New Born Calf Problems

New Born Calf Problems

The health and management of replacement animals are important components of total herd profitability. The productivity of the herd is often under threat from a range of new born calf problems. New born calves are generally susceptible to a range of diseases, the common ones being diarrhoea and pneumonia. New born calf problems also include …

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Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit farming requires limited space and minimal capital investment while producing significant amounts of profit. For this reason, it can be practised by large, small and backyard farmers alike. Prior to establishing a rabbit farming business, it is essential to have an understanding of various types of rabbit breeds so as to select a breed …

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Hairy Sheep Breeds

Hairy Sheep Breeds

Sheep farming is an agricultural activity that has been in practise for over thousands of years. Over the past years, sheep farming for meat production has been on the rise due to the increasing demand for lamb and mutton meat. As such, when seeking to venture in this form of agriculture, knowledge of various sheep …

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Goat Pain Medication

Goat Pain Medication

Goats are considered as minor ruminant species constituting a low percentage in the overall domestic farming venture worldwide. To exacerbate the situation, the number of global commercial farmers practising this farming method are rapidly declining. As a result, most medical agricultural research is not focused on developing medication specifically for goats. Most medicine for ruminants …

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Can Cows Eat Apples

Can Cows Eat Apples?

Most countries have experienced continuous droughts within the past years which has led to grain shortages. Deficiency in grain feed has become a major threat to the animal industry which competes with humans for grains. Due to these grain shortages, there is less grain feed available for animals and therefore the cost of grain is …

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Sheep Eat Asparagus

Can Sheep Eat Asparagus?

As with people and various other species, a nutritious diet is of the essence in livestock health. It basically allows for a healthy flock that is highly productive. As such, in order to increase production levels, it is necessary to ensure that sheep are provided with a nutrition plan that satisfies their nutritional requirements. Forage …

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Cows Eat Vetch

Can Cows Eat Vetch?

The increasing demand for livestock products has created a great amount of pressure for farmers to improve on production. In order to achieve this, cows have to be provided with well-balanced dietary plans that allow for timely growth and development, health maintenance, reproduction, production as well as their overall performance. As such, since vetch is …

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