

How Do I Find The Value Of My Grandfather Clock?

The best way to find the value of your Grandfather clock is to check its label or signature and then research how much it’s worth online. You can also visit your local antique shop, they will be more than happy to give you an estimate of how much your clock is worth.

What Age Is A Grandfather Clock Considered An Antique?

A Grandfather clock is often considered an antique if it is over 100 years old.  So if you have a Grandfather clock that has been in your family for years, you can always research to see if it qualifies as an antique clock.


Grandfather clocks are worth a lot of money since most of them are regarded as antiques. You can sell them online or at an antique shop however, you always have to be careful of scammers. So always do a bit of digging before finally setting on a buyer.